The big bang theory S11 E09: Bitcoins Investment

The big bang theory season 11 episode 09

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  1. No actual self respecting geek would call a Na'vi 'Avatar'.

  2. That's great of you Danish khan

  3. Gotta get my bitcoins up n hit the darkweb ??

  4. Vertcoin to replace bitcoin in another few years 😉

  5. It's funny cause doesn't Stewart end up with all of it

  6. Really bought big bang back, great episode.!!!!! ?

  7. Why is everyone SO MEAN with Sheldon?
    That just makes me wanna punch them all in the face!!!!!

  8. god these soyboys make me cringe

  9. Alt coin CDN gained more than 100% today. Who profited from it? How much do you think this coin can be worth? You can buy it here:

  10. "Tic toc on Da Clock " ???

  11. Tentei traduzir e não entendi nada kkkkkk

  12. 2:30, 2:50 and 3:41 Stewart wasn't supposed to be a loser and depressed back then.