Bitcoin Blood in the Streets | Be GREEDY!

Bitcoin is crashing, altcoins are crashing, the world is collapsing, all people panic! Blood is in the streets for Bitcoin and that is the time to open up your wallets to purchase Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies. Nearly like a small present earlier than Christmas…

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Moments like these take a look at your capability to be impassive as you lose cash quickly and watch your paper good points evaporate. There isn’t any different solution to really feel these feelings other than excessive situations like these as take a look at buying and selling or theoretical questions not often reveal the fact of how you’ll really reply. For those who really feel concern, or frustration, or anger, or melancholy when worth collapses like this, attempt to shift that feeling to pleasure (contained in fact, logical solely). If you cannot, then both your place measurement is simply too massive or you must sluggish the frequency at which you examine Bitcoin’s worth.

Sadly, this explicit correction bounced again up previous to my restrict order executing. That is one other take a look at in feelings as a result of it will occur to you numerous occasions and it is vitally simple to FOMO with worth. I’ve discovered that it’s usually higher to stay adamant and miss a possibility somewhat than to FOMO and have worth sink again beneath your restrict and have remorse over not sticking to your weapons. We’ll see if one other alternative arises for my restrict to fill.

Bitcoin dominance has begun creeping up just a bit bit, though it is nonetheless comparatively flat general since my final video (given it is solely been a number of hours). I’ll proceed to observe this intently as we doubtlessly see elevated volatility over the weekend.

What are your ideas about this current panic promoting? Do you see Bitcoin going decrease or was this the correction it wanted earlier than it begins rising once more? I are likely to assume there’s extra blood to return, however I have been like that for some time so take what I say with a grain of salt! Thanks for watching / studying.

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  1. What a crazy night! Were you greedy? Fearful? Let me know your thoughts! If you'd like a higher probability of response, check out my Steemit (plus can see my responses to others): Want live updates and a more humorous side of me (yes I kind of have one)? Check out my Twitter:

  2. second major correction for me, I was not afraid this time.

  3. Long overdue correction, triggered by BCC being added to Coinbase immediately after the futures hype ending.. Be greedy as f in the coming days, because it might very well go lower first, but I really think 2018 is going to be good for all who are greedy right now. Just my opinion though, of course.

  4. Just tell me: WHERE IS THE BEEF of Bitcoin? Nowhere…! Nothing backing it up. Same block-chain technology in all (hundreds) of them crypto coins. Yeah of course, you can be in your group's bubble until it'll burst.! If you believe these guys who are trying so hard to push it up so that they can "quietly" sneak out, you are an idiot… BEWARE. Stocks are 100 times more secure & better.

  5. People sold some of their Bitcoin so they can do some Christmas shopping LoL LoL LoL

  6. You are by far the best example of what it takes to be successful in this market. Highly appreciate and recommend your videos.

  7. I was stoked today when I was closely watching Bitcoin drop to 11k on coinbase. I definitely bought then because I know that I don't know if it will go lower but I do know all data points to a large increase in the future.

  8. buy and HODL. get the skittish investors out and drive the price back up

  9. Hi, Can anyone here explain to me how the satoshi value of a coin is defined? I’m just wondering why in some cases, although the USD value of a coin is at all time high, its satoshi value is in a dip !!!! Thanks.

  10. the king is dead,long live hashgraph?

  11. dont gamble with ur money,- by a great and well known philosopher jesus christ.

  12. Do you "smart guys" know what's "Decentralized Identities"? or "Blockchain4SDGs" Alliance"? I bet you don't; because if you did, you won't be pushing this crap of Blockchain technology on every innocent citizen into (buying) using crypto coins.
    This crap together with AI (artificial intelligence) is the brain of the Beast (One World Government) that will enslave us all. You are running like a mouse to a trap full of peanut butter. Fucking Idiots.

  13. Do you "smart guys" know what's "Decentralized Identities"? or "Blockchain4SDGs" Alliance"? I bet you don't; because if you did, you won't be pushing this crap of Blockchain technology on every innocent citizen into (buying) using crypto coins.
    This crap together with AI (artificial intelligence) is the brain of the Beast (One World Government) that will enslave us all. You are running like a mouse to a trap full of peanut butter. Fucking Idiots.

  14. Go buy cardano and thank me in your prayers in 10 years.

    Anyone who actually understands crypto and didn't just get into them in the last year or so, research cardano…. if they can solve the scalability issues with the very first peer reviewed PoS….whelp you could see 10k price tag even with a 20b+ supply because of real world utility….

    Quit speculating on price and speculate on the future… the project that solves bitcoin and ether issues like scaling will get the rreal adoption… the people that do that will see massive numbers of transactions, each with a fee…that right there is the inherent value in a currency as people will need ADA (or whatever wins) to cover transaction costs. Even if that's only 10 bucks worth kept in a wallet, if they have REAL adoption, the number of actual consumers in the world with access to the internet is staggering.

    Honestly, relative to global consumer population there really still aren't enough people utilizing bitcoin for it to have a justified price…

    You guys will learn the easy way, or the hard way, that numbers and spreads mean Jack shit when the holders realize the foundation is weak and sell.

    I've seen it twice myself in the rise up from $200…. all the newbs might be buying btc at 5k next year unable to believe it basically hit 20k not long ago

  15. Buy the low, HODL. Why worry when it tanks. It always comes back. This is the future. Don't spend what you can't afford to lose. I bought BTC at $18k. It tanked. So I just buy some more and all the investments will come back with the coins. Emotions are bs.

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  17. It was THE moment to invest more, so I did. If you sold yesterday you made a big mistake lol

  18. One of the few youtuberr on crypto that actually knows crypto and what he is talking about. Merry christmas to you Crypto Investor.

  19. Are there no circuit breakers for BTC trading?

  20. Hello! Great channel and great videos! Could you make review of Ethlend (LEND) coin please? I think it's great project.
    Thank you!

  21. Hate Roger Ver ! Want him in jail !

  22. Impressive analysis. I more than tripled my initial investment. Yesterday scared me, I sold. Today I wish I held or better yet bought more. But tripling my money in less than a year in pretty amazing. I enjoy your sober emotion free analysis. New subscriber.

  23. Vesein Clear eyes, wowww

  24. full of shit.. bitcoin will go $8k next 2-4 weeks

  25. put the current time in your vids PLEASE!!!

  26. I'm wondering if you crypto believers think that this is the real deal! Wake the fuck up tec is owned by the government.

  27. Invest in your soul. I believe most of you out there getting sucked in to this are good people trust your heart and soul not profit. The Internet and the financial system is not the way to free humanity

  28. I sold a kidney to buy in this dip.

  29. Never be a pig, because you know what happens to pigs.

  30. bitcoin is 'QE' for the working man, another variant on ' printing money out of thin air'. Go spend it to get the economy moving ! Ho Ho Ho

  31. and I'm sitting here looking at my ripple profit

  32. The shocking thing you have said is that, if you wanted to invest a million or two, you'd have to borrow it from your friends. You don't have a million. And you are giving investment advice so that you can make a few bucks from Google/You Tube ?You're the fraud.

  33. lol crypto is basically an unregulated online casino disguised as investing

  34. No buy LTE litecoin it's where the future lies. You can thank me by sending litecoin to LZYhBUVRxViyXoZ2rn2bFZ3CfQ7gbgq25B

    Talk about all crypto and get 1on1 advice from the team at the FB group above!^ completely free to join, so click join and welcome to out community!

  36. I found Binance as a result of the Bittrex shanangins! Once Bittrex allows me to withdraw my funds, i am and NOT going back!!!!! Binance all the way!

  37. Am 1 min in – awesome vid so far – cheers for sharing !!! 🙂

  38. If you're thinking about crypto currency, use binance. I made the mistake of going on other exchanges like bittrex as of now. It's horrible, the place is holding alot of my funds and they are very unreliable.

    referral if you want;

    pros with this site is that it's extremely friendly for beginners imo!

    remember don't invest what you can't afford to lose, always be cautious regarding this. crypto is in an era like the 19th century gold rush. lots of potential to make money and new millionaires are being made everyday.

  39. Thank you for that cool video! It is as you said. I had my buy limit. And waited for hours for the Market to catch that limit… And I was so FOMA that I raised the limit and I had the deal. But excactly 7mins later the price went down way below my first limit 🙂
    Actually I am the best trigger/indicator for Market trends! The very moment I buy or sell.. the Market will change for the worse 🙂
    But as you said: You will never ever catch the perfect moment. But the most important of all is that you never forget the fun! And stop watching the chart 24/7! But never give up hoping for the rocket….
    Gery, Zurich

  40. BOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!! yup we all see it. But am I thinking up or down boom?

  41. What a wonderful speaking voice you have, absolutely crystal clear and a pleasure to listen to. GREAT info too!

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