How Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Works – A Case Study For Entrepreneurs

How Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Works by the Biz Doc on Valuetainment. Do not forget to subscribe to Valuetainment

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On this episode Tom describes the numerous completely different sorts of cryptocurrencies, the most well-liked corporations and how Bitcoin and cryptocurrency works.

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  3. Good video.

    I had to laugh at the “Austrian dollar” at 3:10. He gets it right later with the “‘Aussie’ dollar”

  4. Your pdf is so clean buddy

  5. Cryptocurrency is a gigantic fraud that needs to die like everyone involved in it. Fact.

  6. Will bitcoin make a comeback?

  7. bitcoin will never work as there is no full faith and credit of a government behind it. The only reason the dollar is worth anything is we have faith in our government (and yes if we no longer trusted our government the dollar would be worthless too), Now if a government was to back a crypto, that would be different but only to the extent people trust that government. Another problem is hacking . People are delusional if they think that can't be done. Big banks have been hacked but so far no big damage there but a day will come when all those who bank online will be worried and some will regret it. I have studied viruses and malware for a long time and at one time I could outsmart them. It has been getting harder and harder each year and fixes that used to work no longer do. They are way beyond my pay grade now, like way beyond!!!!!!

  8. you can also check out Belaska Limited Investment, a company that operates in financial/crypto market.

  9. You sir, are a gift to sme (as well as others).

  10. 5:15 You wouldn't lower rates if you were worried about inflation. He similarly misspoke in the HOG Case Study where he said average incomes rose when the dollar increased. Average incomes would come under pressure during a strong dollar and increase with high inflation. Similarly, the Fed raises rates to slow down inflation. Strategy is pretty sound on this channel but I'm starting to get worried about the macro economics chops.

  11. where do you get your cool outfits ??

  12. Fuck Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies, they make all my computer components expensive as hell.

  13. So, Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, is not backed by a government, and basically exists on 'trust'; trust of what? I have learned that the only thing you can trust is that you cannot trust anything. People will make money on this until the emperor is shown to have no clothes, and then the pyramid collapses. Perhaps I did just not understand the presentation, but Bitcoin seems like smoke-and-mirrors to me.

  14. your a very good presenter … and this is a really hard topic to explain….

  15. Yess!!!!! Love case studies!! Don’t ever stop!!!

  16. trading cryptos in the open is what a speculator would do,bitcoin was from the beginning to be a way to hide money from anyone.ex. lets say that i bought 1000 BT when it was low,now is worth a fortune.would i come into one of this exchanges and trade so the government comes in and tax me and starts to audit my finances? dont think so,i would keep trading under ground.most bitcoin will stay underground.a lot of people bought bitcoin to hide their money from the tax man.

  17. Would love you to do a follow up on bitcoin now…

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  21. Bitcoin is the beginning of something great: a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative