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  1. 4 million future currency☺

  2. Lol good editing. They actually have R2D2 on them, not the butcoin logo.

  3. Invest in precious metals.

  4. So true. Bitcoin means nothing.

  5. I don't know why the fandom hates Doofus Rick so much.
    The scene with Jerry and his coins reminded me just how kind and sympathetic Doofus Rick is compared to all the others, which may be exactly why other Ricks hate him so much. He represents a positive quality that other Ricks don't and cannot have, and reminds them how messed up their own lives are, and just how toxic they are to those around them.
    You never actually see him eat shit, or say that he does. It's very likely the other Ricks made it up because they're jealous of his empathy, and on the "Close Rick-Counters" Blu-ray/DVD commentary track, Justin Roiland confirms that Doofus Rick does not, in fact, eat his own feces.
    He looks like a doofus, but he’s well-spoken, and clearly demonstrates his scientific
    abilities. Even if he's somewhat less intelligent than other Ricks, this still puts him well above the super-genius line, and his vastly superior emotional intelligence easily makes up for his (possibly non-existent) scientific deficit.

  6. This is actually really sweet imo

  7. How do you even replace the item? I've been trying to do this on every atom a should for like 4 years what program did you even use to make this?

  8. This is like mid-late 2017 in a nutshell

  9. if that was true, there would be no miners left. They dont see it as a hobby, the only thing they see is money. If you say otherwise, you are probably a miner who couldn't deflect this comment.

  10. Cmon u couldve fit in a harambe meme in hete

  11. Lets ask a billionaire to buy a bitcoin and then show him this video so we can increase the bitcoin value.

  12. LMAO. Those were star wars coins. But nice rendition.

  13. This is fake, you realise?

  14. Another proof bitcoin is a scam