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  1. Who cares what it is? Is it worth it?

  2. If 1 bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars, you shouldn't buy things with it. I'd prefer a more precise currency.

  3. I found a bitcoin what can I do with it I swear god I don't know help please 🙏

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  6. Yo my friend lied he said that his mom was getting like 100 of these from her work and said that it was worth a million dollars on 1 Bitcoin and well now I know what a REAL bitcoin is ;-;


  8. Nice vid & love the dope 90's sounding boom back in the background.

  9. i think when there is more customer to buy bitcoins with thier money the price of bit coisn gets higher so they(the bitcoin owner) may receive more money from customers, and when there is more customers to sell bitcoins or change it to their money then suddenly they drop them because they dont want to lose money,

  10. 0.001 bitcoin is still a lot of money.

  11. Please help
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  13. Lovely torso. But I don't think you're supposed to button the buttons on that collar, they're just decorative. See how buttoning them makes your shirt wrinkly?

  14. Who else got a 5 minute ad about bunny Bitcoin or something

  15. I didn't get the part where you said it is futile to mine bitcoim nowadays in 2017. Why is that?

  16. This shit is whack! Someone is going to create a virus and wipe out this crap.

  17. I have 0.0001 bitcoins

  18. to me bitcoin and all cryptocurrency are not worth it at all…… because it has the same process to gain income as mmoprg games…….at least mmoprg games provide virtual assets and virtual money that sometimes worth thousand of dollars if u sell it…….. but what do u have by investing in cryptocurrency? just a virtual money?……. lmfao…..

  19. I legit got a bitcoin add XD

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  21. Plase help me iwant 5$ its my btc wallet id 12Bkyk2pnAfrM86T6b2YhcK3hjziYXyBAs

  22. Bitcoin is more like butcoin

  23. Ill just try to win the lotto, buy a gaming pc, stream and hope to earn 100$ a day ._.

  24. Plz tell me most trusted bitcoin

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  26. hey austin you are just speaking ,literally i dont understand anything.

  27. I don't know why. But I think bitcoin is stupid. …it's a coin that cost a lot in the virtual world? Can you even spend the money in the real world? (Nvm i got my answer on that last one. But its not great if you cant use it in every store.) Is it like a virtual bank? …i don't know why, but I just feel this is a bad idea. Even if you can use it in the real world, I don't think it's gonna be around or as useful as some think. Also, people hack into computers around and steal stuff everyday. If someone hacked into their bitcoin account and lost their money on it, then that's pretty bad. I mean, money in a savings at a bank is safer then getting it through virtual use. However, I find credit cards awful to use too. They get hacked so much when used online or at atm machines. Now if I need to buy something with a card, I get a gift card at my bank. It's safer that way cause it wouldn't be linked to my real savings account. This is just my opinion. If someone else is happy with credit cards and bitcoin then that's fine. I'm just saying I'm not into it.

  28. Thanks man! Super helpful video! What's your opinion about SciDex? I've been following them for a while now!

  29. What do I think about getting involved in bitcoin?
    "What do you think about dancing in the alligator's mouth," one little bird asked another.

  30. The way I see it : it's basically another exchange system for products & services thats is not getting recorded by a middleman (like a bank) who has the information about the transactions made. Is like a digital dollar, that you can use for products digitally just like a credit card with the exception that you are paying directly & what gives value to it depends on how much is in circulation just like the normal dollar but there is no bank holding that information. That's the basic idea but right now as attractive as it sounds I don't support it fully since I know a lot of people are using this currency in the black market to hide there identity as a way to buy guns, drugs & & child prostitution like laundering money or blood money. so until I don't see any type of moral & ethical control to it, I cannot see any benefits to this. Or at least until I really can understand it as a nother point of view. The world needs changes but always for the best not for the worst. Thanks for reading

  31. Still dont understand it ??????????

  32. Really appreciating the more advanced information you've all been providing recently.The only ICO I am keeping an eye on is SciDex. They are creating a new marketspace for scientific data. As an engineer I totally support and want them to succeed!

  33. I have bitcoin…*it's not reliable but it's worth the risk trust me*

  34. Dumb people think bitcoin has a unlimited amount because 'you don't have to print it' it's because more people are buying it making it more valuable but when more people sell it then It lowers in price

  35. Once a woman in 2011 was told about bitcoin then she said the us dollar is better look now she could have had loads

  36. Now people pay in v bucks

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  38. market capital rise up 6 billion today 3/5/2018 from 436 billion from 430 yesterday

    is time to Buy and hold
    until 2020

  39. I'm not interested buy bitcoin

    I'm more interested buy steller iota
    nimiq lisk