Is Bitcoin Or Ethereum A Better Investment Over The Next 10 Years?

Is Ethereum a greater long run funding (10 12 months horizon) than Bitcoin? What must you take into account when crypto long run? Will Bitcoin nonetheless be #1 in 10 years?

Let’s focus on!

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  1. I think Cardano currently has the strongest foundation for long-term success.

  2. There is no such thing as digital gold or else we can have tulips and kryptokitties lasting forever. Bitcoin is in the same league as tulips etc. Gold lasts… Tulips don't. A bitcoin futures market could be run on Etherium but not visa versa. These things don't matter until the hype begins to fade away and bitcoin is left standing naked before the court of peers.

  3. I’ve been getting recommendations about, what do you think about it?

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  5. Etherium was corrupted by its owners! Bitcoin has no owner. This is so easy but ignored. Brainwash ?

  6. didn't watch the video, just wanted to say that pow is a huge waste of energy if pos is an option. eth will get pos, so it won't destroy the planet 🙂

  7. Ethreum for sure ..all about the contract s..

  8. Cardano Good for long term

  9. looking at the low prices thinking ".. damn.. how old is this video?" – just to realize 2 seconds later that it's just 2,5 weeks old

  10. Litecoin will be better than both.

  11. IOTA. Q1 2018 Tons of projects incoming. 15€ easy

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  13. Do you guys think Bitcoin Cash will overtake Ethereum?

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  15. there is not comparison, two different things get BOTH. Bitcoin being slow is not a problem right now because Bitcoin is collecting value to evolve into mass adoption.

  16. This just pop up on my related videos, very good! 🙂 I'm glad that I've found this channel! 🙂 What are your thoughts on some of the privacy coins? There are a lot of gems out there, some are already very popular and some are still new and rising (like entire crypto world). Privacy ones seem to get huge growth in popularity, especially in the past few weeks, my favorite 3 are Monero, Verge and DeepOnion. For example, like ETH DeepOnion also have upcoming Smart contracts on their road map and some pretty mighty features such as DeepSend and DeepVault for file verification. I strongly believe that privacy coins are way to go in 2018.

  17. subscribed. i have not decided yet whether i am going to go into ltc or stay with btc. i see many people saying ltc will be big next year. i will however be staying with some Alts,especially the privacy Alts. these will no doubt see a big influx of investors next year. but to makethe bigger gains i think monero and dash are too big now. so you need tpo pick the best out of the newer privacy coins,like Deeponion for instance. coinsthat have several layers of security like Tor integration aswell as mixers ect

  18. I sold my lite coins n got ether. Def a better investment keep waiting and let people like me make money while u try to figure out wtf just happened I bout litecoin at 84 got out at 320 now holding ether longterm

  19. Ehterium kicking ass right now

  20. Very informative. Subscribed!

  21. I dont neither will survive 10years

  22. Buy 10 to 20 eth sit back and watch the drama till 2020!dont touch them you will thank me later

  23. 10 years? Lol. Y’all need to chill

  24. Please do the review of Bullcoin Gold ASAP. The ICO starts this Saturday and will end next month. I need to get the complete review before investing, thanks

  25. Neither, 10 years is too long. Some cryptocurrency not invented yet will take over

  26. 23 second intro sequence? c'mon man.

  27. Diversify cryptos. Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Dash are a good foundation for 2018-2020. After that, I cannot say.

  28. IOTA is a good cryptocurrency for the future.

  29. jesus coin will take over all
    jesus is the king

  30. i BOUGHT ETHEREUM and LEDU COIN will make it on top! it has a potential to rise up and it is the only crypto that focuses on education!

  31. What beat is that ? Lol can I download it???

  32. BTC will never go away. Safest bet in the ultra long term.

  33. I have been getting real profits from trading stocks, since I started off with genuine investors who know more than loading money into accounts. There are specialties and requirements you need to acquire to properly profit more money not less than 5figures

  34. Great video man! I really wish they had a cap on their coins.

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