TOP 10 Altcoins Post Bitcoin Fork (HUGE BOUNCE, DON’T MISS IT!)

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High 10 Alt-Cash to Look ahead to a Rebound after bitcoin fork (Segwit2x).
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  1. I'm betting big on Bitshares.

  2. Thank you. Very helpful every time. πŸ™‚

  3. Groestlecoin will skyrocket after the fork! πŸ™‚

  4. (8:30) Neblio (NEBL) is on Cryptopia, KuCoin and will be on HitBTC tomorrow.

  5. So sell all your Alts before the massive red candles hit, then rebuy before the fork?

  6. There will be some lag after the hard fork this time. Replay attacks are sure to surface.

  7. Nice to see Zcoin getting some recognition

  8. anyone else see VTC cuadruple digit in 5+ years? I think is very possible

  9. Very good video, keep up good job πŸ™‚

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  11. What do you think about Modum (MOD)?

  12. VERT and GRS will be big in 2018 when people realize that 99% of ICO is pump and dump, a sure way to lose.
    While POW coins are digtial gold, and with finite supply, POW coins are sure to rise.
    When ETH shit to POS in mid 2018, massive GPU miners will have to find new home, that is the time VERT will goto the moon.
    GRS is similar to VERT but with much lower inflation 5 reward per block VS 25 of VERT.
    My prediction, LTC to $200-$300 in 2018, VERT to $50-$80, GRS to $20 in 2018.

  13. GRS & VTC are the 2 to watch


  15. Any thoughts on Bitcoin Cash?

  16. 2x is officially cancelled dude

  17. Can you predict my future too ?
    Wow I'm watching your video after the bounce everything you said happened haha

  18. haha ltc is the one the least bounced. 0.8 % while blocknet and OMG 40%

  19. litecoin looking very good

  20. Segwit2x was cancelled. Sorry for the bad timing.

  21. Good picks, I bought some more of these up just in time right after the fork was cancelled, made some gains. Hopefully we'll continue to see the alts steadily rise back to their previous highs and beyond.


  23. Is the current pullback on LTC and ETH as well as a bunch of other alts part of the short to mid term uptrend takeoff you mention is this video?

  24. So should I buy this altcoins right now, during the fork or after the fork.