Is Hashflare Bitcoin Mining Worth It? (Don't Get Scammed)

Up to date Hashflare Technique: ” Flip $400 into $200,000 Mining Bitcoin”
Bitcoin mining contracts are highly regarded! Genesis mining simply bought out of their Bitcoin mining contracts and many individuals are questioning about Hashflare. However are these contracts price it?

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  1. Any good ones for mining litecoin

  2. Hashflare BTC contracts are running out. Pretty please use my referral link to sign up

  3. 14:07 / you pay 28$ for 200 GH/s , and get 10$ from mining – bad shit :)))


  5. How old is this hashflare, wheb did they startet????

  6. Does this work for smaller contracts? Like $1000?


  8. Man you are informative! Anyway, Im one of the new people you mentioned at the end of this video :-). I want to buy the smallest amount of 10 GHs for $2.20. What I dont understand is how often Im paying this $2.20. Is it every 24 hours/week/month? I dont understand how fast 10 GHs is I guess. Also if I find in a couple weeks I want to buy more GHs, would I be starting an additional contract with each purchase? Am I able to reduce at all?

    So many questions but Im excited! 🙂

  9. I regret putting my money in hash flare

  10. Jay, I built a webapp to help visualise the payback schedule for HashfFlare SHA-256 contracts.

    There are many options available, which are not easily modelled, such as 'replacing contracts when they expire', or, different periods of reinvestment (like say first 90 days don't reinvest, then reinvest everything thereafter): Also the user can control fully the upper limits of BTC price, and the expected growth (or decay) on a daily basis. I have used this to justify an investment of around 60TH/s myself

  11. i need help, how can i buy a subscription on hasflare with paypal?

  12. You didn't take government tax into account in the calculation. This is wrong.

  13. I don't think it's a scam, but not really worth it unless you have enough money to get a lot of hash power…


  14. Wouldnt you have made more just buying bitcoin and hold ?
    If you Invested 2000 in june thats all most 1 bitcoin , todays price 12.000 dollar , in 6 month, so lets say 24.000 in a year compared to your 8.000 , i say buy the coin and hold.

  15. After a steep 50% hike in contract fee, Hashflare payouts have fallen down VERY VERY SHARPLY more than 50% – SHEER LOOT and CHEATING on investors. 35% Maintenance Fee

    is FIXED, 220 USD per TH/s Contract Fee is FIXED, only this varies OHO NO DECLINES is PAYOUT.

    At new Fee 220 USD TH/s and Payouts of 0.00010491 per TH/s dated 3Feb2018, it needs 14.5 months to break even for a 12 month contract.

    Just a few examples are mentioned below PETTY RETURNS PER TH/s:

    PAYOUT per TH/s

    14.01.18 0.00014967

    24.01.18 0.00011318

    25.01.18 0.00012439

    26.01.18 0.00011007

    27.01.18 0.0000921

    28.01.18 0.00009747

    29.01.18 0.00009798

    30.01.18 0.00010277

    31.01.18 0.00009427

    On 14Jan2018 I had got 0.00014967 which has fallen to 0.00009427 on 31Jan2018. This is SHEER CHEATING.

    Look at the recent PETTY MEAGRE payouts:

    04.02.18 0.0001002

    05.02.18 0.00010583

    06.02.18 0.0001097

    07.02.18 0.00010777

    08.02.18 0.00009962

    09.02.18 0.00008932

    10.02.18 0.00009174

    The above data will be the criteria for my future investments with Hashflare.

    Infact – This will be the criteria for each and every customer for future investments with Hashflare.