The Winklevoss twins talk Bitcoin futures and fears

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss based an alternate for the digital forex and they’ve some phrases for many who worry a Bitcoin bubble.

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  1. The government can ban gold, silver, bitcoin or whatever. That is a huge risk.
    The U.S banned gold 1933 – 1970, Soviet Union banned gold, silver 1945-1991 so the society can value gold, silver or bitcoin as the medium of exchange but if the government bans it, it does not matter at all, you are screwed.
    So the government is the one who decides what medium is the one that exchanges value, not the society.

  2. They are the lost children of Henry Cavill (superman) & Conan O'brien

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  5. In other words, we own a ton of Bitcoin and we're promoting it to get the price up.

  6. I don’t normally ask for help but please help me out. I’ve been scammed so many times using Coinbase. I need help.


  7. LOL.. the Wankleboss clones.. They talk about how Bitcoin is a "network" that relies on more people to be in the network for it to have value.. Yepp.. just like every other pyramid scheme. They won't disclose what they have becuase they are just pumping up bitcoin for all the suckers lower on the pryamid.

  8. This scamcoin are fooling people.

  9. Let's get out of speculation and supposition and talk what is and has already happened:
    1) WTO's already has a 'back up' global currency in case the US dollar implodes – SDR.
    2) India already banned the importation of gold and went cashless!
    3) UBS and CitiBank in Australia went cashless at their bank branches!
    4)Its illegal in Belgium to buy anything more than 3k in cash!
    5)Ecuador is cashless nation! It has no fiat currency, but relys on the USD.
    6)Singapore most shops have signs 'sorry no cash', only about 15% of transactions involve cash!
    7)South Korea central bank will withdraw cash and become a cashless state by 2020!
    8) Sweden and most of the UK you cannot purchase tickets on public transport w./ cash!
    Cash is already finished, its only a matter of time before fiat currencies implode.
    The only countries with currency back by gold that I am aware of is Switzerland where 25% of its reserves are backed by gold.

    And so in conclusion BITCOIN is the FUTURE . Get on board before it's too late ( too expensive ) . As always even MICRO BITS will serve you well in the future and of course ONLY invest in what you can afford to lose even the MIGHTY BITCOIN has risk small but it's there.

  10. Mrs. Menil helped you guys a lot to use my credit coin idea to the next level. Remember they originally said that a superconductor the size of a quarter could power a city. Why couldn't something the size of a coin destroy one, if not reality how about financially? Remember what I almost achieved opening up that debit card in a different financial region. My bank gets the check, how many checks do you guys think I got my bank. There are so many things you can do with a small coin with crazy encryption. If there a bunch of different "bitcoins" in circulation how would you know which one is the most lethal?

  11. By the way, I left the bank that put me under the wood.

  12. gouvernements have fear cause they know they cant control wallet et they know bank are going to die soon.

  13. Crypto (more precisely, blockchain technology) has legs, BITCOIN is total Betamax. Good concept, but totally not workable. Trust me. I'm a producer of goods and there's no way I'd do business in Bitcoin. Problem is, there's always going to be a better technology and cryptos are going to get so competitive where transactions costs are going to be so thin and crypto values negligible. The REAL PLAY, if you have balls of steel…SHORT CREDIT CARD COMPANIES, especially AXP.

  14. But Bitcoin's primary utility is to act as a digital equivalent to fiat currency. Comparing it to gold simply voids that previous notion. Its volatility proves it's a speculative asset incapable of rivaling global currencies in any meaningful way.

  15. She asked them how much money that had. Lol! Then she asks them if Bitcoin is a bubble right after the twins finished betting that Jamie Diamond LOSES shorting Bitcoin. ROFL! Where is her manager?

  16. I wonder why he used Facebook as an example LOL

  17. The Winklevoss Twins. More like the Thank You Boss Twins. I think I'll save some more Ryman.

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  19. I wish someone has shown me bitcoin in 2012

  20. That I wouldn't put 4 on The Floor.

  21. the Futures are a fraud, its market Manipulation. cause its just bound to the Gemini price a small cap exchange. hope its not ruining crypto in long term, it has defenitly ruined it short. we need to make the market independent of Bitcoin.