Bitcoin – The Nature of Declines

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  1. Great stuff. Keep the videos coming. I'm learning from you everyday.

  2. Great videos, keep them coming. The audio sounds a little tinny and narrow/distant. Thanks good luck..

  3. It's a marathon not a sprint, so hold fast and make a frosty beverage to enjoy as the action flies by.

  4. Great job. 2020 halving. Geez.

  5. How about now? does it look like entering the bear market after 16k break?

  6. I think the next coin to go up many times is something like Electroneum, its just lurking at the moment (0.08$) ready to rise when the mobile miner goes live and more exchanges adopt it, long term i am not sure but in the short run (6 months) i see great gains in that coin.

  7. I think your right, bitcoin owners hold. I actually see the people outside of the gym leaving before the bitcoiner owners sell on mass, they will loose interest because a better thing comes a long or the price doesn't go up as fast. This will take a while to happen but it will. You don't want to hold till this happens, better to sell into a market that has demand – don't be left holding an old crypto with no usability.

  8. Aren't HODLers effectively disinterested traders? You should have an exit door on the BUY side of the gym

  9. thanks mate, confidence restored

  10. Great video, looking forward for more videos

  11. Just wondering if you know how much of this price action comes from trading bots as I assume they're buying and selling frequently. Appreciate your video

  12. Make RAIBLOCKS part of the discussion plz.

  13. New viewer. Good and educational video. Thumbs up and sub

  14. There is God, Bitcoin, and Parabolic Trav – you are the sane voice in the storm. Thank you man!

  15. Great lets fuel more that hype… when it crash exchanges big investors will manage to.liquidate positions small guys will loose it all… so dont panic 😉

  16. First video I've seen from you and I appreciate your style, looking forward to more.

  17. Hello fam, hope you are having a better christmas than me, long story short, i deposited 2500$ on wrong wallet, i fu** up big time…. learned my lesson, now trying to recover….. Anything helps, good looking out Fam, merry christmas <3
    Btc Adress:
    Thx for your help

  18. Thanks for using a segwit address mate

  19. This was a great explanation of the market and sentiments. Thank you!

  20. Nice observations … from a long term holder ..

  21. Positive explication yeah

  22. Long term (3 Weeks) there are no declines.

  23. What is the app or site u use for the graph?

  24. There are frustrated people because they can't buy coffee with their bitcoin. And ver suck them up to the side.

  25. Nicehash "hackers" payed themself out. thats what happen i think they bought bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold. and sold a lot for real money… thats what happen when a pool gets hacked
    ALL Bitcoin holders
    ALL have to pay for it. somthing we all shoud have expected.

  26. Thank you so much, for applying actual reasoning and analysis to this magnificent asset, currency and concept. So many people are fear mongering and not providing any logic to statements of "BUBBLE! OVER PRICED! HUGE SELLOFF COMING! CRASH! YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING!" It is easy to repeat what everyone else is saying, but when you look at a what a few of people who apply thinking to these situations have to say there is only credence to higher and higher valuations.

  27. Tulips crashing……HAHAHAHA

  28. Thank you for this video!
    What do you think about Roger Ver and his statements?

  29. I come from the future and BTC is right now at $15,300 so you should short it with 100x leverage

  30. Please bitcoin go back to $0.10 per bitcoin so i can buy you. LOL……….

  31. Do you have a book? Are you pretty excited to be buying at around 13,000 right now

  32. Spot on! Awesome insight. Cheers!

  33. Very informative video Trav! Sharing with my peps.

  34. Even yesterday’s huge drop recovery was quick. God I love the bulls. I hugged my coin and so did all of you god loves the bulls! We are a team that understands the game isn’t lost because one goal goes in! Let’s buy buy buy 20k is nothing! Kill the bears.

  35. 1C4iwGLawRtro3kVhoPWYVMwucYRzwGADL i still cant figure this out

  36. Man your videos are awesome. Thank you

  37. Woah, all the comments before me are made 1 week ago, right after youve published this bullshit 'opinion'… they probably didnt see what's coming soon. None after that !! Guess people are pissed with your fear not BS

    Looking at the chart you put up, it's already obvious it's heading for trouble.., classic WATERFALL.

    Just lies from a typical Hodl-er for your own selfish interest