Bitcoin Forks and The Bitcoin Futures Market – Andreas M. Antonopoulos

CME Group is the world’s main and most numerous derivatives market, dealing with three billion contracts price roughly $1 quadrillion yearly (on common). The firm offers a market for consumers and sellers, bringing collectively people, corporations and establishments that must handle threat or that need to revenue by accepting threat. Bitcoin defined by Andreas Antonopoulos.

This clip is an excerpt from ‘The Baltic Honeybadger 2017 stay broadcast’ streamed on 25 Nov 2017 by the Hodl Hodl Alternate YouTube channel

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Please watch: “Flip-key Sensible Contracts | Matt Swezey”


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  1. This should calm a lot of people down. Sounds like he's confident it might blast off through the end of the month. 30k by 2018??

  2. This put my mind at ease, I've been seeing too much FUD about futures lately.

  3. pork bellies haven't been traded at CME in a loooonng time.

  4. i understand some of these words

  5. You think we have volume now? lol

  6. This guy is such a snake. What a Freudian slip too!!! You said it Andreas… UNDERMINE!

  7. This is good news for futures.

  8. it will crash on monday. newbies scared to loose their cash are haussing the shit out of bitcoin

  9. The bitcoin price will fall this week from (new) pressure of short positions on the market, it probably will go below 10k, on the other hand we will see steady price increases with less volatility after the price correction.

  10. Didn't he mean "underwrite" not "underpin" the contracts?

  11. somebody may explain to me – how does this CME thing will increase bitcoin volume? CME will offer some kind of betting for future btc price, and will take fee for that. So neither cme nor its customers will buy btc! or am I missing sth

  12. this peep sound scared the shit out of me!

  13. get in now…20k by january

  14. "non reputable(sic)" meaning "irrefutable". The CME is "not reputable". LOL.

  15. Bitcoin is just getting started. There are quite a few promising altcoins too. I love how bankers are scared shitless of it. They are scared to put their money into it. They're dinosaurs.

  16. Vertcoin is AMAZING! After the futures market opens and Miners are paid by Big Banks to short BITCOIN (their make Billions) Vertcoin will be left standing – the honest People's Coin!

  17. trader is an anagram for retard… not a coincidence..

  18. Im sorry for the noob question. What does he mean technically when he says there will be an increase in the volume? Im sorry for the noob question.

  19. How Andreas talks is just pure beauty. What a talented man. So much knowledge and not a single hickup during the whole speach. That is confidence. And if u know alot and u know that u know it, u get confidence. My applause to you Andreas. You deserve every donation that u are getting.

  20. Where can i see the full presentation, anyone?

  21. Excellent commentary, Andreas! The issue for these futures is going to be around settlement, since it's settled in cash, based on a price average between three exchanges. Get ready for some real price manipulation come closing time.

  22. I do not understand why he hooked up with the cme. Why not go to goldman sachs as well. It is a sell out..

  23. Note that BTC futures contracts are NOT fractional like BTC itself – 1 Contract = 1 Bitcoin. In my humble opinion, this takes most small time investors out of the futures market allowing BIG MONEY to further manipulate the price. I never thought that shorting BTC was a very good idea until recently after hitting almost 20k and running up 2000% this year alone.

  24. avoided the question lol first time I've give thumb down to andread

  25. CME & CBOE is the worst thing to happen to Bitcoin! At least we all fit to experience a free market for a little while

  26. My humble opinion is for every single person is to jump ship into Litecoin, Digibyte, or Ethereum completely and sell all your Bitcoin. If we all do that we screw Wall Street and remain in a free market.

  27. He is naive with future manipulators. They are a master of manipulation.

  28. eh hellooooo , btc price crashes as CME futures enter the markets, what were you guys thinking ? dont you see what futures did to Gold and Silver prices ?