Andreas Antonopoulos EDUCATES Ivan on Tech – Ethereum vs Rootstock? Money as a language etc

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  1. I love this talk, you and Andreas are my favorites

  2. Each incumbent Bailiwick must be attendant to this space in a competent and timely manner or they will be rendered irrelevant overnight. I wonder if most tax 'authorities' are willing to 'show value' for their presence? The standard protection racket one might expect from one of the many currently embedded so-called 'tax authorities' in the system we currently enjoy is just as often "Guido and his boys" – as not – and we are tired of the B.S.

    An ambiguously committed and fiat issued set of parameters from a supposed 'authority' can be an 'iffy' proposition in such a fluid and dynamic workplace. Does the word "Luddite" ring a bell for ya? I have one question to ask here: "Who needs who?"

  3. But the sitting arrangement and camera posture was not right … uncomfortable….like….

  4. Jeebuz….with a b because bitcoin


  6. good to learn from you guys.

  7. Great video, it takes wisdom to not over talk during a time when your guest knows so much, glad you gave him the podium with no interruptions.

  8. Dude! Ivan … how tall are you man? You look like Gandalf talking to Frodo Baggins . Oh and amazing interview too.

  9. Great answers for the sensible questions 🙂

  10. Im glad you met Antonopoulos Ivan!! Gratz duuude, and keep up with the amazing videos.

  11. Am I the only one who noticed that the thumbnail is so freaking gay?

  12. I really enjoyed your interview – your energy and flow, questions and rich conversations. Authentic, genuine, thanks. The world needs that. 🙂

  13. Thanks for providing such a good information and education Ivan and thanks Andreas

  14. Cant mash that like button enough!

  15. “Who is Andreas Antonopoulos?” He’s a legend!!!!! Andreas goes well in my Brain 🧠

  16. Is it possible to manipulate on the eth blockchain?

  17. Thank you for making this interview. It is an excellent interview. I still do not understand what Andreas Antonopoulos' philosophy is about cryptocurrency.

  18. Really enjoyed the interview – when you started talking about money as an abstraction my jaw dropped. Keep at it folks! we have some ways to go!

  19. Ivan gets educated while wearing jhorts?

  20. WTF! Thumbnail is so gay bruh.

  21. This guy could have been a very brilliant lawyer. Very articulate

  22. When a money has all properties of what is money, market converges to one money. That money becomes dominant.

  23. JESUS. WHEN will the bear market ENDDDDD!?!?!?

    Once again, two idiots who think they understand crypto. Can’t wait until actual experts emerge from this dangerous, risky space pfffffff.

  24. Pretty awesome inspite of being a 1.5yr old video.

  25. Andreas is a legend! Love this video

  26. You know what guys? WE ARE THE MONEY… We are the value of money… We humans are the main support for money to be. 'Cos WE ARE THE LIVING CAPITAL with power of production, creativity, innovation, invention, etc. So, let's not allow SPECULATORS or owners of the SPECULATIVE ECONOMY to keep taking power over us, we the true Capital, the truly MONEY…!

  27. Awesome interview, still perfectly relevant 1.5 years later!
    best parts:
    10:20 – What is money
    21:15 – Ethereum killer application

  28. Fantom will moon soon leaving Ethereum in the dust, screenshot this.

  29. Really good interview. Interesting guy.

  30. 🧡💛💚💙 Watching this in Jan 2020 and hoping that we rise to the Moon again this coming decade 🧡💛💚💙

  31. How much is this in DAI 🙂 stablecoins are solving this pricing problem, elegantly

  32. Andreas is the best!!!! And such a humbled guy!! His message is a gift!!!!

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