Ethereum at present is buying and selling above $520, and it simply rose like loopy at this time from the $400s. I imagine full heartedly it is going to hit $5,000 over the following 2 years. Probably by the top of 2018 even. What do you assume?

Here is some ETH charts:


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Ethereum $5,000 2018 value prediction

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  1. TRX/Tron 0.12$ buy NOW or your will CRY all your life !! Tron will be 1$ end or January 2018!!!

  2. Excellent vid. But, please… Get a bounce light! Thanks.

  3. how many lines of coke u doin; less scaling issues? lol

  4. You look like a Bond villan.

  5. If there is anyone so kind to please share some eth. The smallest fraction will help.

    Thank you.

  6. Ethereum is Doomed – Why the Ether Cryptocurrency will Fail in 2018

    Transaction traffic on Ethereum is painfully slow due to ever increasing ICO traffic, much of which Ethereum itself admits is fraudulent
    Despite media hype focused on how Ethereum could revolutionize things like the world’s everyday financial infrastructure, ETH actually has no real-world use cases. In fact, ETH itself states that ETH tokens should not be considered as a form of digital currency
    To compound security problems, the Ethereum community is hugely divided. – Hence why at the time of writing, a new community divide is centering on whether or not to fork the Ethereum blockchain (again), in order to erase all details of the new November hack like developers did the original June 2016 hack

  7. whats wild is i remember mike living with in some weird flyover state i forgot which one, and talking about drinking kombucha tea. look at him now.

  8. What you think about Bean Cash??? Tnx…

  9. Thumb 🆙.. Ethereum to the moon.. ✅

  10. For real? It’s tanking hard

  11. I hv 1 ethereum should i hold it till the end of 2018?

  12. Within 10-15 Months Ethereum should be worth between 3000-5000$ I believe that

  13. In percentage ETH should go much more than BTC , I can say BTC in December 2018 can be easy 25k $ it is 250% compare to today's price but ETH can go easy 2500-3000$ what is +/- 400% increase

  14. we are already entering august 🙂

  15. I think that its true by seeing this type of rise it will definetly get up to 5000$

  16. It has to hold $290 first…

  17. $288.44 as I type this…. where does it go from here?

  18. Ethereum price as of today November 26, 2018 is $105.35.

  19. you are right , i bought it and sold it today and bought it again. I think it will boom but if the marketcap drops i sell, i sold with a profit and stepped in again, smaller. Because it will be 100,000 i bought smaller.

  20. Last senrnce in the discription is 2018 should be 2019, in the video too a few 2018 instead of 2019 mistakes, but good info.

  21. what you think about Lisk? some price prediction?

  22. "Blockchain Expert" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  23. ETHEREUME (ETH) PRICE AS OF TODAY 2 OCTOBER 2019 $177.55) 5:42 PM

  24. If this still happens, I'm buying you those hearing aids.

  25. haha talk is noting sorry not 2019 not 2028

  26. These were the days. The future was so much brighter and the mistakes I made weren't apparent to me yet. I was working my ass off trying to strike out…I struck out alright…

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