Bitcoin cash ‘CEO’: We won’t need banks anymore

The digital forex Bitсoin, as soon as a toy for pc nerds, is now hovering in worth, triggering a brand new gold rush. Is it simply one other bubble, or a glimpse right into a radically totally different monetary future? We ask Rick Falkvinge, CEO of BitCoin Cash and founding father of the Swedish Pirate Celebration.


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  1. Tron . . . Buy Tron . . . done deal ..

  2. FAT CAT BANKERS will be gone soon

  3. How the Grinch stole Bitcoin

  4. Awesome Filmpje!
    Dit soort filmpjes in het Nederlands zien?
    Check ons kanaal!

  5. he's foaming by the mouth damn like a dog

  6. I Love this, Bitcoin Mining is a Leadership Innovation allowing everyone the opportunity to become Wealthy

  7. people make bit coin mining seem easier than it is . If bit coin mining where to be easy as we all say then every one should have at least 10 bit coins in their wallets . I got some coins mined into my wallet but the whole process was not easy because of the use of sophisticated programs but at the end the result was worth it . Mail stephenrex3@gmail today and pass through the actual process of mining and have a testimony to tell just like me .
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  8. Banks will outlive this blowhard.

  9. I was listening to him in internet and the bimbo had to speak

  10. All time they whas that bigger fish in the tank. Now… NOW WE UNITE ARE THAT BIGGER FISH!!! How about that governments???

  11. Hi! I know a lot of you are investing in this tecnology to be more wealthy or to some time be a millionare, but you ever think
    what can we accieve for a lot of people in need? like an ordinary person whos day by day is fighting for his family and to
    survive.Or like persons who dosen't have something to eat or whater to drink the gouverments or firms, banks around the world dosen't help them but we can!
    What y try tou say is why we dont use this technology for a greater good? centralizated fundacions, they pay millons a year
    just for maintenance why we dont create a non profit descentralizated fundacion just to make sure the money we donate go in the right place ?
    What i want to ask is volunteer with me to make sure this teck revolucion go also to that people in need!
    Sorry for my bad eanglish.
    Lets change the world im loocking to make an ico. for that in need who want to help me do that email
    ltc:M9ZkUgwpZ5KytjNzQvHR5r9N2Xzr777o1L if you want to sponsor the cause

  12. Personal transactions on digital debit cards? Credit card and debt goes away too?

  13. You are fraud Roger Ver…. Only Bitcoin is legit… you must be sued big-time for putting out false advertising and mis-representation. Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin, and saying that it is the 'real Bitcoin' is trying to steal customers away from Bitcoin and make them your own customers. You also confuse people with deceptive advertising, and make them thing they are buying Bitcoin, when they are really buying 'Bitcoin Cash'.
    And of course it's easy to see why you do this…. because you are the owner of Bitcoin Cash.

  14. This is a well-thought interview. Kudos to the host and to the guest for delivering great answers! #BlockchainInvestors

  15. Privacy coins are the future……

  16. "We don't need banks anymore"? You need a bank to get the money out, unless you go to a bitcoin atm where they rob you 10% in fees or higher right???

  17. news reader looks bored af

  18. The kids call it ZIT COIN , because it makes teenage millionaires lol… Warren Buffett and the like have no fucking clue what BITCOIN is and it's immense potential , these people are in the dark ages of finance .

    They endorse FIAT currency which in reality is on it's last legs , debt ridden , endlessly printed one day we will have a one world currency think BITCOIN 3.0 , FACT.

  19. ECA, Electra coin is the future. Invest now!!!

  20. finally teleportation, ive been afraid it will never happen.

  21. No Federal Bailout with digital "currency". It's ILLEGAL TENDER. Bitcoin FANBOYS have been re-classifying it as an "ASSET" which is ridiculous. Basically, you got Chinese sweatshops burning CPUs mining for UPC barcodes. 10 years ago, Bitcoin barcode was worth nothing, zero.

  22. She is such a dry biscuit

  23. The U.S. Treasury is on ALERT to TAX internet sales. That means if you don't report hefty profits from Bitcoin sales, you'll get SLAPPED with a MASSIVE Tax Bill.

  24. bitcoin cash cannot have a CEO you idiots!

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  26. half of African people don't know what a cell phone is. really?

  27. there's is a difference between knowing what a cell phone is and having access to one, or owning one!! HALF OF AFRICANS don't know what a cell phone is???

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  29. 16:30 It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

  30. This "host" should visit Africa before making future insane comments about a WHOLE continent! "Half" of Africa? But there ARE people that believe that ALL of russia stays drunk on vodka as their communist system keep them locked down in their CORRUPT political system…..hmmm

  31. Research flat earth and the NASA moon landing hoax.

  32. I must say I feel a 'little bit' sad that 2009, I heard first time of Bitcoin, and was seriously going to buy them with just 1000 euro. Unfortunately I forgot it, so I din't bought. If I was, I would have today in Bitcoins more than 1 BILLION euro !! It just happen, so I started later to invest in few different cryptocurrencies, and I'm really happy I did 🙂