Bitcoin – What You NEED To Know Before Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been all around the information. However do you have to be investing in Bitcoin or shopping for bitcoin? Effectively, listed here are four issues it’s worthwhile to know earlier than shopping for or investing in Bitcoin
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What You NEED To Know Before Investing in Bitcoin
zero:20 – Jamie Dimon mentioned Bitcoin is a fraud
1:08 – Bitcoin tumbled all the way down to $three,500 a coin
2:05 – Make investments on emotion & financials – particularly for cryptocurrency
three:01 – Know what you’re shopping for whenever you make investments in Bitcoin
5:05 – Know learn how to purchase Bitcoin & learn how to make investments in Bitcoin
6:02 – Don’t get grasping whenever you make investments

What Is The Minority Mindset?
The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the best way you look or what sort of household you are from. It is a mindset.

Give the bulk $200 and they’re going to come again with a pair of footwear. Give the minority $200 they may come again with $2,000.

Suppose from the mindset of a shopper and be the supplier, that is the Minority Mindset. Do not be the bulk. #FTM #ThinkMinority

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  8. the hype kinda flatened…right now i don't have any anymore..actually trippled my money but now safe and out

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  10. Bitcoin and stocks is all balony, they will be very angry at me for explaining why, bit coin is nothing, they are playing with you and it will be at 0 soon, currency is only worth if there is gold to back it, or if a country stands behind it, the dollar is worth just becouse the United states world power stands behind it, bit coin is backed by nothing and by nobody, they are picking up and down the price as a game, the secret behind the way they make money is as follows, stupit people invest their money, then they say it went up, then more people invest, then they drop it, and then most people start to panic so they with draw thier money at less, and alot of people do it so that's how they make your loss they're gain, the stock market is the same balony game, it dosant even make sence that it goes up and down 10 times a day, this is a fraud, if you invest in a share of a company that manufactures phones etc. So let them produce the phones, then we will see after 6 monthes if the phones sold out, then we see that the stock went up, but how does the prices move up and down every hour? , it's illusion and shall be illigal, I'm revealing the secret, this is how they make money, they take your money and then tell you it went up, then evryone comes running to buy and throws all their money in, then they lower it a few times, then people panic and take out thier money with loss, and that's how the company steals your money and doesn't get arrested for it, I hope evrybody sees this comment and learns to keep away from all these false investments, you will do much better buying stuff and then selling them by yourself, then doing this balony, alot of people will be mad at me for writing all this, but I'm trying to help our citizens from losing money, and all you thieves stop this garbage now, this is not my priority right now, I just wrote it as a secondary thing, we are much more behind with the gun violence right now, and my priority is to stirr up every citizen to fight against the gun laws, we don't need some stricter laws, we need to outlaw all type of guns immediately , nobody shall have them at all, even the police are misusing them, only the secret service and the military for now, people are dieing daily, and the authorities are doing nothing to stop it, there is nothing more important then human lives, there is somthing very wrong with all you people, I hope with gods help this will come to an end very soon, then we can move on to talk more about wasting money with all these phony investments


  12. "De centralized, crypto, worldwide currency":
    Paving the way for the New World Order, people.
    Hard to believe that nobody else see this.

  13. what are you trying to say here is bitcoin people should invest in it right

  14. This is only good for the rich, if they loose £5000 its nothing to them just a shirt button
    but the ordinary man would love £5000 !!
    That's why they say don't bet on what you cant afford to loose !

    The minimum amount is £250 I cant afford to loose that, I'm a pensioner !

  15. Thank u for standing against the elite

  16. Donate some btc to a brother out a country were cant buy btc cuse country dont work whit any exchange but i wanne enter game even a dollar would be apriciated

    I just wane enter the crypto space

  17. Donate some btc i cant buy in my country

  18. Obviously the banks are against use of Crypto currency because it threatens their power and control over money
    but banks are frauds, they use your money, to make money, and control you with it
    i am 100% sure that as more and more people become aware of the bank fraud, they will start losing trust on the banks, and invest in cryptocurrencies,
    Cryptocurrency is not going away, its here to stay, and take over the world over the next couple decades

  19. I invest in technology and play with a little in the currency coins. I think bitcoin will be replaced by another coin for a global currency. We all want too get in the next bitcoin. I dont mind throwing a couple hundred at those. Its a gamble. I think we also must realize we have a chance to invest in blockchain, world changing ideas and artificial intelligence. What an amazing future!

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  21. With wild fluctuations in value, how can "bitcoin" be a currency? It is more like a collector's item seems to me. Like a "chain letter" maybe.

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  24. One other tiny detail he forgot to mention. Bitcoin can no longer be purchased with credit cards. Just putting that out there.

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  28. Explained clearly and very informative. Thank you for this video

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  31. Am interested in Bitcoin investment but what is emotional buying?

  32. Am interested in Bitcoin investment but what is emotional buying?

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  35. I got out 100% in February. Crypto currency is dead for at least to next few years. With government regulations on the horizon and the fact that bitcoin board has different ideas as to what to do next killed the market. No good real news has come out and all buzz about it is gone. It is now a very small footnote in our history.

  36. it boomed to 20k in around 1.5 months after this video came out lmao

  37. bitcoin actually rised to 20k xD

  38. Hex yeah btc bull run coming

  39. "…For free just by investing $100".
    I guess it's not ABSOLUTELY free.

  40. The case for Bitcoin….

    ��I’m writing this to give many of the newer members here a concise and easy to understand argument for why bitcoin is important now and in the future. Many of the points I’ll make here for you to read have likely been made in various posts around the group, but I’m attempting to put them all into one “easy to understand” package. ��So…let’s talk about that old, dead & useless technology that is bitcoin…��

    1. Bitcoin is THE brand. Full stop. Bitcoin is the gold standard of crypto. While some may claim that is SHOULDN’T be…. It is. Without bitcoin, no other coin would be able to have believers. Bitcoin paved the way for all others and if it goes… all others go. You can’t have bitcoin collapse and other cryptos not get destroyed. Bitcoin is the backbone of crypto. ��

    2. Bitcoin brings all the boys to the yard. It’s milkshake is better than yours. I could teach you, but I’d have to charge. The fact that bitcoin has lasted for so long and done so well…that attracts people to crypto. They may venture into alts later on…but they get here on that big yellow bus called bitcoin. ��

    3. Bitcoin is NOT for buying candy bars. Yes…. Transaction times and fees are currently high and long. But for the vast majority of BTC owners, it’s not an issue. Google “Gershwin’s Law” and you’ll realize that nobody who owns bitcoin is trying to spend it for silly stuff like candy or dinner. Yes, I realize many have been told the silly story about “satoshi’s original intent”…. As if its not valid for the marketplace to determine the best use for something…which It has… and the best use for Bitcoin is a decentralized store of wealth. And guess what…that is one of the most valuable functions in any economy. There is a DAMN good reason that BTC has gained the value it has. It’s safe and secure and can’t be controlled by central parties. That is unprecedented. It is by far, the most important use a crypto can serve. Much more important than buying a movie ticket. ��

    4. If you want to buy a movie ticket…take some of your BTC and trade it into Litecoin… or some other cheap and fast transaction coin. I have most of my fiat in my savings account. When I want to buy beer…I move it to my checking account and pay for beer. Bitcoin is no different. It is the savings account for wealth. LTC, ETH, DASH or Monero… or a host of others…. They are useful for that purpose currently. It’s not a big deal that BTC isn’t currently a great coin for micro transactions….there are NOT that many people begging to use crypto for micro transactions anyway. ��

    5. Bitcoin has over 500 developers who have contributed to its’ code. I know you hear people say it’s an old technology that is outdated… but that’s simply not true. The beauty is its simplicity. It’s never been hacked and even the most powerful of it’s miners were not able to control it…hence the Bcash fork….. It serves It’s function beautifully today… and has a team of developers working on future tech as we speak. Lightning network and Onion are coming… and while they have their drawbacks, I trust in the bitcoin dev team more than any other. They’ve got us this far and they are not in it for the money. They are true to the goal of decentralized and secure storage of wealth….��

    6. Bitcoin is the only coin with the history, brand name, and security to attract Wall Street. Wall street money is SUPER cautious. And VERY sophisticated. The prime directive on wall street is not to MOON… it is to not LOSE money. Bitcoin is about as risky as wall street wants to get. And most other coins don’t have a large enough market cap to absorb the kind of money wall street has. ��

    7. Futures and ETF’s. As I posted a few weeks ago… Wall Street dipped it’s toe into bitcoin with the first round of futures contracts. They are 30 day contracts and most of the money is waiting to see if reserves are set properly before entering…. So the real money is a week or two away…. And ETF’s are coming soon. Exchange Traded Funds are like the dow 500. You buy a share of the ETF and your money goes up or down based on the entire crypto space. Bitcoin is the anchor for that space. And the futures market for Bitcoin adds legitimacy to that space. ��

    8. You can’t talk BTC without talking a bit about BCash. And those who support Bcash are at this point frothing at the mouth to scream at me…. But the truth is…. There are already multiple crypto coins that do what Bcash does… and do it better. Bcash is where it is currently only because it’s attempting to steal the brand. It it were called Btrash, it would be trading at pennies. If you go back and look at the history of Bitcoin…when it had the same volume of transactions that Bcash has today…it was just as fast…. SO… I’m not a fan of Bcash. But I am a fan of coins that serve that role better… I do NOT buy into the narrative that Bitcoin is useless unless you can use it to buy a big mac. If that were true, it wouldn’t be trading for the amount it is today. Litecoin has been doing a much better job of microtransactions for a much longer time… but the market wants decentralized and secure value storage. Nothing is better than bitcoin for that. ��

    Anyway… that’s the reason Bitcoin is important and will continue on. Other crypto will exist… many will… but don’t think that bitcoin will be overtaken. That’s doubtful. It has way too much going for it.
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  41. I thought Gold and silver generally back Currency. What is 21million Bitcoin backed by??

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  43. it could be banned because of money money everywhere ..

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  45. Federal reserve is private dont they have the name federal as in government in ther