I Sold All My Bitcoin

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I lastly did it. I bought all of my bitcoin. I took large positive aspects and am a contented camper. Know that positive aspects should not realized till you promote. Therefore that’s what I did. There could possibly be extra earnings to be made however the speedy ramp up of the value has me frightened. I really feel the dangers are very elevated. I definitely won’t purchase extra at this value of close to $15,000 and in order that meant I was promoting slowly. With varied market sentiments I can collect from varied sources, I lastly bought the rest of my holdings on account of my elevated conviction that there will probably be a gradual discount in value or a correction coming. In fact, it is all hypothesis and I could be unsuitable. I know I’m pleased with the positive aspects to this point.

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  1. Blockchain tech in bitcoin is a distributed ledger of transactions and is replicated across many nodes. It uses the SHA256 hash function and is made highly efficient using dedicated ASICs

  2. Block chain is a great technology, but crypto currency is a pump and dump scheme.

    I feel bad for the people that get brainwashed into crypto currency. It's only worth what people think it is. Until I can buy a cheeseburger at Mcdonald's and pay gas at the gas station, I see crypto currency as a scheme and an alternate cash money for illegal activity.

  3. Hey BTB! what do you mean by people owing alot if they short sell and it goes up to 20k?

  4. When they was 2 dollar each I bought 100 of them. When they was 35$ each I was like WOW! What a profit.. Sold everything. You have no idea how much I hate me right now.

  5. Couldn't agree more. Never aim at the top/bottom 20% of profit. Eating the middle part of the fish is much safer.

  6. It's usually time to reduce the amount you've invested in something if it doubles within a year

  7. Beatthebush it’s time to buy bitcoin again? The next bitcoin bull run will hit 100k this summer?

  8. Nice! he can now buy a 1000 foot condo in San Francisco!

  9. would you buy more if it drops to $2000?

  10. He stole it all because it crashed lmao

  11. what is THE intrinsic value in bitcoin ?

  12. I really like your rational view on the market

  13. so you sold it at its all time high? good call

  14. Hindsight is always 20/20. Good job though!


  16. Thanks to you, after watching this video i felt compelled to pull out
    Thanks man! i didn't get splattered in this bitcoin shit storm

  17. I just stumbled on this today (APR 09/18). Your numbers were dead on. Incredible. I've hit "Subscribe."

  18. Its kinda sad how many people forget the history of bitcoin and its connection with deep web.
    In my opinion, its just some marketing from the deep web-based org / business that made up a lot of cryptocurrency -》 then they make the news so it blew up -》so many people join -》 high transaction of cryptocurrency (that way its hard to trace) -》 ez money laundering + they got more from prev jobs while the price still so low

  19. Didn’t bitcoin appreciate? That being said, 8 year cycle more than due, definitely a good, safe choice.

  20. Damn dUde much respect for your financial discipline, back then i thought it was gonna go to the moon, problem is everyone thought that so it had to crash. In retrospective… cashing out at that point even if one didn’t hit exactly the „top“ was genius

  21. did u work in finance as a software engineer?

  22. Thank you so much for making this video. I personally use hashflare. I don't put to much into it I let it ride out I don't make much. People need to understand that they shouldn't throw all their money at it. They need to understand why the market went up so fast and why it went down so fast and you hit the nail right on the head. Thank you again for this video.

  23. I like the way your videos are recorded and edited. Bitcoin is becoming a bit unstable. As long as you made some profit. I love your videos great content

  24. My nephew was right then, they do actually mint metal coins. I was thinking BitCoin was a online only virtual currency.

  25. You sold well, you could even buy in again now, if you wanted.
    I never sold so I missed the profit and the chance to buy back in with some of that profit.
    They say 100k Bitcoin is very possible.
    I never held Bitcoin, I hold an alt coin,yet the alts fluctuate the same as Bitcoin and you can easily trade them out for Bitcoin then cash them out.
    It is a very strange money grab at present, some coins raised 1 Billion dollars in one ICO lately… now that is crazy.

  26. You bitcoin nutjobs are a bunch of fucking losers. You can't get rich on your own so you rely on a scam. There is NO REASON why bitcoin is worth anything. You're fucking delusional. If it was usable as a currency, the value would be stable and maybe 1 bitcoin would be worth 1 penny.

  27. It's crazy to see these comments in May 2018. Does he regret it now at around 9500? Of course not. That was a good call. The market can't keep going up and up. HOWEVER, the market needed to correct itself before the possibility of a massive bull run which would be switching to its third elliot wave -> never the shortest and often the longest… Can we five fold again? Let's see if he finally regrets it a year later in December 2018 😉

  28. Wish I bought some when Bitcoin first started. But didn't care to own any at the time.