Coinbase CEO on Crypto Surge, Bitcoin Futures, IRS

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong discusses the rise in cryptocurrencies, bitcoin futures, customer support glitches and dealing with the IRS on tax points. He speaks on “Bloomberg Know-how.”

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  1. All cryptocurrency fake money you are all falling for the nwo. If you buy sell at a profit or lose bigtime.

  2. I've been waiting a month for service. Coinbase can't keep my bank info secure, they've disabled my buying and my withdraws. Customer service phone support personnel is actually laughing at people calling in [you can hearing them laughing] Phone service can't tell anyone which day , week or month someone will reach out to them to help. I wouldn't be surprised if they just make people wait on hold because they need a break from all the irate people blocked from their money.

  3. crypto was created so it could NOT be controlled by any government………

  4. This guy is either i'll informed, or intentionally misleading people…Everything Ethereum can do Bitcoin can do…and do it better! More securely and more solidly. Ethereum was formed because the devs were impatient and instead of investing time into developing bitcoin they jumped the gun, went their own way. forked. and formed ethereum..for the most part. Bitcoins code is being worked on and developed as I type and in fact the lightening network is already rolled out and it is just a matter of time before it dominates. This guy at Coinbase needs to start implementing segwit and Bitcoin will be able to spread it's wings even farther. Coinbase has been compromised and will eventually be obsolete as well.

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  8. Binance is open again! It makes trading cryptos very easy!

  9. This guys exchange robbed me of a lot of money due to sepa deposit not landing correctly, need waiting for an email back for two months now :(,, I recommend nobody to deposit on coinbase most rubbish support in the industry

  10. I have 2 bitcoins, but digital currency will take us to Global ENSLAVEMENT…

  11. Coinbase! you sold us out…

  12. he himself is a fraud now blocking account at coinbase

  13. WE NEED COINBASE COMPETITOR and I'm sure many people will happily invest in them instead.

  14. Don't use coinbase, you will LOSE your money!

  15. Find another exchange as these assholes are criminal! They have stolen so much money from customers! My account has been frozen for weeks! If they can't handle the amount of new customers coming in, they shouldn't accept any more new customers til they can take care of the ones they have already!

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