Wolf of Wall Street’s bitcoin warning

“Wolf of Wall Road” Jordan Belfort warns Richard Quest about stepping into bitcoin.

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  1. This news reporter is so weird and theatrical like all those goddamn americans 😂 act fucking normal for once in your life

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  3. My initial gut feeling about crypto was it's a scam. Couple years ago however I gave into all the hype. I began researching cryptos even day traded them hardcore for 2 years. I can now tell you without a doubt that cryptos are indeed a SCAM! Crypto currencies will go down as the biggest pump and dump scam in human history, lots of people are going to prison once this gets fully exposed. People across the world have become dangerously delusional, convinced that this is some sort revolutionary tech cause they watched a few youtube videos. You are being brainwashed by highly intelligent criminals running a con (confidence scam). They are using tech hype to sell this con, conveniently at the height of a tech boom. Block chain will have useful applications in the future but not at as a currency and definitely not used to run scams like bitcoin.

  4. This guy is scared crypto is gonna devalue his fake paper dollars.

  5. so people shall listen to this fraud? I say he is a shill for FUDcoin

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  7. Belfort the scam artist has nothing to do with bitcoin. In that case Bitcoin is safe.

  8. bitcoin is part of an agenda at cashless society for greater power and control for the bakers

  9. Takes a fraud(former) to catch a fraud

  10. this guy's an idiot. how the fuck did he manage to scam so many people?

  11. why am i watching anything CNN says?

  12. The wolf of wall Street can fuck off the bent crook..

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  14. Except of this is a FUD, then why in the hell are they asking a guy, who actually is a FRAUD??? The world has gone mad: we are making movies about criminals and people are actually listening to them. Buy bitcoin & stick it in his ass 10 years from now!

  15. Thanks mate. If I want advice on how to steal millions from morons then blow it all and go to prison , I'll come to you.

  16. People say bitcoin has crashed but Gavin Andreson (https://twitter.com/gavinandresen) disagrees, infact DCG smaller startups are still seeking investors so Mr Andreson is giving out 0.025 BTC to his first 500 followers to send 0.0025 BTC to the Wallet address below for charity (at least its tax free lol). Our advice will be to keep the 0.025 BTC for the next couple of months so you could then advise yourself to invest more.


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  17. Digital currency is risky…bottom line. There are huge potential gains just like there are huge potential losses. In the end, it is all speculation. I'm so grateful that my digital currency is backed by something of real value.

  18. Wild west lol. There saying by 2040 thry wont need to make anymore money. Not cutting down trees to make worthless paper money. Paper money is a joke. When gold and silver was the real money not this paper they make and regulate. Bitcoin is the future and they cant control it because its for the people.

  19. Plot twist: The Wall St. peeps are trying to make you people feel like you are losing out by putting FUD, yet subconsciously asking you to buy BTC at current sky high prices so that they can cash out their profits. If BTC is really the future, why are the rich not holding it all.

    Hint: USD/fiat currency is also doomed. Like BTC.

    Its Gold, and assets that will appreciate. The rich hold them in vaults, and own numerous properties. Not BTC or USD.

  20. lol…..this is like Bernie Maddoff saying Bitcoin is a scam.

  21. ..and this is the same guy that sold Steve Madden stock?

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  24. 0:36 OMG, that made me lagh so hard.

  25. for tech personal opinion , the concurrency likes a weapon and medicine , it can use by professor in supercomputer calculating, it can be bypass <dept of tur> and <CFO of finance>

    tracking their is no right or wrong in government banning the science develop to control the currency and foreign investment restrict/ taxation , the bonds/ commodes/equity / real estate /

    Fur /

    Diamond / Find art /casino CHIP/ oil &pet both were investment product control by policy/ mega firm / multinational corp / , try to think the mega Financial service firm extremely high

    commission likes NYSE:VISA / master , even lower commission pay-pal/skills still consider high transaction fees

    The crypt-currency looks likes internet of Things (Lot) who connect everything in each other , except you living in desert (central Africa) or rain forest (Vietnam countryside)

    Finally , BTC just likes a games in beta mode or Pre-realise , their is lots of hardware /software/network infra to support it , still lots of bug and unpredictable error

    unlike the classical CASH can be track by fingerprint and govLAB/ CSI etc

    the digital currency is rule by mathematics science in master degree / GEEK for expert programming

    Although almost every cryto currency decal <untraceable> <annoy-mas> , but the calculating <block chain> was already backup/ monitor / analysis / spy by different cloud provider/hard

    disk factory / semi-conductor raw firmware , the mask of 128 bit to 2048 bit random keygen don have facial recognition and social security number (SSN) / passport number

    the UUID/UCCID/ cell phone tower number / relay SATCOM / core route / core switch / undersea level internet cabling network provider / network protocol dev is the real ruler

    most of the cryto currency founder in EMEA area and APAC , does any Cryto-currency brand in Africa (Sudan/Zimbabwe) or middle east(Iran/Iraq) ?





  26. Anyone can say what they want about Belfort, but, no one can deny that he knows the financial market like the back of his hand. What goes up, will come crashing down, just like the mortgage crisis of 08 that is finally starting to level out 10 years later.

  27. He is absolutely right. Couldn't agree more!

  28. Christ the amount of people in this comment section not knowing what the fuck they are talking about is painful

  29. Well he definitely knew what he was talking abt…

  30. He’s just saying this so people would sell their coins so he could buy them

  31. B I T C O N N E C T T T T T

  32. Because, Bitcoin is a bubble. The whole thing isn't real.

  33. Nice guy but cryptocurrencies will succeed in the long run . There may be ups and downs and crashes but btc is here to stay

  34. Fraudulent Son Of A Bitch. Go take the blue pill and stay where you are. We chose the red pill. #HodlGANG