Shark Tank Kevin O’leary talks Bitcoin!

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  1. SECRET SANTA Donate Bitcoin 12jHqvFBE6TW5bDRozYPdADS1gSym4fu3k

  2. Where can I put my money and get 6% return? The banks? They give you shit for high fee! This ducking guy is bs! Yeah my bitcoin give me 10000% return go figure.

  3. I like this guy a lot more when hes not being a condescending jackass. Definitely solid advice. Get your money in the market and start making some bets on your future.

  4. Are you interested in bitcoin? Want To Start Earning ?

  5. A whole lot of window lickers in here.

    1) He did not make one controversial statement.

    2) He didn't say anything negative about Bitcoin or crypto in general. Just that it doesn't seem ideal for retirement-type investing. Again, not controversial.

    3) Judging by the lack of compression and grammar/spelling by the critics in here, you should honestly ask yourself, "Could I even sit at a table and handle myself in a reasonable manner like him?". Seriously, could you walk into a professional setting and not embarrass yourselves? Is there garbage in your car right now? Did you make your bed this morning? Why should I, or anyone else, respect your opinions on finances?

  6. basically he's not really talking about bitcoin in this video

  7. Less than a minute of this was talked about Bitcoin

  8. I made a quick introduction on investing in cryptocurrencies for beginners. It's my first video, check it out!

  9. stocks suck a huge one like this guy who shorts everything we dream of keep these dirt bags out of cryptos these are the exact people that prevent the small guys like all of us ever making it

  10. Whats the name of that app??

  11. TV stardom only adds greed to oneself being unfortunately

  12. IMO, young millennial women are the new batch of suckers Kelvin and others in the industry are banking on before the present financial industry, which benefits only those with 1st access to money (i.e. banks), implodes… Cryptocurrencies will be the trigger that brings this whole house of cards down, including big government and socialism which can only exist with big government.

  13. I suggest that you buy bitcoin now because eventually one bitcoin will be equal to 1million.

  14. Regarding bitcoin and people asking what it's "backed" with:
    If fiat currency is backed by trust in governments, bitcoin is backed by DISTRUST in governments and banks.
    It's worth noting that bitcoin went mainstream in 2013, during the Cyprus crisis, where the govt simply seized savings in people's accounts, and then told them "you shouldn't have 'invested' in a bank account if you didn't want to lose money".
    Some Cyprus employers had their payroll in their current accounts, waiting to go out to their employees by direct deposit – and this was seized, because the EU deemed this "investment" and simply helped themselves to their funds (which were their employees salaries).
    The message from all of this is don't trust your government especially in the EU – they will seize your money even if you are a law-abiding citizen who has done nothing wrong. And the other message from the EU is, pull your money out of the banks, if you 'invest' in a simple savings account, the EU believes you deserve to have your money confiscated. Of course if everyone did this, there'd be a banking crisis – and voila, there are banking crises in Italy and Spain. (Not in Britain because Britain refuses to go along with the bail-in rules – the BoE actually warned the ECB that they were destabalising the banking network with bail-ins).
    Bitcoin allows you to store your wealth in a hardware wallet. And yes, you pay your taxes every time you make a capital gain when you exchange it for fiat to buy stuff – but at least it's not in a bank where it can get confiscated.
    Someone else asked what would happen if the internet went down. The internet was deliberately designed to be decentralised so if one route to get a message through failed, it can go another route, in the opposite direction around the world. In other words, it's designed so that some part of the network will always be online.
    Bitcoin has a distributed ledger. The miners are all over the world (though the majority are in China), and they all independently validate the blockchain. The blockchain has never been hacked in the 9 years bitcoin has been going. And you can't lose your money if the net goes down because the seeds to your wallet are in the wallet.dat that is in your hardware. If your part of the net goes down, you get have to wait for it to go back up to connect to the ledger and move your money. The only way to lose your money is if you lose your wallet.dat – but smart people make copies and lock them in a safe.

    Copy comment from another page here

  15. women investing more because they have so much money aside since men pay everything for them!

  16. "buy a pair of shoes with that" LMFAO

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  22. Very easy way to make bitcoin just sign up and you can start

  23. He actually sounds like a nice guy, here.

  24. Key piece of advice: never spend the principle only the interest

  25. Kevins a douche.. Got all our hopes up acting like he cared about Canada, doesn't win tory leadership so fades off like a fart in the wind. Just takes his ball and leaves, instead of sticking around to help. Putting in the time to gain respect and trust is what makes a leader. I assumed he knew that, turns out he's just a pompous prick. FUCK KEVIN.

  26. Of course he wants everyone to keep feeding the ponzi system.. no thanks

  27. Don't Invest in Bitcoin!


    So i can buy all of them.

  28. anyone feeling charitable enough to donate bitcoin?
    I always wanted to get one but I can't.
    I've researched plenty in crypto, its an amazing creation.

  29. I like the very end, a brand new pair of shoes every 3 months, wooooo!

  30. yeah this is for ordinary people to watch. People have hope and dream. 10% of your salary goes into investment, only 10% really? I fucking put 80% ffs and I live off the rest. Don't bullshit me with your goddamn theory.

  31. At least he didn’t hate on BitCoin. He knows that he doesn’t understand if it will be around long term and he kept in cool.

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  35. You have to have a product or skill or be help. Money wont be worth anything…

  36. Oh shit oleary promoting bullshit on these shows. I never realized it before.

  37. Fractional shares, just like fractions of Bitcoin. What a great idea. Bitcoin is an asset not currency!

  38. Dividends RULZ! If you've listened to the last part about dividends – COSS is paying 50% of ALL collected fees to token owners EVERY SUNDAY!!! Here is invite to COSS

  39. Kevin O'Leary tried to start a Solar business and fell flat on his fat face by his own design. Guy's a moocher.