RT Podcast: Ep. 468 – Will Gavin Sell His Bitcoin?

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Be a part of Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Becca Frasier, and Burnie Burns as they focus on exterior onerous drives, internet neutrality, the iPhone X, and extra on this week’s RT Podcast! This episode initially aired on November 27, 2017, sponsored by Tipsy Elves ( MVMT ( MeUndies ( the Rooster Tooth Retailer ( Be a part of FIRST to observe episodes early:

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  1. 54:54 no Gus that will makes your phone explode (gotta understand that callback reference)

  2. My highschool graduating class was… I think like 70 kids….

  3. My graduation class was 24 students

  4. I have a feeling Postum sales doubled now that nearly half a million people now know what it is XD

  5. on what older rt podcast did gus and gavin have a conversation about bitcoin and said it doesn't work? someone help

  6. Some quotes:
    "It is the most obnoxiously unfunny comedy in many a moon, featuring four alleged protagonists so thoroughly repellant, the audience will find themselves quickly rooting against the survival of humanity."
    ""Lazer Team" ends by setting itself up for a sequel, but that's mighty wishful thinking. There's not a big demand for laugh-free comedies."
    "It's all been seen before. And given that the ending leaves the door wide open for a sequel, it may be seen again. But it shouldn't."
    "Lazer Team is as bad and as excruciating as Pixels except it manages to be even more painful without Adam Sandler around to make fun of."

    That last one was super harsh :)))

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  8. I dont really watch must rt besides aa, podcasts, and lets plays but where does all their revenue come from?

  9. Them talking about high school makes me sad as we 90 kids in a graduation class

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  11. There was 5 people in one of my highschool's graduating class

  12. Grew up in a town of less than 15 and would have graduated with 3 people if the school didn't shut down so instead I graduated with 12. Nothing I heard is a small town.

  13. I graduated from a class of 40…. I thought having 200 was alot but when Burnie said his was 1000 I can't imagine

  14. Great content! It reminds me of this artist named Hunnid. You should check him out ? His videos are on my page.

  15. the 200% is a joke. it indeed does not call the police

  16. Homemade Cranberry sauce is disgusting. Canned sauce forever

  17. Bison. The correct term is bison.

  18. kiss the sky is one of my favorite songs ever… of all time

  19. Clear miss understanding of most people who roll joints. You still use tobacco to roll the dooby.

  20. I had like 200 in my graduating class. Small town blues