I used to be requested what my value prediction for Ethereum can be in 2018, so I went on to clarify why Ethereum is so useful and the use worth that makes it so enticing for buyers and companies alike. Please be secure when buying and selling Crypto, I’ve already purchased mine and never shopping for anymore, there shall be many alternatives to set your self up. Simply purchase the blood not the rips! Doesn’t imply sit on the sidelines whereas all these cryptos go to the moon, however a nasty value isn’t a great entry and no entry is even worse. Obtained to stroll a fantastic line and don’t let buying and selling flip you right into a gambler. Set and neglect.

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  1. I've turned 3.5k into 25k because of crypto, super life changing. Financially and real world.

  2. That other guy at the end wtf was he doing ahaha I gave you a dislike too.

  3. Play some Rap Music Beats and will make it'll sound more Professional💯💯💯

  4. Ur a liar dude. It aint gonna get there. You clearly have no brain cuz u got no head as seen in the video. Show ur face. Great video btw!

  5. I love that you made this, my shits going up we need more positive posts on crypto.

  6. Only just getting started in crypto and I have just shy of $20 that I plan to move over into ETH, plus mining it for a few dollars worth here and there, HOPEFULLY this year ETH takes off and my continued investment into it pays off. Great video and it just cemented my hype for this currency.

  7. I just spent 4K on trump coin, #ToTheMoon

  8. CELL will make you guys a millionaire! Remember my words, easy 100x
    Pre-ICO starting in 2 days.. gonna be lit

  9. It's the only coin that makes me money…Bitcoin has stalled & it would have to go up by so much money to double where Etherium only needs a few thousand to send Ether holders through the profit roof.
    Thumbs down not. For videoing your stomach but for giving that idiot clown opposite you any airtime…

  10. It would be far better if the camera was pointing at your face instead of it forcing us to see your crotch due to your open body language.

  11. why u think he wont show his face must be a bag holder

  12. The year of ethereum and neo

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  14. 7:20 What the hell. All credibility, lost.

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  16. Perfect Rumor from the guys with MC hammer Sweater. No bull shit here

  17. your friend just made my day lol

  18. how do you move your gains to Fiat while telling the criminal Govs to fuck off?

  19. Please stop videos about price prediction. These videos are creating hyping and crashes. When will you people learn?

  20. I doubt it….. super inflated. No consumer protection whatsoever how can you pretend it will break the 10k barrier if they cant even protect ppls money. I dont seee this taken flight till its backed up by some sort of higher entity which could simply profit from miners but otherwise i dont believe in it. Higher the risk higher the compensation. Smart contract dont work its bullshit its not set its no in place. Speculative totally for now

  21. i really hope ur not cryptonick

  22. Hey great points man! Just go's to show by the time were in our 30s we'll be made lol

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  24. It’s not based on it but those rumors affect have affected the price! I like to know about ethrum

  25. If on Eth I called $250 followed by a rise back to $1250 you would shoot the messenger. So hold on regardless of how tempting the window ledge looks!

  26. I guess this is what they mean by 'mansplaining'.

  27. On 15/02/2018 Ethereum high at $940. 15/3/2018 Eth low at $572. The tide definitely running in my direction. And yet still more fun to come. Cardana(0.18) will go down to 0.135. What a limbo dancer. Watch it rise up from the floor. Because Cardano is as muscular and fit as they come. I do not own any Cardano but expect to buy at 0.11 – 0.135. Pots of money by December.

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  29. Ethereum is UNLIMITED cap. How it can go 10k?

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  31. What are your thoughts now? Crypto is scary ATM please make a video and let us know your thoughts. Update video pleaseee! Love your vids man. Keep it up!

  32. Do u still think it’s going to 10k? Lol

  33. Fantom will moon soon leaving Ethereum in the dust, screenshot this.

  34. you still think it's going up?

  35. This video has not aged well.

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