Bitcoin News #57 – Now that 2x is dead what’s next for bitcoin?

Bitcoin information for the week of Nov sixth along with your host @theonevortex and your panelists: @TheBlueMatt & @kyletorpey!

-Bcash Assault
-A dialogue about what’s next for bitcoin


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  1. So not a debate, just a bunch of bitcoin enthusiasts.

    Bitcoin fees were a a major problem before this. Now they are insane.

  2. BTC going to run over BCH sooon!

  3. Blockstream intentionally crippled bitcoin and the mindless masses are still on their side thanks to rBitcoin censorship

  4. 1:54 Introductions
    3:51 Is this an attack to be worried about? – Matt Corallo
    7:24 Is this an attack to be worried about? – Kyle Torpey
    10:29 Is this an attack to be worried about? – Jack Mallers
    15:51 What is most existing for you now that 2X is done? – Matt
    17:58 What is most existing for you now that 2X is done? – Kyle
    20:28 Concerns about centralization of mining with big blocks – Matt
    25:35 What is most existing for you now that 2X is done? – Jack
    29:10 FIBRE relay network – Matt
    32:19 Why are sidechains so important? – Matt
    39:53 Why are sidechains so important? – Jack
    42:37 Why are sidechains so important? Schnorr signatures & MAST- Kyle
    46:29 VC Investment – Jack
    48:57 Thoughts on light client – Jack & Matt
    51:42 2X possibly working on a 2meg softfork/extension blocks? – Kyle & Matt
    58:16 When will lightning really take off? – Matt
    1:00:05 When will confidential transaction be ready? – Matt
    1:02:20 Schnorr signatures – Matt
    1:05:10 MAST – Matt
    1:09:42 Block size future – Matt
    1:13:03 Contact info

  5. BCash will be pumped, then it will fall, then disappear.

  6. Keep up the good work. I just found your channel as a Bitcoin user since 2010.

  7. @vortex where do you post the backup of your videos so we can watch your videos on vimeo or some other video platform?

  8. Bitcoin is only an excellent store of value until all the biggest fools own it and everyone realizes that its only VALUE is an enormous amount of electricity WASTED producing it and enormous PROFITS to miners that sold earned coins for far above mining costs plus had HUGE transaction fees. Maybe, some day Bitcoin might be modified so that it can be used as a currency. But until then why should we pay ENORMOUS transaction fees instead of using BCC/BCH? Right now using my Ledger hardware wallet it is $13.26 for slow transfer (about 2 hours of which 1 hour is for validation and another for the 6 block confirmation) or 3 PENNIES for faster Bitcoin Cash transfers. Fast BCC/BCH transactions only have a 11 cent fee.

  9. How does that work? I thought only the creator of the vid can label it "private". YouTube labelled it "private" on their own so now it's gone? (It is in fact gone, I checked my history). YouTube – get your act together!

  10. Wow that guy works for Forbes? Every other word out of his mouth was"like"

  11. I think you're all missing the point with BCH. They merely wanted to prove to the world that another coin could be worth thousands of dollars. The psychological repercussions will span years. You should be worried.

  12. having sidechains signed by "reputable companies"…hm…..You are still trusting your custodian more than you want to.

    "But if you are using it for lower latency, or smaller amounts, it makes more sense"
    Really? So basically you are saying "it is bad but not SO bad because the amounts are small and we HAVE to if you want something quick"
    Why not just increase the blocksize? I am not so deep in this tech but simply starting to wonder. What is so wrong about it?

    Why is it "less interesting"l to let the size of the block grow with the size of demand AND with the diminishing costs (and energy usage) of resources?
    I mean what is so WRONG with it?

    I am really a totally neutral and somewhat uneducated bystander, but can it be that you guys have dug into your trenches a bit as well, and just don't want to look into the obvious direction?
    I'm a developer, and keeping it stupd simple is always the best way forward imho… the more you build around a problem, the more you end up with a spaghetti of potential problems and not initially intended solutions.

    And PS another thought: "freeing up some space", how short term of a vision is that? What will it bring 2 years from now? You will then find yourselves having to add yet another layer of STUFF, OR to do bigger blocksizes anyway?

  13. I'm a normal user and am NOT "fine" with any other company doing my transactions. I want DECENTRALISATION….
    I just want to invest my money in something that does not change, has no development, is decentralised, and is stable. This is really just a "user" speaking.

  14. Who on earth wants complicated transactions in bitcoin? Apart from the developers?

  15. The recent BCH pump and dump, most importantly the dump, PROVES objectively that Roger Ver, his team, and his coin, are nothing more than a scam. Regardless of the value that a temporary transaction fee reduction offers via BCH, the obvious price manipulation that goes along with it plus the brand confusion that results from it negates that small benefit and buries the whole enterprise below zero. Ive heard Roger speak and he is such a masterful con-artist that I can want to trust him even though I know I cant trust him, but now I have the permanent record of this week's rise and fall of BCH to hold onto and say: you see, he was lying about his goals all along, and BCH was just a pump and dump engine afterall.

    Never forget it. Dont touch any project that he and his cronies are involved in.


  16. Bcash is a 51% attacked coin. Monopoly men and lets see all the trolls here fighting hard to give power back to the centralists and make it impossible for normal folks trying to run nodes to cope with the bandwidth of big blocks on chain.

  17. I dunno much but I do know that bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency most people I know have heard of or are curious about. If they don't even trust bitcoin yet then expecting mass adoption of BCH anytime soon is nonsensical. All the exchanges and ATMs run bitcoin. All the talk in the mainstream news is about bitcoin. Some weird offshoot of bitcoin isn't going to interest the public.

  18. I propose WIP001 (world crypto network improvement proposal) to 2h episodes. Especially when people like Matt are on the show!

  19. great work guys, keep up the good work go BTC

  20. Invest in the Bankster's own coin… "Ripple XRP…because Bitcoin is a "dead end" technology and is clearly "not fit for purpose"

  21. Appreciate the show! Vortex, is it possible for you also to post the show as a podcast like this is done for Thomases' news and Tone's MA? I cannot find yours on WCN podcasts

  22. Thanx for a 'significant info podcast!' Bitcoin core is my life saver, no other is significant! Keep up the 'awesome news source' your friend & Volunteerist partner' Well done!

  23. All these morons have achieved is turned people against them. I know so many people who were either supportive of 2x and BCH or completely neutral, who now view it all as a scam. Time to short BCH.

  24. Thanks Vortex & co for all your valuable insights, clarity and perspective once again! Will be donating!

  25. Great video guys – but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can all participants get good quality microphones – its just so difficult to hear some of what's being said, and I've missed a lot because of this. Thank you

  26. One the best videos on this channel – keep up the great work guys, fantastic channel. You are doing such a good job for the whole crypto space, I have learned so much on here, thank you a million times!

  27. Why did a Bitcoin classic developer Tom Zander say that Bitcoin cash will be king.

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