LIVE: Bitcoin Passes $11,000!! What To Do Next, Market Conditions, Bubble Fears, Q&A – CMTV Ep95

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Bitcoin completely crushing all time highs and taking no prisoners within the course of. Will it final? Or is that this the start of the tip? Tune in and chat!

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  1. Learning so much these Days. 2008 was so frustrating for me as a new trader.  But in this unregulated Market  all comes together. You re such a help dude. Taking small psychological profits sounds great. Thx man!!!

  2. Its going to go back down before this weekend. This was just the start, the next dip will be bigger than this one for sure and its prob going to happen sometime between Thur-Sat.

  3. Could I ask you about your opinion on MTL? Iam holding this coin and it is not really working well for me. I usually do not ask such things, but after 4 months in crypto, I am doing very, very badly. So I would very much appriciate any help.

  4. Really enjoy following you! Thanks for you insights 🙂

  5. anyone else had money disappear on GDAX/Coinbase when trying to do a 'withdrawal' and no response from their support team?!!!

  6. Sup Carter!, following from Guatemala

  7. What happened to Coinbase going down at a pivotal time???

  8. There is something I do not understand why people does not speak about it. How can a world be sustainable possible if bitcoins and cryptos by gaining in price if the energy consumption and the co2 finger print is getting bigger? did we already forget the climate change and hurricanes?

  9. So when you take out profits, what is your process?

  10. Dr. Carter, The Coin Master!!! I've been watching your channel for 6 months now and your perspective and knowledge base on crypto is invaluable and a much watch every day….Big Thanks for helping the Crypto Community!!

  11. Yo whats going on Carter, you are the MAN!! Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom. Really happy you told me about taking profits! I did and I bought in again at the dip. Exciting times!

  12. upside down fib again, whoever you learning from doing it wrong. Its symetrical so lines will still work but it doesn't pull back to 0.618 properly on your chart – that is actually the 0.382 where the 0.618 so if you talk about that kind of pull back you will be reading the chart wrong or speaking it wrong

  13. Seems you have wrong understanding of cme futures … they follow price index, they dont move the price directly.

  14. Get into B3 while you can. Can't go anywhere but up!

  15. ahoy !!! what the name of the plugin in chrome that tell that $price of the coins

  16. I was looking at the cryptos under 1 mil market cap. and found a jewel? BLN is going to be the next Coin Base like platform of the Continent of Africa. African fiat converted into the crypto world, and is to activate the platform next month. Could be the next get rich coin?

  17. Thanks for the videos. Just a suggestion. How about lowering your mic so people can see your entire face. People want to see your lips when you talk, which makes it more natural. Also it would reduce air current into the mic as well. Try it.

  18. Do you only purchase on GDAX? If not what site is your favorite? I saw your video on getting free trades on GDAX. I already have a coinbase account.

  19. What Chome extension are you using?

  20. Hey Carter – Been trading the last few months and have had amazing success however with recent crash I lost close to half my portfolio.. Do you have any good risk management vids or reading you can recommend?

  21. Hey Carter – Been trading the last few months and have had amazing success however with recent crash I lost close to half my portfolio.. Do you have any good risk management vids or reading you can recommend?

  22. So glad I found your podcast! Thank you for such incredible information and teaching/explaining it in plain English. Would love to see more videos explaining how to use and understand GDax from a total newbie POV. Thanks again and will continue to watch and recommend this to family and friends. Hi from Canada!

  23. if the price drops by that much there needs to be some major fud right now there's not much, clear horizon in the near future at least

  24. Is there a way to show your current USD money at market price (like coinbase does).. so it rises and falls with the market change?

  25. Are there limits on how many times you buy and sell using limit selling in a day?

  26. My main question is, is there any reason you wouldn't recommend doing a limit sell in case of a crash, or is a stop sale the best because it immediately sells? I ask because they take .003 on the sell

  27. Thank you for all your hardwork Carter. I love your willingness to exlplainteach and the integrity you seem to have. You and DataDash are my new go to guys =)

  28. Thanks for recommending "Slight Edge" book… what are you reading recently?

  29. You are so wrong about litecoin haha ffs

  30. Kraken or uphold exchanges for Hawaii residents. (Fiat to crypto)

  31. Hi everyone, greetings from Johannesburg South Africa!!! Love the channel, best and most logic advice, thank you!!!

  32. This has been an awesome ride man. Thanks for doing these videos.

  33. Why do you start drawing your Fibonacci retracement from September, and not from the last crash in November?

  34. Everybody is so scared of the IRS. When the people are afraid of the government there is tyranny. Why doesn't anybody know that income tax is only for Federal employees or those making money from a Federal privilege? My tax refunds don't lie.


  36. It's funny how u not going no where in half truths ask if you happy now.

  37. Whether a sea of double-digit red or double-digit green, totally used to this by now. HODL. Bring it.

  38. :O too long bro 52 min how i can find time to watch it

  39. Hey CT, great video like always. Very objective view, like this!I fully agree, in days like this step a little bit back and look at the whole picture. There are no catastrophic news, only take a breath. HODL. Greets from Austria.

  40. Hi Carter, do you still have a day job? Where do you get the money to dollar cost average every week?

  41. Carla – BANNED! Hilarious!!