The Truth About Bitcoin & The Mark Of The Beast

There’s large buzz about Bitcoin, however most individuals do not actually know what Bitcoin is or what the long run use of it really will probably be. Persons are simply excited concerning the beneficial properties they’re making at this time, probably not fascinated about tomorrow. This video will inform you the reality about it is future. You do not have to consider what I consider, however in case you simply use a slight quantity of widespread sense, the information will probably be plain. I hope this blesses you!

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  1. Let me ask all believers in Jesus Christ. Will you accept the rfid chip?

  2. If yes. Why?
    If no, then why are we using Satan's cash or other forms of ungodly currencies?

  3. I hope you are seeing how hypocritical the brother making these videos and all of us watching and interacting in it really are?

  4. So informative! Thank you brother! Keep crying loud & sparing not, exposing the wicked one. Be encouraged!

  5. So informative! Thank you brother! Keep crying loud & sparing not, exposing the wicked one. Be encouraged!

  6. say no to the mark of the beast!!! i already did!!!! no way! i accepted the seal of GOD by keeping all his commandments and his SABBATH DAY!! not Sunday -the pagan worship! not for me! revelation 13! and exodus 20;8-11!! exodus 31!13-18! take the seal of the lord not the mark of the devil!

  7. I don’t know what bitcoin is :3 – – before I watched this vid

  8. @Truthunedited : This coin that you are talking about in tho video is it a form of the mark or no??? This is the first time I have heard about it, please help me understand. ???

  9. This guy speaking is not christian and is not against bitcoin. He is truly working for the devil himself. He is promoting bitcoin and promoting the demons

  10. l have question…was Yahushua hung on a Cross or a Tree? Does it matter or is the Cross symbolic of a Pagan Religion?!

  11. Wow! Thank you for that! I never knew what bitcoin was until now!

  12. I’m not saying that it’s not the mark of the beast but most people are getting it on their left hand and not the right hand

  13. Does that mean its bad to use credit card????

  14. NWO is at our front door. It's very real.

  15. dont give a fuck i just want to be healthy and wealthy fuck all this biblical fuck shit.

  16. okay so I've done extensive research on bitcoin before even having knowledge of this vid and I'm glad someone else sees the red flags first off it's still unknown who the authors/ author of it truly is just a moniker of satoshi nakamota maybe that name has a meaning unbeknownst to me but anyway and this weird statement on the genesisblock"The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks."totally creepy.

  17. Why is gold and silever so vaulable?! They're heavy as heck!!

  18. What about a Gold backed/ pegged cryptocurrency?

  19. I thought that making Sunday's the Sabbath was the Mark of the beast

  20. Wrong. "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:" – Revelation 13:16
    Gold and Silver cannot be used by those that are "underground" or anyone who are trying to avoid taking the MOTB because ALL will be required to use the MOTB as a form of making purchases. One should still definitely buy Silver, and stay away from Gold. I know LORD JESUS, but I have only met HIM in the form of disguising HIMSELF as an obese African American man, and JESUS has guided me into purchasing silver, and not gold, and I do not think it is because gold is too expensive. Personally, I think gold will not rise in value when silver does, but if it does rise, it will not be at the amount that is being quoted quite often, e.g. $10,000 per ounce. Silver might increase to near $1000/oz. Many people that are trying to plan ahead of time in not taking the MOTB, will more than likely be one of the first to get it because when it becomes mandatory…yikes…things are going to be serious, and whether one belong to JESUS or not will be the ONLY determining factor that will keep one from taking the MOTB. Believers in CHRIST are going to be forced to deny JESUS and take the MOTB, and forced in a manner that is gory, e.g., getting one's body parts cut off, perhaps even bludgeoned to death. Therefore, one should not make statements that make it seem that it can be easily avoided. The Great Tribulation is going to be a serious time, when one would have to consider his or her soul's fate, and not try to get by or survive longer on earth. This is "the end"!

  21. Would you being a Christian recommend bitcoin???? If so why??? And where can I go to seek information about this for myself.

  22. Just to make it clean the mark of the beast is not a chip implanted in your hand or any other part of the body. The mark of the beast is Sunday worship when it is pass as law starting in America then throughout the world. Sunday worship came from Sun worshiping it's all about the Lord day and man day (Saturday/the Sabbath which is God seal) against (sunday/Sun worshiping which came from the devil himself) the Lord knows with all these confusion we will forget his Sabbath that's why he said in exodus 20v8-11

  23. I’m a little confused. So you know bitcoin is a scam designed to move us to a cashless society but you’re buying it to make gains and use those gains to buy real money? And in 2019 do you think they’re reinfected the value of the coins?

  24. Great video. See Eze. 9:4: The judgments were about to fall on Jerusalem. But before it, the Angels of the Lord marked His righteous with a mark on their foreheads, that the Angels of Judgment wouldn't touch them. One maybe wonders, what was that sign? The Hebrew original states it: "set a mark ("TAV") upon the foreheads of the men. . ." It was two Hebrew letters, "tav" and "vav", pronounced together, "TAV".

    When times have passed, the Hebrew lettering has changed. The Dictionary of Gesenius, (p. 857 in Finnish edition), states of this "TAV": "It is a mark of the shape of the CROSS, with which horses and camels were marked. In the Maccabean coins (150 B.C.) it ("TAV") was marked with a CROSS."

    Thus, translating this Bible passage precisely, it says: "and set a mark of the CROSS upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof", The mark of the Cross then saved from God's wrath – and still saves – if we have or will let the Lord Himself mark us to be His own.