Searching for Bitcoins in GitHub repositories with Google BigQuery

Individuals leak stuff on github on a regular basis. ssh personal keys, nationwide ID scans, … Perhaps we are able to discover some Bitcoin personal keys and get wealthy!?

Google BigQuery:
GitHub BigQuery Dataset:

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  1. SaaS… Service as a Service?

  2. "Oh Well!" The reaction thou! HAHA

  3. couldn't the regex be shortened like: /^b(5[HJK][a-zA-Z1-9]{48,49})b$/

  4. The same is with Trello, you can find a lot of stuff there using just google search engine. Do you know guys any other such service where ppl use to post their private things publicly?

  5. It gives me a error:

    Function not found: REGEXP_MATCH at [14:5]

    Please help me!

  6. Hey Dude You are on the right track. I believe you are not querying the right dataset. I try it with a different method reverse engineering pls contact me for more info ->

  7. I feel like whenever I hear the question, "What is it good for?" I'm hardwired to respond, "Absolutely nothin'!"

  8. I imagine the reason you didn't find anything there was because someone else had already found them and cleaned them out.

  9. Solid idea! Guess people aren’t as dumb as we may think ?

  10. You way behind with google dorking bro :)…used to work big time back in the 90s 🙂 That sht was literally spiting huge databases with banking details etc. Lets not mention that Hackers used it to target targets according to a specific Exploit. And back then there were lots of defaultish stuff you can simply let google find them and you just click and you logged in as admin and the famous php backdoor shells were easy to track and take over. ….lots of fun times, especially on the IRC networks 🙂

  11. try the same with pastebin i found way more intresting stuff there

  12. I hope this video is monetized 🙂
    It was actually an interesting AND entertaining video.

  13. I brought the like count from 7.9K to 8K!

  14. Spent 5$ for a hypothetical return of 5 Cents… Seems like a normal Crypto investment to me.. ??‍♂️??