Cardano Coin (ADA) – Could This Really Be The Ethereum Killer?

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On this episode of Crypto Riot we check out Cardano.

Gentle on the bark and heavy on the chunk this crew does not imagine in hype and gimmicks. The tutorial crew crew headed by Charles Hoskinson are trying to unravel a number of the most troublesome issues dealing with the cryptocurrency business.

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  1. I request to all crypto lover should study Platin coin it is great business opportunity for everyone.

  2. Yeah your mistake is saying pro ject lol, it's project haha. But other then that, everything you said was Mustard.

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  4. What you guys think about monero? I've heard it's a growing up cryptocurrency who can be mined only with cpu, a friend told me he mines monero with a JavaScript mining called coinImp and he mine with visits on his website, but I want to mine a cryptocurrency easy and quick to mine and who have a lot of potential expansion and high probability to up their price I know monero is easy to mine but it really worth it?

  5. Well 4 months after this video was recorded the price went up by 12 times.. good job man (y)
    I love crypto but I discovered it in January.. I feel like i missed a huge opportunity

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  10. Glad you did this review! ETH 0xcEe122CeC99a0563490666FE10CA9E41504a10E5

  11. thanks for all the helpful pointers, this is definitely an interesting project… let's hope this can be as big a deal as everyone is making it out to be


  12. Cardano will be one of the biggest this 2018 !

  13. Hey David! Late (relatively, or early I guess) to the game. Appreciating all of these videos. Thank you!

  14. Made a lot of statements with out saying why or how.

  15. Hi David! Thank you for helping the community to learn. Can you please give your analysis on this new crypto called Nucleus Vision (NCASH) in Binance

  16. XRP is smashing the visa transaction speed.

  17. The day Cardano got into the under 20 top coins at Coinmarketcap I intensely googled it and already was ready to invest (Nov 2017) Your review David was the last push to invest NOW…never had regrets!…thanks mate and keep it up! (ACHAIN???)

  18. @David Hay

    You are sounding like a libertarian (classical liberal) here, which I mean in a good way.

  19. Solid summary David. Thank you for producing great vidoes. Good luck with your Venezuela mission.

  20. Hi David,
    Amazing Excellent Video No Doubt it was a Awesome..Project

  21. check out Nexty coin.. its gonna be huge!

  22. ADA drive me from 60 cent to close to zero cent, what’s a great invest

  23. This video did not age well.

  24. A lot of information is totally wrong. Before you make a video out to the public, get your info straight.

  25. Funny to see this video more than one year later! Still a massive promising coin. Lets see what Shelly does

  26. Not getting his name right devalues your video, it hints at poor research,however the rest of your video is very good . . .

  27. Just bought my life saving on Ada 45k worth

  28. Where r u now adays
    Not making any video

  29. David, haven’t herd from you a very long time. Hope all is well. Send a message Id ur still around. Take care!!

  30. 18 months later, Shelley is about to be released. It is really important to have a long term view on this project.

  31. Really enjoyed this video man! 3 years on now and Cardano is surely on it's way to waking up!

  32. Time to do another review on Cardano! Shelley Launch imminent Cardano Virtual Summit in two weeks!

  33. Ethereum will kill itself, don't need Cardano to do it.

  34. Cardano is being developed by IOHK. IOHK is a company, Cardano is a product. IOHK was not rebranded into Cardano. IOHK will soon be rebranded into IO-Global.
    Inflation is s hidden tax – USA just created $6 Trillion out of thin air.

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