Bitcoin Goldrush – Profitable mining in 2018? Think again

Here is a deep dive into profitability utilizing an Antminer S9 and anticipated return over time

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  1. Hey everyone. I just released my latest video on the miner, and includes a break down of my first months profits. Check it out!

  2. At current difficulty, your return will be $2,188 per year. Sounds good, except bitcoin difficulty went up by a factor of 6 in 2017. The trajectory now looks like it will go up by a factor of 12 this year. That means with constant bitcoin value your return will be one twelfth of what it currently is, or $182 per year. As you pointed out, you will never pay for your initial investment at this rate unless bitcoin value jumps up again, a huge unknown.
    What people failed to realize is that bitcoin rewards are very constant, but the number of miners is growing very fast. There has to be less payout per miner as a result.

  3. Love from North Korea
    Here, In Punguari mining is illegal

  4. as my dad says, aint nothing cheap,easy and free

  5. Bitmain mines with people's miners for 2 months before they ship them out and by the time we get them they are obsolete the whole mining game is a total rip off anyone considering getting into it should not.

  6. I don't wanna mine i just want fucking gpu for real price to fucking game on it.. fuck this shit -_-

  7. you sound new to mining lol if your into mining gpu is the way to go not buying antminers .. but you can buy to sell them on use it for a month or two .. I have the l3 miner and I pay less on power and make more than the s9

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  9. I will start soon mining but not bitcoins but other coins

  10. Watching this as BTC is at 10K. Ouch sorry man. Hope it turns around

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  12. SCAM ALERT: I order from Bitmain on December 12th of last year with the projected delivery date of Jan 28. I is now 3 months latter and no S9. I have sent several emails and Facebook messages requesting deliver dates and no reply. DO NOT BUY THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY.

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  16. Great and insightful video. Thank you my friend for sharing your experiences with us!

  17. What a lot of trash to be frank

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  19. Well the only problem with your brilliant plan of mining is you got in on it about two years too late. If you're not using some sort of scalable cloud computing or a room full of rack servers at this point it's just a lost cause.

  20. Can one in Africa mine Bitcoin? I am in Africa and thinking seriously about buying 2 Antminer machine.

  21. Hi Travis, Great video! However, Bitcoin difficulty adjusts both up and DOWN, depending on block times. If it wasn't profitable to mine, miners wouldn't mine it or switch to something else, and the difficulty will adjust down.

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  24. the market has alot to do with mining as well i have been mining with the same unnit and been making steady income so it just depends also you gotta be tech savvy

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