Bitcoin and Everything Crashing! Programmer explains.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and all the pieces else is seeing double digit crimson numbers in the present day! That is extraordinarily painful if you happen to simply invested just lately! Let’s discuss it and focus on the scenario. I actually needed to clarify that it is all about data. You’ll be able to’t speculate in something with out data.

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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  1. I'm grateful for Youtubers like you who take the time to really explain this industry. Thank you. I think there is really no difference between the crypto market and the stock market. People need to look at the way the stock market moves to get an idea of the future of the cryptocurrency market. And when you invest you don't invest just to flip it you invest to hold it long term and have a portfolio that can carry weight for 2,5,10,20 years and so on. The market is also very young and we won't see these dips forever but we also won't see these mega gains either. But like everything in life if you commit to something you have to take the good with the bad and weather the storm. This is why we buy umbrellas when it's not raining.

  2. I myself I am software developer c u next time~IVAN ON TECH

  3. Ivan, i'm interested in your thoughts on whether you think it's possible to speak of different responses towards crypto based on nationality / culture? What I mean is, have you yourself ever noticed (obviously in a very broad sense, because naturally it varies person to person) that certain cultures / nationalities are more open to the idea of crypto (i.e. willing to invest and learn) than others. I am just curious if perhaps, based on historical experience of money and financial institutions, this has an effect on people's attitudes towards crypto today. The obvious comparison would be citizens of former communist countries vs free market countries, or countries where there has been (hyper)inflation vs those with fairly stable currencies in the longrun..

    (wondering if there is material there to write an essay about 😉 )

    thanks in advance

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  5. Who better to explain world market economics and investment capital? a programmer! yes, that is the ethos I am looking for…

  6. spend 1 day with Ivan in Stockholm

    This guy is a clown

  7. Ivan, I'm sorry but you got it wrong. Bitcoin is not going to do anything for the world as you say. Bitcoin was just a proof of concept. To handle real financial transaction properly, be it in financial markets such as, for example, the interbank market, or retail transactions as in people buying stuff in stores on a global scale, thus implying 100s of 1000s of transactions per second, then neither Bitcoin nor Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin or Ethereum technology is capable of handling this kind of throughput. Not to mention the security problems (I am not thinking of the 51% attack; there are other attacks possible, especially with these kind of forkable blockchains.)

    So Bitcoin is not going to power the future of the digital economy, and neither is Ethereum. It is time now to pay attention to the 4th generation tech in this space. That is where the real money is going to be made.

  8. Anybody who thinks that the bit coins or any type of cyber money, will be of value when technology or the Cloud is in charge – does not realize that your investments Can be knocked out at anytime – Eliminated at will, by that which controls the Cloud system.
    He should have told you/Us who invented the bit coin concept if he really wanted you to be Educated.

    Anyone who has a working brain will understand the conception riddle of the "Mark of the Beast" will understand that the Bitcoin is being developed by robots and artificial intelligence.
    Hence Again Mark of the Beast means, non humans will be in charge.

  9. I am in IT but have close to zero coding experience but would like to learn and do Blockchain coding. where to start ? Thanks 🙂

  10. You speak like a machine gun and make your speech absolutely disagreeable

  11. You kind of sound like a norwegian

  12. Why don't you appoint your cat as the Chairman of Bitcoin? Give him a Chinese name.

  13. Yup a lottery, where EVERYONE wins

  14. OMG. Ivan, I am impressed! Perfect Speech about price…. but please keep talk not about price 🙂

  15. Still, it's not real money, is it ? My question is, when will all governments shut down all cryptocurrency exchange markets? At that time,all the issuers has collected their money and left. That's my major concern.

  16. For the coins that aim to be currencies, you need to determine if their plan is to integrate with the current fiat system or else be regulated by the government. If they, like Bitcoin, expect to be fully autonomous and regulation free, you should avoid them.
    No sovereign nation will give up capital control. Ask Charlie Shrem about his stay in a federal prison.

  17. My bitcoin address:

  18. Why does a programmer is suppose to have credibility in crypto investment ???

  19. Hey Ivan, pls don't take it negative. But I think you don't know anything about this topic indeed. What I mean is, I'm not talking about book information which seems you have researched and learned some info. I'm talking about "reality". It is clear that you together with many many others don't know what bitcoin/blockchain is and it looks like you don't know what todays economic/financial system is and what's going on deep there and it's better if you stop misleading yourself and other people. If you think I'm wrong, I have a few very quick questions to prove you I know what I'm talking about. 1) What is bitcoin? no I'm not asking in terms of standard technical information. I'm asking in reality. What is bitcoin? Also, what is Money? and What was Money before? What was golden reserve? Where did the value of paper money used to came in times of golden standard, where did it use to come after the standard was removed? and now, where does value of cryptocurrency comes from? 2)WHO has the power in traditional monetary system? and WHO has the power in cyptocurrency? what factor gives that power? So then, what significance/importance does being "distributed" have? 3)How is today's financial/monetary/economic system? if you think it's bad which I agree, what makes you think "a new system coming in" is only better? I mean, why do you believe what you learn? Why don't you questoin it deeply? 4)Have you ever traded forex/derivatives? Have you ever been to any casino in your life? Do you know what it means, "the casino always wins"? Do you really know what this really means? it means, the casino always wins. Don't let any optimistic hopes grow in yourself, and don't let any hopes grow in anybody's minds and hearts with these kinds of videos. So I'm saying, don't hurt yourself and others. Turn around, go back, and do something real. If you are clever, and "experienced", you'll understand what I'm saying. Because some people who read my comment will 100%% understand what I mean. If you don't have one or the other, you won't which is totally fine.

  20. Congratulations Ivan to your very good explanation.100% agree from my side. Clicked the Abo button 🙂

  21. We have to support the Blockchain and Bitcoin people must know the truth …. It will change the world !!!

    Its the revolution against the Illuminati !!!!

  22. I recommend everyone buy a small amount (in relation to your budget) of crypto on a regular basis , I buy $150.00 (US) every payday. Its not enough money to change my life it crashes or doubles over night. Second thing you do is DONT WATCH IT! buy it and forget it! check in once a month if you must. 10 years from now you can hopefully retire with a modest nest egg!

  23. under 7 grand today for the CryptoCrime currency LMAO

  24. A long bear market could actually be great to develop the technology quietly without the hype and regulators.

  25. It's a fraud… BitFraud. How can anyone NOT see this? Does anyone have a brain and eyes?

  26. so he makes a good point we will have a bear market… which is what is happening now becuase of the stupid futures that made all the noobs excited… but where he is wrong is the only reason it took so long for it to reach from $200-$1000 5 years ago was because at that time no one understood bitcoin or crypto, nowadays more and more people are understanding the benefit of crypto and blockchain and the market will rebound a lot faster…

  27. Love this video! So informative and wise!

  28. said to be from Sweden however sounds very like Russian, doesn't him? (just my 2 cents)

  29. speaking too quickly …. without any reason for doing so …. ыт из

  30. Oscar, I checked back 3 years you seems to be 100% correct ! In fact each bounce it increase by 10X

  31. A programmer talking about blockchain changing the world in dec 2017… HG is here, blockchain is dead! AsyncBFT can't be beaten, nor can 100,000 transactions per second. No more soft-forking, no more mining and ridiculous electricity usage.

  32. I would like to see some of the many users that say they have been ripped off by coinbase to start a class action lawsuit. They locked me out of my account then they won't let me back in no matter how many times I send and resend all their requested documents. I have seen many many others say they did the same thing while researching this issue. I don't doubt there are many who weren't ripped off too. But that would also serve to give an extra facade of legitimacy for stealing accounts. Hoping to see this resolved somehow..

  33. Problem with coins is that no one really uses them as a currency. Everyone is buying bc they think some Moe will pay more for it later. But, it's not a stock, or similar investment that is earning something behind the scenes, paying dividends. In this case, everyone can win.
    When someone takes a profit from crypto……someone else lost. The only money coming out is what went in! Even less can come out bc money is being eaten away inside the market with transfer and trading fees.
    I hesitate to call it a Ponzi…..but its not far off……..

  34. great prediction !!!! it happened

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  37. A few currencies makes perfect sense, but the whole thing is just pure speculation and nothing else. Its the worst real world investment that people can do. Ok Blockchain is revolutionary but exchanging purely volatile assets is just a joke. I am investing in Iota and few other ones, because I believe we will have a few bullish waves in the coming years, but at the end it should be regulated and only bitcoin and a few more should prevail for the sake of our healths

  38. This channel made me realize that cryptocurrency and blockchain don't just make your earn money but earn knowledge and that's the beautiful thing about cryptocurrency