2018 Price Predictions – Ethereum $6000, Ripple $4.69, Tether $0.998


Disclaimer: I’m not a monetary adviser and this isn’t monetary recommendation.

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  1. I'm starting to hate this Craig Grant person!

  2. buy Erthereum and hold
    long tream investment


  4. Stop copying Dr. Disrespect

  5. Hahahaha! Why did you do that to Ripple! XD !!!

  6. what do you think about IOTA?

  7. Does someone know the name of the youtuber at 2:01 his stupidity intrigues me …

  8. watching these vids from months ago brings me drepression 🙁
    IOTA for under a dollar…. ETHER for 350…..Monero….nvm

  9. Appreciate your input mate, always got time for sincerity

  10. 0x62C71A804Ba92A94466c879BaBdD19a899Cc32dd Is there anyone who can rewards me some ethereum .Thanks

  11. You make weirdly awesome videos man. Well done. I love them.

  12. Just came across your channel for the first time today. Your titles never fail to make me feel rage, until i realized you are actually one of the more effectively satirical and sarcastic people I have seen on YT. Keep it up man loving the vids.

  13. Up not wrong btc is 5k now. Lol

  14. Hi I love the way you are providing us information.But I wonder why you are not reviewing Neblio. They possess high potential and they have there own block chain solutions

  15. LMAO Look where we at now

  16. 2019 march 😪🤯🤯🙄🙄🤯🤯🙄🙄🙄

  17. Moral of the story: if you want sats, you get to keep your sats. IF you stay in BTC.

  18. For the 1% who don't get it, this video is satire.

  19. I subscribe cause you wear dope hoodies!!

  20. Market so bad that I needed to go back in time to comment on this video.

  21. Hey wow this crypto thing looks great! – me just getting into it back during this video.

  22. Seeing these prices in 2020 is so weird. Bitcoin was at $8000 when ETH was at $365??? Dash was at $561… Crazy

  23. 2018 Price Predictions – Ethereum $6000, Ripple $4.69, Tether $0.998

    at least one of those predictions is right

  24. 19/6/2020,Today…………………….

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