Remy: Bitcoin Billionaire

Remy rides crypto to the moon.

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Written and carried out by Remy. Produced by Austin and Meredith Bragg. Music tracks mastered by Ben Karlstrom. Music by J-Beats Productions.


I used to be broke, unemployed, I used to be beginning to slouch
I used to be sleeping within the basement on my momma’s new sofa
That is once I heard all of it, an opportunity to skirt all of it
a cash like my final woman
Fully digital…

Acquired the highest graphics playing cards, obtained an influence provide
a microprocesser, a motherboard, a towering drive
I put the RAM within the RAM slot, drive within the bigger bay
topped it off, two followers
Like a Chargers recreation!

Worth spike to $30!? I missed out, I concern
crudely assemble a rig like a BP engineer
My family and friends smile and smirk and all make enjoyable of me
However I am-a make them eat their phrases as a result of I am gonna be a

Bitcoin Billionaire
Spending cash like I do not care
Mining coin in my underwear
I am gonna be a Bitcoin Billionaire

Deciding on software program and studying the notes
I am choosing out my favourite miners like a Penn State coach
Choose me a digital pockets for holding all my quantities
learn up on the all of the methods to open a number of accounts

I really feel like Tom Brady, I obtained a concern of inflation
However that is crypto, baby–central financial institution decentralization
The script I flipped it, laptop computer encrypted
My life was rotten now all my cotton’s Egypt-ed

Now even on my trip I am crypto-supplying
They name me gentrification the way in which I am block-modifying
Mates asking “what’s one of the best a part of your newfound treasury?”
I say “reminding you the way you instructed me I would by no means be a…

Bitcoin Billionaire
Spending cash like I do not care
Flash drives of their underwear
Now that I am a Bitcoin Billionaire

The money was endless, yo
upscale and enjoyable and rowdy
I used to be spending like a 7 on a
scale from 1 to Saudi

Name it mad bankin’, all evening and all weekend
My rig is Al Franken:
(grabs what it might probably when you sleepin’)

Simply attempt outspending me and you may see I am on a mission
I drop extra Satoshis than a slipshod Japanese obstetrician
However I ain’t open to splits, do not care if it is best or not
Opposing forks like a Chinese language restaurant

I went from geek to stylish, from primary to ASIC
I went from basement-squatting to yachting from basin to basin
Went from no buddies and melancholy to peer-to-peer legend

Bitcoin Billionaire
Spending cash like I do not care
Then sooner or later there was a photo voltaic flare…

I used to be a Bitcoin Billionaire
Spending cash like I do not care
Now I simply pawned my underwear
Was a Bitcoin Billionaire.

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  1. The QR code in the end actually has his public key bitcoin:17kzsmkGPPUwPePvo7iC31ownX3YQt9M8S

  2. Solar flares would destroy even regular digital money haha

  3. Just that part "from one to Saudi" Ohh dear haha

  4. just read the last 601 comments!!!! lol your LYRICS are genius man! and the execution………not easily impressed but WOW !

  5. lol this was epic, nicely done 🙂 . love the ending with doge coin haha

  6. Who else is sill here in 2018?

  7. Give Our Fellow Fallen Miner Some Bitcoin:17kzsmkGPPUwPePvo7iC31ownX3YQt9M8S

    Yh, i actaully scaned the QR code xD

  8. The lovely December!
    Let's see a april. (Jan, Feb, Mar. – I almost dead WTF ?!)

  9. hhaahah we call it mad banking ahah

  10. You are greate,love watching you

  11. Bitcoin itself is stupid (it's just hype) but crypto is the future ™. Why didn't he just back up his keys and or cash out? Dogecoin is still the best.

  12. That is the best thing in my life.

  13. Bad comedy rap thousand-point-o. Yawn.

  14. Love the shot in front of Loui Vitton #Vechain

  15. "My rig is Al Franken.. grabs what it can while your sleepin;"  lol

  16. next question is does that wallet QR at the end work?

  17. Hardware cold storage wallets FTW!

  18. I hum this at work,he tub,the shower,in bed,public…I hum it everywhere

  19. THIS THING FREAKIN ROCKS!!! Great content and originality!

  20. 0:57 "Read up on the all the ways to open lots of accounts"
    reading Wells Fargo employee manual
    I died ???

  21. "A towering drive"? surely you mean't tower and drive?

  22. love the section on the solar flare

  23. I drop more Satoshis than a clumsy Japanese obstetrician.

  24. well

    bitcoin is going to die to give birth to a whole new world