Bitcoin To $20k Before Christmas!?


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  1. take over the world? sounds like control in the long scheme

  2. Bitcoin is already an E.T.F. and there is no benefit except leverage to use another.

  3. What if the ability for people to short BTC on the CME drives BTC down to $5000, or even back to $1000?

  4. You can only short on futures no? isn't it a bad thing for BTC??

  5. 20k by Christmas 2017


  6. Can anyone share the Wall Street Journal article he mentions?

  7. Bitcoin or any other cyto currency is only things which entire world can buy and sell easily

  8. Dang! That's good info to know. Smart guy.

  9. Then why would a futures trader short Bitcoin? At least until it hits the top of the S curve.

  10. bitcoincash has 2 weeks left then it will be left behind by the world and history. watch

  11. "We take over the world" 😀

  12. HOD!!!L!!!!!! SHIT. forget the altcoins. If there are only 5M BTC's in the market available, the sky is the limit. …

  13. 20k Fijian Dollar or 20k Australia Dollar =)

  14. I disagree I think it's going to stabilize in December at 10,000 stay there for a little bit and then rise up again in February that's my opinion on it.

  15. they are providing a platform for the same banks that naked short silver to keep the price down for their buddies on capital hill to do the same thing with Bitcoin. If Bitcoin does go up after the launch of futures you can guarantee the same players that control us now will be controlling Bitcoin. So easy to see.

  16. BIG BUY OPPORTUNITY! 50-100K/BTC 2018 end
    For the crypto people to understand what went down this week!
    News headlines:
    27/11/2017 IMF opens door to crytocurrency "block-chain"!
    30/11/2017 When will bitcoin crash and how to make money from it.
    Facts: Most (all) of the mainstream news channels are sponsored "controlled".
    The world governments have noticed that that the missed out on the opportunity, because 75% of the bitcoins available are already in the hands of the people and of which they have no control of. So how would try to own all your BITCOINS?

    1 – Sponsor good news making the price to rise and attract new loyal believers and investors, make it the main focus! +20% rise!

    2 – Sponsor a second line of headlines that would cause the price to drop suddenly, therefore creating massive panic and lack of trust making new investors to loose money and inexperienced to sell-short.

    3 – After panic, now that they bought it all from you, it is time to raise the price to infinities!

    So, use the small drop as a buy opportunity!

  17. "Guy is a genius but dresses like Austin Powers." this made my day. 😀 However this guy is really cool and i think he is right on point! All questions answered in the cleanest and finest way. Thank you for the video and for the comment section 😀

  18. Oh yes I am leaving my job now

  19. Who is this guy?  What's his name?

  20. I' gave up waiting for a BTC pull back
    BITCOIN price has risen 10 thousand times in ten years if the price grows up 125 times more 1BTC=1 MILLION$. BITCOIN
    is not a bubble if the real estate prices multiply 5 times is a big bubble BUT 10 THOUSAND TIMES is not a bubble IS SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT this is worldwide, this is a new paradigm
    History of Bitcoin expert analysis:
    $100 – bubble!
    $200 – bubble!
    $400 – bubble!
    $800 – bubble!
    $1,000 – bubble!
    $200 – told you so!
    $400 – bubble!
    $800 – bubble!
    $1,000 – here we go again!
    $2,000 – bubble!
    $4,000 – bubble!
    $6,000 – bubble!
    $8,000 – bubble!
    $9,500 – bubble!

  21. Richard's a great advocate for BTC, very well put stuff, probably one of the more articulate advocates (along with Antonopoulos)

  22. $20,000 by Christmas, yeah I believe it! Rise bitcoin Rise!!!

  23. I'm not sure this is a good idea. It's the futures market and the ETF's that manipulate down the gold and silver market. I give it three months of a price rise then stop and driven down just like gold and silver. It's not the free market when they come. They'll use high-frequency trading to control it and crash it if they can…. I don't trust this move.

  24. Who is the gentleman speaking on the video? His garb and background looks like he is in Transylvania

  25. It sounds crazy but I watched it go to $11,300.00 overnight from $9,700.00 yeah, 20K is possible.
    What's this about the the Bitcoin inventor deceased?

  26. Excellent Source Video Jay…Buy and Hold Bitcoin.

  27. I’m sick of seeing Craig Grant ads

  28. Throw some btc at me 1H7pjP2TY5bksJsE2CCuGmo1cf8Wo8yowC You won’t regret it

  29. Say no to oil monkeys economic SLAVES STUPID THEORY of monkeys economic U.S dollar hatch funding terrorist so as bitcoin allows to trade wth petro dollars is GRANDFATHER theory of world slaves of monkeys economic. Well I don't want bank account no bitcoin wallet or any shit. Stay a way from monkeys economic soon it will change is parminend it's just matter of time to understanding of monkeys SLAVES .

  30. I'm sorry, this is fucking powerful

  31. The Age Of Cryptocurrency has begun…

  32. lol guess not Richard – but def. well over that price in 2018!

  33. People hate the idea of consistent returns from crypto, but if you have a great strategy for doing that, why not do that?

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