Bitcoin: What to Expect in 2018

That is the primary of a sequence of movies the place I will be discussing what we will anticipate to see in phrases of improvement for varied cryptocurrencies in 2018. I hope you prefer it/them!

DISCLAIMER: That is NOT monetary recommendation. I’m simply providing my opinions. I’m not answerable for any funding choices that you just select to make.


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  1. Can't find the "King of Bitcoin" T-shirt on their website right now (sold out maybe?). But here's a link to Kings of Crypto anyway:

  2. Great video! Much to look forward to in Bitcoin in 2018. Lightning Network is on top of my list.

  3. No. Here's what to REALLY expect, from someone who's been around since '09:

    – No lightening network
    – More community infighting
    – High chance of further forks
    – Continued loss of market share
    – High chance of flippening/rippening

  4. Louis from these updates what do you think really gets implementation?

  5. Hello Louis may I ask how the hell do we buy Cardano in u.k GBP is it threw coin base there is no video on youtube how to buy in u.k 😉

  6. great videos Louis! keep it up man. what is that song at the end of all your videos?

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  8. Give your suggestions on newyork coin

  9. Please make a video on Ethereum, Monero, NEO, IOTA and ADA.

  10. Shouldn’t we address the issue that mining brings about? The energy consumption is alarming. It would be prudent to include some of the possible downsides going forward. I fear the implications of only considering the positives.

  11. Bitcoin private might boost government interference though :/

  12. IoTa & maybe NEO vs ETH (vs ICX?) 🙂 great video

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  18. İsnt Nano(XRB) better than Bitcoin ?

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  27. Researching Litecoin further it doesnt do anyting that Bitcoin doesnt already do, I dont think its going anywhere maybe 200 by December tops. Ethereum and Tron are my top picks being competitors now.

  28. Mixing services don’t work. We need schnorr, mimblewimble, and dandelion.