Right this moment we talk about if a Bitcoin crash is coming in 2018!
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  1. Binance is an excellent exchange !!! Convenient, fast my favorite !!!. Commission on the stock exchange is very small so that it will not be noticed. I only trade on it. User-friendly interface.
    Come and register. Good luck at the auction !!!

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  3. Sell all your bit coin and buy beanie babies. They are the future .

  4. u right, but crypto is every where, from china to europe. to africa. to irak. and many time 70% down and buum 2month again up

  5. Bitcoin is a bubble if you look at it on a short period of time, but when you look at the big picture it is a fractal market that evolves in cyclic bubbles pattern.

  6. 3.44 Bitcoin does not payout… this is one of the great things about NEO- it pays out GAS.

  7. And here we are with it about to drop below $6000 and probably down to $2400

  8. By now, we've seen it all just make sure to stay positive and keep you mind on the finish line!

  9. Bitcoin is going through a correction, stocks are the real asset that is about to crash.

  10. Scam websites to look out for not to invest in this 2018.

  11. Came back to this video, march 29th 2018. Nailed it!

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  13. You made a very wrong point at around 3 and half minutes. Then I just stopped watch the rest.

  14. Bitcoin is a fun game for those that are curious and need a diversion.
    Bitcoin tied to a gambling service is awesome for those that like to play poker or other games that can be monetized so to speak. (I don't know of any such gambling sites yet. The site would have to work with your crypto wallet)
    Bitcoin is a fun way to learn how to trade, including stocks.
    Bitcoin is the ultimate barter tool if used as a cryptocurrency for all transactions. (not actually barter but you get the idea)
    Bitcoin, like all cryptocurrencies, has its uses. One just needs to be savvy in its use.

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  16. You seem collect dollars to sell to other and you think money is asset class to invest in. Dear friend bitcoin is not a stock to invest in. Its money and money is not a investment product. If you invest it to sell high yes you must find someone to pay higher for it. But you dont behave you like that for dollar, euro or other thing. You dont invest to sell higher. Its insanity. Bitcoin has intrinsic value as monet not product to buy and sell high

  17. When the prediction was true

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  19. hey even if bitcoin crash it will rise again soon.
    Lets collapse the dollar instead its losing its value.
    Compared to other countries back in the days.

  20. Bitcoin/Crypto is the biggest scam. Invest in Stocks or Forex. Crypto is Gambling not Trading………………

  21. You where spot on with this looking back on it , it was very obvious I should have sold 🙁