What is the difference between EOS and Ethereum? Programmer explains.

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  1. Coke vs Pepsi?

    Ivan, the answer is clearly Coke. Plus its various forks, 'Coke Zero,' 'Diet Coke' and 'Vanilla Coke'.

  2. Let’s not be fooled. It is not Vitalik ‘s view of future per se. It is more Peter Thiel’s and Palantir,s mainly.

  3. Does NEO also use delegated proof-of-stake?? And what about Cardano? Do you think there is space in the market for Ethereum, EOS, NEO, Lisk, Cardano, Elastos and many other platform coins that I don't even know yet?

  4. Your English is very good man.
    Were are you from?
    Sound a bit Russian this accent

  5. D-pos creates accountability to the stake holders. It is the free market in action.

  6. I would really appreciate an answer to the question I'm about to present. I am sorry if I sound naive, but why would I buy an ERC20 token if I have ETH already? If the tokens are using ETH's block chain then what is the honest difference between them? Is it that the ERC20 tokens have handicapped themselves to be more easily transferred or exchanged between one another? I read somewhere that my ETH address would be the same as, let's say myEOS address. Is that true? Thank you for the great content!

  7. Love your channel. I'm a teacher (law) and I have an early stage start up, looking at legal tech. Your videos are excellent – you're a very good teacher. Thanks

  8. really interesting ! thanks !

  9. competition is a last century concept;
    this century concept is collaboration — this is what we have to master to evolve farther;
    therefore I do not believe in EOS
    sorry but they do not get a fundamental thing about human and society evolution

  10. Ethereum is just bad… in too many ways, EOS will be the last man standing.

  11. How much do you need to stake?

  12. Thank you for this great explanation.

  13. I choose Pepsi/Android/Eth. Don't hate me because I like stuff that sucks

  14. f*cking scam, eos scam!!

  15. Interesting concept between Dpos and mining pools, thanks Ivan!

  16. Nobody is going to sink money into a dedicated data center if the risk is you're profit can disappear overnight.

  17. EOS is the King of Smart Contracts.

  18. What is your opinion on making smart contract platform be Turing complete? From point of view of reliability and security.

  19. eos is nothing for me untile they build what they are saying we just tired of icos scams and shitty coins

  20. Ivan, are you wanting to become a witness on EOS? I'll vote for you.

  21. today EOS >market cap LTC!!!!!

  22. Very good explanation, especially the analogy of pools ~= witnesses

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  24. EOS is 21$ now , craaazyyy

  25. I would stick with Satoshi's model of decentralization, since I think Satoshi really thought it through. So, I would vie for Etherium's method of decentralization… (proof of work).
    If EOS needs to vote for a 'witness', it could bring into play 'favoritism' and votes based on conspiring for dominance and control by a selected group of people.

  26. EOS is going to explode and become BIGGER than Google in the future

  27. this is crazy VEREUM will kill both EOS & ETHEREUM

  28. EOS is 👑. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  29. How did EOS solve steem's problem that elected people form sort of a bloc and they keep voting for each other in order to retain power among themselves?

  30. hey ivan, can you do a video to explain tendermint and cosmos network?

  31. Why youre not mentioning Lisk, while speaking of DPoS?

  32. If we sell some of our EOS after we register it, does it mean we need to re-register the remaining?

  33. Hi Ivan, Nice video.. Why EOS as well as other new cryptos are using blatant Freemasonic and Luciferic symbolism? It's very obvious on their logo…

  34. Can you do one on codius?

  35. I am not a coder…just a pleb…please correct me if the following is way off base….

    cryptocurrecies are bullshit (as they are now). just a game for coders that leaves the rest of the world behind. ( like politicians creating policies the no one understands ) if we are gonna create a new “currency”, it should be based on things that have actual value ( and exist ) ie. natural resources, education, community participation and man made products. As things stand now, you have to mine cryptocurrencies to create anything. How do you do that? With a computer or mobile device. Better device means more currency = rich people and corporations or the people who create the system will always have a major head start on everyone else. There are already malicious attacks through web pages and other apps to use your device to mine currency for someone else.

    blockchain is amazing but the focus on cryptocurrency is distracting everyone from the most powerful uses like government management, financial aid to charities and NGOs, health care and personal identity management. If we can start by using blockchain technology to create more equality in society instead of just focussing on “Money”, the rest of the system will manifest naturally and organically.

    Also….more computers and devices means more power….which is the opposite of where society should be going. Shouldn’t we be minimizing our use of resources? Reducing our effect on the planet? Remember…….Global Warming……

  36. None explained how consensus will be implemented. Only theories!

  37. I think both has their own pros and cons with ethereum as a full decentralised ecosystem has an edge over EOS but EOS self checking principle is also an advantage so let's see how it plays out

  38. et tear e dum. Eos is trash 21 people get rich off of stake adn everyone else is screwed. It involves greed= corruption. Anything iwth election is always corrupt. Proof of stake is better. Proof of work is the worst and why bitcoin already failed.

  39. So the best way to create a descentralized system is by electing 21 presidents

  40. Thank you Ivan for this video.

  41. So how exactly do I invest in EOS once it launches this year…

  42. Hi Ivan, thanks for putting this out there. We at Scatter appreciate the great overview of the two different systems.

  43. Resuming, EOS will become more and more centralized.

  44. What a ridiculous accent

  45. If Satoshi knows that they will throw millions and billions, and build farms… Proof of Work is the worst thing, and will never be better. He obviously didn't imagined that scenario, otherwise he wouldn't do that.

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