Bitcoin Futures Launch Today | Here’s what you need to know

What do you take into consideration Bitcoin futures? Do you assume they will push the value down, up, or don’t have any impact? Be happy to go away a remark under! Thank you all a lot for watching the video. If you loved the video, please contemplate dropping a like and subscribing. Operating into some hassle or questions? Be happy to go away them down within the feedback under!




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  1. Agree in the taming futures… they need to bomb the price at some point for it to be far more profitable for the big guys buying in… they will take over the market… as per usual and we will be the piggy backers on the trends they set . If you have the stomach for it !!

  2. Now bitcoin is safe haven place for many investors! Just imagine when 10+trillion market will panic and flood bitcoin…

  3. If no Bitcoins are actually being purchased through the use of futures contract, how can the price be affected?

  4. So big corps hording btc, they crash the market for all the wins, and rinse and repeat?

  5. Banksters are going to "short" the f*** out of Bitcoin … invest in "Rippe XRP" you dont have to bet the farm to make money and there is no pointless and wasteful mining.

  6. I really need Bitcoin , can someone help me with little Bitcoin any nice person

  7. Just don't put you're eggs in one basket. Bitcoin will CRASH, its bait to get the people, sucked in and then BOOM. INTERNET ONLINE EVERYTHING GOES DOWN. Bitcoin is a scam from top to bottom. Wise ones can see thru THIS CRAP. Hackers ARE PATIENTLY WAITING FOR THEIR GO AHEAD. Sooner or later there going to probably make up news and say HACKERS ARE PROTECTING BITCOIN. Some crap like that. History always repeats. THIS IS PLASTIC

  8. Everybody must know about,
    This website is not Clear,
    they accepts Payment only when the bitcoin is go UP,
    when is down they decline the Payment..

  9. I'll make a honest prediction. good 3-5 years I'd say $350K a coin and that's tops if Bitcoin stays at 50% crypto currency cap. It would be worth 7 trillion at this rate of $350K a coin. Gold is 7 trillion and would be at even match to compete against each other as a safety investment worldwide. Bitcoin is wild at the moment. Today you can buy a pizza for $10 bucks or 0.0006357 bitcoin. Tomorrow that pizza might be worth $55 bucks or maybe $3. It's just too wild for currency until it stabilizes. Bit Bitcoin is a fantastic gold type investment and very undervalued at the moment. I'm went in at $5,600 a coin. Sitting and waiting as a long.

  10. Want to know about


    A lot of monkeys lived near a village.???????

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    Still, some people caught some monkeys and gave it to this merchant and he gave $100 for each monkey. ?

    This news spread like wildfire and people caught monkeys and sold it to the merchant.?

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  14. The last time I checked I couldnt even believe it, but double check here to see I could be wrong.

  15. Since this futures trading started bitcoin prices stabilized quite a bit, it almost actually died, its price action is now a flatliner for 3 days straight! Standing at $16395 as of this moment 14dec17

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  20. what do you think about beluga pay?

  21. Any other options besides coinbase? The site is so backed up that it won't accept my ID to verify it.

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  23. People one question if they can make so huge profits why do they need you. Go to scam watch they are fleecing your money

  24. Thank you 🙂
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  25. bitcoin future is not good sign for long term ecosystem crypto money.

    bitcoin future only give profit to qualified customer ( rich people) invest money
    and less risk.

    the only ways we crypto cumunity can survive
    go for long term.

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  27. 17 minutes into video. One of the reasons I subscribe. Thanks. 10/28/2018