Big Litecoin & Ethereum Trading Opportunities

Litecoin & Ethereum have exploded previously 12 – 24 hours, particularly Litecoin. On this video, we’ll focus on some attainable commerce concepts and the way cautious you ought to be when investing in these risky cryptocurrencies.

Litecoin is priced a lot increased on GDAX than different exchanges. Roughly 30% of quantity is coming from GDAX for the time being, which makes me imagine the worth from GDAX is a premium which can shut over time as has occurred previously. As such, I’d not contact Litecoin on GDAX.

Nonetheless, there is likely to be a sexy alternative to purchase Litecoin at roughly 1.75m Satoshi (zero.0175 BTC). This can be a key long-term resistance become help now that we now have damaged above it and are hovering round it. A purchase restrict round this degree with a subsequent cease roughly 20 – 30% beneath the market is likely to be enticing given cryptocurrencies that explode are likely to maintain going up for an undetermined period of time.

If we see Litecoin fall beneath this key degree (zero.0175 BTC) in subsequent 24 hours and stay there, my view will turn out to be extra bearish. I probably will not be collaborating on this commerce, given I view cryptocurrencies dangerous sufficient as is, however I’m contemplating a small place regardless.

Ethereum, on the otherhand, continues to be beneath its key resistance degree (zero.04 BTC) which suggests I nonetheless view it as undervalued regardless of its run-up in USD. Moreover, it’s priced equally throughout all exchanges. If we are able to break up zero.04 BTC, I’d look to start out taking earnings within the zero.055 – zero.06 BTC degree, with the subsequent degree being zero.07 BTC. Something past that I’ll present a separate video replace for.

As regular, I’d love to listen to your ideas. Thanks for watching.

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My Really helpful Wallets:

If you wish to retailer your cryptocurrencies safely, one of the simplest ways is thru a pockets. Severely – look it up and you will find loads of info supporting this declare. There are options corresponding to paper wallets, however these are handy and my selection for chilly storage (offline):

Ledger Nano S:
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I personally choose the Ledger Nano S, however the Trezor is such a detailed second that it actually does not matter which one you go together with. Ledger Blue is premium and handy, however not vital.

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This e-book is, bar none, my favourite e-book for investing in cryptocurrencies. It does not bathroom you down with technical jargon, however as an alternative focuses on all the weather you must perceive earlier than you make investments.

It is a complete e-book for each novices and consultants. Freshmen will discover details about main cryptocurrencies (not simply Bitcoin) in addition to particulars on historic market occasions (you could draw on for future) and occasions to look at for shifting into the longer term. Specialists will discover the chapters on valuation significantly helpful. For these of you concerned in conventional investing, this e-book is much more of a godsend as finance information is explored (correlations with different asset courses, ETFs, and so on).

My Really helpful Exchanges: Coinbase / GDAX / Bittrex

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  1. EDIT: For those asking, Satoshi = a unit of Bitcoin (just like a penny is a unit of dollars). It is 1/100,000,000th of a Bitcoin, or 0.00000001 BTC.

    What are your thoughts on Litecoin / Ethereum. Overbought? To the moon? Let me know – always love to hear what you have to say. Make sure you follow me on Twitter for live updates:

  2. Litecoin has good "greater fool" potential. By this i mean it has the right attributes to go up a lot. They are: being better as a currency than Bitcoin, Limited supply (better than ether, not as low as bitcoin), accepted by Steam.

    This may be the next big bubble, or should i say way to get rich quickly.

  3. waiting for $240 to reenter litecoin. litecoin has potential to be ultra volatile.

  4. Agreed regarding G Dax. The prices are high on them and fees are getting significant.

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  6. Immense fortunes were lost or could have been made using the over/undervalued myth. Fundamentals and trading never mix well.

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  15. Hi, thanks for this video. Can you please cover Modum (MOD)? This is a token that has an extremely bright few months ahead with partnerships to be announced any day now (possibly Novartis, Roche, DHL etc) and a great team (ex GoPro, Novartis, IBM, Zurich University executives). If you could do a video on Mod this would really help grow the community. Thanks!

  16. I wonder if you sold your litecoins. You had 5k litecoins didnt you?

  17. I prefer Vertcoin at 8 USD with as it is based on Litecoin technology (same max. supply) with the difference that 40 times cheaper…. VERT is a screaming buy…. 💰💰💰

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  22. There was a dip in price today so I bought $25USD LTC worth via Coinbase. 😂😂😂 My middle name is danger.

  23. $DBIX Dubaicoin on cryptopia, livecoin, Hitbtc. Soon to be the "ethereum of the Middle East" just released new website and roadmap with plans to put a trillion dollar Islamic banking industry on the blockchain through the arabianchain network, which is the company behind $dbix. Dubai wants to be the first city to completely implement blockchain technology by the year 2020. Arabianchain has also created their own exchange which will basically be the Coinbase of the Middle East/North Africa regions. 2018 is the year for dubaicoin, prices are extremely low compared to the $45 ATH. Thank me in a few months 🙂

  24. hey thanks for this! I just ran to buy LTC at $260.. and picked up the Ethereum at just the right time, as well. Late night studying pays. Thanks so much for helping me learn at an intermediate level. When I'm crypto rich, I'll send you some donations for sure.

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  31. Do you use Bittrex and gdax? What is the purpose of using more than one exchange besides a possibility of certain alt coins being available on one or the either?

  32. What is the deal with talking in satoshi? Whats wrong with just correlating to the USD?

  33. What is your honest opinion as far as ETH's price prediction for 2018? I Bought almost at the all time high at 780. It was my first investment into crypto and as I've been studying since then i realized i bought on the hype only to watch it crash down lol. Would like for it to moon god damn it, such is life.

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