The Bitcoin Aftermath

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Bitcoin has taken an enormous tumble and plenty of have requested about my opinions on this after promoting proper earlier than the massive correction. I considered shopping for again if it ever hits the $5000-2000 vary however I’ve modified my thoughts primarily because of the know-how that isn’t maintaining with the forked bitcoins. Some feedback form of show that it was certainly in a mania part.

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  1. i would ssay most commentators are not even subscribers, they were attracted by the video title. People are very heavily involved especially emotionally. Also, the hype train is real! they are being hyped and hyped and when someone tries to put brakes on the hype train…well you know the rest

  2. if we are being honest, you do come off a little like a gloater I think inadvertently. Let's face it, it is a pretty loaded topic for people you are bound to have intense reactions. And why now push coinbase for your affiliate link? rubbing this in are you? ("how to sell your bitcoin, indeed!). Seriously, all markets go through corrections. It is about who wants to hold long term and who doesn't. You guessed the top based on good analysis. Good for you, man, good for you.

  3. You ARE an IDIOT for selling your BTC, as of this writing it is $17,235….BTW don't confuse your Masters degree with intelligence!

  4. BeatTheBush, you should do a special Video on 'The History of Bitcoin' Do some research on 'CypherPunks' Its where Bitcoin came from.

    Talking about Bitcoin Price Movement is not what Bitcoin is all about. Its not helping anybody.

  5. so your wrong again. is it 2K yet?

  6. Always appreciate your insight. Love your videos. Keep up the great job.

  7. Bitcoin will move higher when they start releasing improvements on the actual core. This consolidation or correction is healthy. A lot of people knew 20k was a key level and most took profits. Kind of obvious.

  8. I haven't yet invested in bitcoin for the following reasons: 1) While I don't really understand blockchain technology very well, it looks like there is a tremendous cumulative data processing/memory overhead in maintaining all the copies of the transaction record, and this overhead continually increases with the number of transactions. 2) There have been numerous major hacking incidents. 3) It is yet another fiat currency that isn't backed by any physical asset. 4) As you have pointed out, the government isn't going to lay down and roll over if bitcoin becomes a threat to the dollar (Just look at what we did to Iraq and Libya for trying to compete with the petro dollar) 5) As you have also pointed out, competing crypto currencies are an ongoing threat to the dominance of bitcoin.
    The bottom line: I see more potential in trading bitcoin than in a buy and hold strategy, even though the latter has paid off big time for early investors.

  9. Thanks for always giving us wise insights and being honest on your opinions! Don't let people put you down, haters will always hate. They will be crying after losing their savings while you have your house paid for and plenty of investments to free you up from the rats race.

  10. Ironically that tai Lopez hard sell bitcoin ad was showing up before I can watch this vid

  11. how much fee did you pay for selling your bitcoins?

  12. i wish i saw this a few days ago

  13. BTC price below $10,000 today, guess who’s laughing now!

  14. ‘Future decreases volatility’ is the dumbest comment, out of all those ignorant comments

  15. is anyone actually using bitcoin for what it was meant? you know, buying and selling goods.

  16. No one ever went broke taking a profit.

  17. I mean, I get spending a few minutes to read someone's comments, but spending almost 20 minutes in glee, that's a little awkward. I know those guys are frustrating, but don't wear it on your sleeve.

  18. bitcoin price $10,440.00 US Dollar 1/22/18 10:10pm PST. You did a great move beatthebush.

  19. >remind me to watch this video in a year when BTC is over 50K

  20. Love your channel! Thank You!

  21. BeatTheBush is #1 investor, showed everyone who is boss! Good job you made the right move mate… as for now. Will you be the smart money buying up the bottom?

  22. I hope some of the aggressive naysayers have revisited your post to apologise! I kind of doubt it, but you certainly have had the last laugh. Good for you. I only subscribed to your content because of the Boxster content. I have a 2.7 986 great car. Do you still have yours? You have shown impeccable judgement in selling. My question is, are you tempted to buy in at these low prices again???

  23. It sounds to me that there are many viewers who are jealous of you and may actually think you made a mistake. They seem to be happy you may be wrong and enjoy mocking you. Some others may be afraid you are right and are striking out at you in anger. Either way, people you think like that will be hurt in the end. Love your channel. You are such a mix of wisdom and intelligence with a healthy amount of playfulness at the same time. A great mix!

  24. The end of bitcoin 26.03.2018 !!

  25. Don't think I've seen any Mavik footage in your videos yet. Is it coming? 😀

  26. these people clearly never read anything serious about investing or even just behavioural economy