The Bitcoin Revolution ( Documentary) Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 8

Bonus Options: As we speak, mankind stands at a crossroads, and the trail that humanity chooses might have a larger affect on our freedom and prosperity than any occasion in historical past. In 2008 a brand new expertise was launched that’s so necessary that its future, and the future of mankind are inextricably linked. It’s so highly effective that if captured and managed, it might enslave all of humanity. But when allowed to stay free and flourish – it might foster unimaginable ranges of peace and prosperity. It has the ability to exchange all monetary techniques globally, to supplant ninety % of Wall St, and to offer some capabilities of presidency. It has no agenda. It is all the time honest and neutral. It cannot be manipulated, subverted, corrupted or cheated. And – it inverts the ability construction and locations management of 1’s future within the arms of the person. Sooner or later, once we look again on the 2.6 million-year timeline of human improvement and the main turning factors that led to trendy civilization – the creation of farming, the domestication of animals, the invention of the wheel, the harnessing of electrical energy and the splitting of the atom – the sixty yr improvement of computer systems, the web and this new expertise might be regarded upon as a single occasion…a turning level that can change the course of human historical past. It is referred to as Full Consensus Distibuted Ledger Expertise, and up to now its main use has been for cryptocurrencies comparable to Bitcoin….however its potential goes far, far past that.
The Crypto Revolution: From Bitcoin to Hashgraph is our newest episode of Hidden Secrets of Money. It’s in regards to the evolution of cryptocurrencies and full consensus distributed ledger expertise, and the way they’ll change our world. I imagine that this video is by far the simplest manner for the common individual to realize an understanding of what cryptocurrencies are and the way they work, however extra importantly, the immense energy of full consensus distributed ledger expertise and the affect it’ll have on our day by day lives.
I’ve an absolute ardour for financial historical past and economics, and I like instructing them. Cryptocurrencies are our future, and there’s no escaping it… that is the best way every part might be performed any further. However, we now stand at an important turning level in historical past. Full consensus ledgers comparable to Blockchain and Hashgraph have the ability to enslave us, or free us… all of it is dependent upon how we select to make use of them. If we select to assist centralized variations issued by governments and the monetary sector we might be granting them extra management over our day by day lives. Politicians and bureaucrats might be in a position elevate taxes immediately, every time they need, on each greenback you make as you make them, and each greenback you spend as you spend them. In the event that they assume the economic system wants stimulating they will be capable to implement large damaging rates of interest, successfully punishing you for not spending every part you earn earlier than you earn it. They will be capable to determine the place you may go and the place you may’t, what you should purchase and what you may’t, and what you are able to do and no matter they determine you may’t do… and if they do not such as you, they’ll simply disconnect you from the financial system.
So, will the financial system develop into absolutely distributed and assist to free mankind, or will or not it’s centralized and enslave us? The selection is in entrance of us proper now, and our choices will create our future. I imagine that this might be a binary final result, there isn’t any center floor, it’ll both be one future or the opposite. The query is, will or not it’s the long run we would like? Or the long run they need?
I’m a valuable metals supplier and one factor I’ve discovered is that gold, silver, and now free market decentralized cryptocurrencies, characterize freedom. Due to this data I began investing in crypto currencies way back and in addition grew to become one of many first valuable metals sellers to just accept bitcoin as cost for gold and silver.
I’d actually admire it for those who might share this video with everybody you realize. I believe it’s essential that as many individuals as attainable discover out in regards to the adjustments to the worldwide financial system which might be taking place proper now… nothing will have an effect on us extra, and everybody’s future is dependent upon it.

Thanks, Mike

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  1. Just finished watching. Great job Mike! I hadn't heard of hashgraph and its sparked my interest.

  2. Still no way to invest in Hasgraph yet

  3. Has it ever occurred to you Mike that at some point in time, with the way the world is going with all this complexity, be it blockchain or hashgraph, there will come a time when the bubble will burst? The acceleration of all these technologies is pushing the ceiling too hard! Everyone is fighting hard to outdo everyone else. I hope there wont be a sudden collapse of the human essence in all this chaos.

  4. Mike Maloney please do some research about cardano and you will find the answer to everything you want also consider doing a interview with Charles hoskinson

  5. The crypto currencies wil be the same as fiat currency. No real value


  7. Hashgraph sounds good except for one thing make it have nothing to do with the military or setting off nuclear bombs One Nation to another because people are Their Own Worst Enemy ,it will end up annihilating themselves and that's the information that the hash graph will convey like you said it knows the answer and what people really want so unless you have a 100%percent positive outlook less sin and are good it will not work, it may work on a social level but keep it away from military by controlling a nuclear button. It must be used for the financial system and nothing else.

  8. Great job Mike! I really appreciate what you are doing to make us aware. The problem that I see with Hashgraphs is that it is patented. You have a CEO of Hashgraphs. With Bitclin, there is no one person in charge over the whole system. That is why I personally prefer Bitcoin. Besides, we don't need something faster than Bitcoin. Just a thought. #GoldandSilverandBitcoinareAwesome

  9. Good for you, that deposit was made at about $622.15!

  10. All ur 8 episode changed my life

  11. Changing the world? The next step? Maidsafe – The New Internet –

  12. What happens a to all the miners doing the work when the maximum amount of bitcoins is reached? You posed the question at 27:00 but never actually answer.

  13. What if the i'net dies. Where is the back-up ?

  14. really really well put together for new people to the space

  15. Mr.Maloney looks like corpse.
    No need for cryptos or gold when you're dead.

  16. Bitcoin may be a freedom, but here is what i think:

    We need Government, that is why they exist until today,
    They regulate bitcoin so that it prevent irresponsible result from freedom.

    we know that freedom will actually one day be regulated, by the people in the themself.

    Take example of freedom of speech in facebook.
    At first its seems great and promising when people can say, express anything in facebook.
    Not until someone abuse it for something bad.
    Things gone wrong because you can simply say "anything" (ads, spam, nudity, etc)

    Then people themself demand regulation for free speech in facebook.

    Sooner or later, bitcoin will have regulation, on demand by the users themselves

    Tell me what you think?

  17. Sakti Badink:

    FREE 30GH/S

  18. You guys need to reassess bitcoin. Less of that hashgraph vaporware.

  19. is hashgraph solve the problem of war,greed,corruption,poverty,hunger,thief,slavery,no income etc…?

  20. patented and close source…not anonymous…..mmm no thanks

  21. I think the Bitcoin should be connected to Gold, so it will reflect the price of gold.
    Why it has it's own price, and growing up daily ?.
    We need currency to measure our products price, so it should has a fixed price.

  22. ok, let's say Hashgraph will be the new be all end all operating system for the internet and a super cloud but on steroids, but wait a minute, this is about the rise and fall of money, monetary systems, gold, silver, etc when it all crashes worldwide. It is great what Hashgraph is doing but are you now saying to get out of the bitcoin and all crypto-currencies and stay in gold and silver until Hashgraph takes over and if we don't crash by then (and maybe by then) there might be a place to put money into to be safe?

  23. The end of this became hashgraph promo. But it isn't on the market yet.

  24. What if the internet goes down

  25. Marxist economic theory 'Bitcoin' dissolving the state. Mike, the Founding Fathers would see right through Bitcoin-Blockchain centralization, and therefore, they would recognize the economic enslavement of humanity. The fulfillment of the Marxist Revolution — the withering away of the state

  26. Hash-graph — Wikileaks proved that any computing system can be defrauded, no matter how fast and time stamped. Consensus is another way of saying "I agree" creating a virtual contract or consensus. It will not work if just one person doesn't trust it. I don't trust it. No Revolution has occurred. I will never put my Deed to my home on your trustless virtual ledger

  27. Hopefully we can get an open actuarial system using this. Risk management may then become "less risky" (or maybe even redundant) and we can get rid of the expensive Actuaries and their secretive Actuary Tables from the "Insurance Industry". (I view it these days as an Actual Actuarial Protection Racket. 🙂 )

  28. enigma was once created and not evolutionary developed further … that's why you can't compare it … and enigma was not cracked – it was leaked!

  29. comparison between gold / silver and crypto is not a good idea … crypto has the possibility to bring people out of poverty … gold / silver is only a save haven if you earn money and could sve some for bad times … to get out of poverty with it is impossible, even if it tripples … so for all african people and other countries which are poor, this crypto thing could be the liberator

  30. When will Episode 9 come out? Love this series. I share it around.

  31. Can bitcoin keep track of gold from mine to mint and and the transactions thereafter, like they do with coffee now?

  32. Come on Mike!!! Hash graph is great except it completely fails in the place that makes bitcoin so prefect. ITS COMPLETELY CENTRALIZED

  33. Bitcoin will be used as a store of wealth (like gold) rather than something you would spend on cup of coffee — this could change in the future and once the bitcoin price gets less volatile, I think people will use it.

  34. kinda like the child of rath; lying about which side won at the battle of waterloo.

  35. Why this has gone from an informative documetary to a commercial about hashgraph? there are more altcoins using this DAG protocol. Hashgraph is patended and owned, so no decentralisation. shame

  36. This feels more like a paid Hashgraph advertising than a Documentary. Hashgraph can only be an improvement to Visa or Mastercard. Hashgraph is owned by a private company that can print the currency at will.

  37. Hello Mike, why don't you make videos on illegal currencies.

  38. The German enigma machine was only cracked because of the men who captured the device from German personnel. Without the capture of the device, humans would have never cracked the code.

  39. I just heard there will be less need for people, or workers. Many of them highly paid. What will this do to the economy? It will utterly implode. There will be a mass die off as people starve.

  40. Hashgraph is centralized. Beats the purpose

  41. Hi Mike, i really HOPE that you READ THIS. I have been following your work since 2009. Watched most of your videos, read your book, was at your seminar in sydney, probably 2009-2010? You have my respect for trying out bitcoin. Good job. However, i assume that you have not been following bitcoin’s developments, esp. segwit and lightning network. Bitcoin scalability is solved by those 2 things. Hashgraph may sound cooler, but not proven and can NEVER create something like bitcoin. Bitcoin needs to consume A LOT of energy, just like gold consumes A LOT of energy. Money HAS TO BE HARD in order to be good money. YOU KNOW THIS. Please dig deeper into bitcoin BEFORE exploring other “newer better technologies”, because there WILL ALWAYS BE NEWER BETTER technologies as long as human is alive. But good money will only be replaced after many many generations

  42. Thanks for the video Mike. The first 30 minutes were very resourceful and helpful in understanding the cryptocurrency world.

  43. Oris Space One of the best projects for 2018. Every day more and more gaining momentum. One of the best ideas, one of the best teams.

  44. Bitcoin is just a scam. Just a giant speculation on, who is the last idiot that will fail and pay for the profit of others. Also, all the other "crypto-currencies". Get yout hands away from it. Maybe you can win, feeded by the losses of others. Congratulation: World is so much better now. ;-(
    Keep in mind the following: Technology runs fast. What´s about bitcoin, when better developed "cryptos" come to market ? Bitcoin can and will going to zero for sure, simply because of this.
    One more ethical problem: Wasting energy for simply nothing at all.

  45. Interesting. Will keep an eye on it.