Biggest bubble in history: What you need to know about bitcoin

Digital forex bitcoin has formally develop into the biggest bubble in historical past, eclipsing the infamous “Tulip Mania,” the speculative bubble that shook the Dutch financial system earlier than it collapsed in 1637. Be taught all you need to know about bitcoin.

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  1. This just shows how greedy and lazy people can be.

  2. I've never owned any cryptocurrency in my life and actually have negative money, with being a debt bound student.
    If 0.0001 BTC means nothing to you then you could make my year and start me on a journey 😀


  3. BïtchCoin gonna crash I cashed out at $20,000 on the high ???

  4. Tell that to the people that start bitcoin 2 years ago.

  5. Most of you Gamblers are n Denial. Go ahead and Lose it All, LMAO…. go go go go buy this tokens hand over fist .. Do IT

  6. Look Up "Greater Fool Theory" LMAO

  7. You must love the Russian Today ! First they promoted heavily the Bitcoin, now they will tell you in your face you got screwed :))

  8. The world needs a decentralized currency let the people be in control !

  9. Earn @IOStoken by joining the link  and retweeting! enter your public MEW add first. airdrop ends in a few hours! Enjoy the free coins and thank me later!!

  10. Everything will be done by BITCOIN in the next decade or two this way everything will be traced no more ways for criminals to make illegal profits, no more ways to launder money as everything will be able to be traced way easier.

    No way to commit money crimes no robberies etc. In the next decade or two your employer will pay you in BITCOIN. Will save the Governments billions of dollars because they won't need to print out paper or coin money anymore. Bitcoin wasn't created because of coincidence.

    Whoever created BITCOIN had a plan to make the world a BETTER place I think

  11. What did Bob do over the course of years

    2009 – Bitcoin will never reach 1$
    2011 – 2017 Bitcoin is a bubble
    2019 – Buys bitcoins

    Don't be like Bob.

  12. Bitcoin=store of value=GOLD stored in VAULT. Bitcoin is THE only ONE that is completely decentralized.

    Bitcoin cash and other cryptocurrencies=checking account=day-to-day use of money. NOT quite decentralized.

    NO need for fiat currency controlled by central banks and governments.

  13. Remember BITCOIN is in it's infancy still details are being worked out , just like the beginning of the internet it takes time to perfect it ….. it's a new technology that needs ironing out ….

  14. I found a bitcoin gold wallet thats working for windows:
    finally got them.

  15. Let's get out of speculation and supposition and talk what is and has already happened:
    1) WTO's already has a 'back up' global currency in case the US dollar implodes – SDR.
    2) India already banned the importation of gold and went cashless!
    3) UBS and CitiBank in Australia went cashless at their bank branches!
    4)Its illegal in Belgium to buy anything more than 3k in cash!
    5)Ecuador is cashless nation! It has no fiat currency, but relys on the USD.
    6)Singapore most shops have signs 'sorry no cash', only about 15% of transactions involve cash!
    7)South Korea central bank will withdraw cash and become a cashless state by 2020!
    8) Sweden and most of the UK you cannot purchase tickets on public transport w./ cash!
    Cash is already finished, its only a matter of time before fiat currencies implode.
    The only countries with currency back by gold that I am aware of is Switzerland where 25% of its reserves are backed by gold.

    And so in conclusion BITCOIN is the FUTURE . Get on board before it's too late ( too expensive ) . As always even MICRO BITS will serve you well in the future and of course ONLY invest in what you can afford to lose even the MIGHTY BITCOIN has risk small but it's there.

  16. hei, guy in the right, how stupid do you feel now that bitcoin wen't to shit ?

  17. Get real and grow the fuck up. Biggest bubble in history my ass. It’s barely penetrating the overall market and anyone who invested more than 10% of their kick into BTC was already stupid before getting mixed up in it. Cryptocurrency follows the same sentiment based Eliot Wave Theory pattern that “the market” follows.

  18. Bigger fake news bubble? Most media today or fiat currency…. or maybe the police state? Say hi to Max and Stacy for me LOL.

  19. I find it ironic that this same lame analogy is posted using the technology that it used to be used for (the internet). Back in the 90s and early 2000s every TV investor was "warning" about investing in dot com companies because it was a bubble and "TULIPS!" And now people who invested in google and amazon are millionaires.

  20. cyptocurrency is good and that's why a. investing on Ledu coin

  21. Cryptocurrencies have been a powerful tool in increasing people's wealth from near-nothing to near-millionaires. They are very volatile and very risky at the same time if you dont know what you are putting your hands into. reported on February 23rd 2018 that 46% of last year’s ICOs (Initial coin offerings) have failed already. Investors in the crypto space face the daunting prospect that 1 out of 2 investments are likely to fail.

    It was therefore important that any offer to investors minimises the loss of all their capital. We have designed a unique structure to provide investors with the comfort of a straight bond repayable in 5 years whilst offering them the opportunity of significant crypto gains through the issue of free ANGEL tokens.

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  22. How does everyone feel now that Bitcoin has lost 66% of its value in four months? How do you feel about the fact that while there is a limited supply of bitcoin there is a potentially unlimited supply of new cryptos? This is obviously a bubble. If you want Bitcoin to succeed the main function of bitcoin cant be to purchase it with the hopes of selling it for a profit later.

  23. Millennials buying into bitcoin makes me want to stay away from bitcoin .

  24. What if the dollar/euro tanks and you wanna cash out ? Then what ??? ? Have yet for anyone to answer that question ?? . good luck btc investors .

  25. The explanation he gave might not be so clear to so many people that are new to crypto, crypto currencies for example Bitcoin is simple, buy at a certain price and sell in few days or you will be more confused and what will probably be going through your mind now is
    1)how do I sell?
    2) how do I know when to sell?
    3) how do I buy if am interested?
    4) how do I create my bitcoin wallet to get started?

    Answer to how do I buy if am interested.
    >> Its simple create a Bitcoin coin wallet free, buy by following simple steps to fund your Bitcoin wallet and its not a must you buy a whole Bitcoin you can buy in fractions for people with very weak finances as I am posting the comment 1Bitcoin is $8100 you can buy 0.5 Bitcoin at $4050 or even 0.1Bitcoin at $810. You can check Bitcoin prices on google and on your Bitcoin wallet too to guide you on the amount to buy and the price.

    Answer to how do I sell
    >> Some new Bitcoin wallets have provisions to input your bank account number and name where you can sell your Bitcoin immediately and its equivalent in your local currency paid in directly into your bank account or you can find a buyer and transfer your Bitcoin to the willing buyer and the buyer pays you in cash or by transfer.

    Answer to how do I know when to sell
    >> Bitcoin price increases exponentially by the day this means that the price of Bitcoin is constantly increasing. Imagine buying 1Bitcoin at $8100 today which is the current market price and selling and you wake up tomorrow checked Bitcoin price on your wallet or on google to find out its risen to $9000+ and if you request for a sell (cash out) you make over 1000$ in hours..that's so simple what if you buy now at $8100 and sell in week when its will probably over $10,000 you make more money that's exactly how profits are made on Bitcoin. World richest men are speculating that Bitcoin price will hit over $45,000 before the end of 2018 the video proof is here on YouTube. This is a golden opportunity to make extra bucks without working. Bitcoin is growing like wildfire, gaining popularity and being heard about even in the remotest part of the world.

    Answer to how do I create my Bitcoin wallet to get started
    >> its simple visit Signup to create your Bitcoin wallet, login into your wallet, make a request and fund your wallet.

    There are some people in the category of "I do not want to bother my self with buying checking prices and selling or its a complex thing to do but I still want to make money from Bitcoin" you are still covered with
    Send an email to for an investment plan if you don't want to trade Bitcoin for your self and needs to be traded for. You will be issued with investment plan to make your choice on how you want them to trade for you, how much money you want to trade with and how you want your returns on investment sent to you. And you can still monitor your investment if you are being traded for and can still make an input on how you want your investment to go and you can still request for a cash out at anytime you want. Its very easy to make money from Bitcoin and its not a complex process. Thanks for reading.