Devcon3 Day 1 Stream

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  1. Can you post some of the earlier videos specifically the Regulatory Update and Look ahead by the Coin Center people; Peter Van Valkenburgh & Jerry Brito. The original stream was 8hrs but now is 3hrs, please upload the entire video! – Thanks for the UPDATE – Updated entire stream!!!!

  2. Could you post Ethereum in 25 minutes?

  3. Where is the other Truebit talk?

  4. Where is the other Truebit talk?

  5. Casper will make Ethereum green…

  6. Any chance of adding timestamps to the description?

  7. public comments here get censored? I cannot see my yesterday's post when logged out.

  8. What does it take to get some TIME STAMPS 'round here?! 😉 porfavor.

  9. Everybody bow down to Ralph Merkle again *STREEETCH*

  10. Is buterins new "shards" idea the same concept like the "tangle" of IOTA?

  11. when i was installing ethereum on mac I had to download 5 million blocks. what is that?

  12. If anyone can list the songs played in the breaks that'd be really sweet. Thanks!

  13. The end of google, fb and twitter

  14. Is there a recording of the Breakout hall talks?

  15. Stopped when the first presenter claimed to have the designation of comment to: what regulators are doing… and etc, etc.. act like you will be regulated. This is such a fallacy to think otherwise. my two cents.

  16. What talks are being had with regulators specifically? Seems counterintuitive to the decentralization concept

  17. What's up with these presenters with spelling "trees" as "tries", which is actually pronounced very differently. I.e. 2:08:10 but other presenters as well.

  18. Nasdaq, the second largest stock-exchange in the world are looking into the possibility of using blockchain technology for storing asset ownership information.

    What do you guys think about this companies adopting blockchain-based solutions in the future?

  19. Anyone seen any real live working services based on this ?

  20. Time stamps:

    5:28 Ethereum Team Introduction
    30:21 Regulatory Update and Look Ahead
    49:27 Ethereum in 25 Minutes, Version MMXVII
    1:15:17 Methods for deterministic parallelizing message processing
    1:41:10 Practical applications of off-chain computation in the Light Client
    1:56:56 Presenting Parity: A Light Client for a Heavy Chain
    2:19:45 – Lunch Break –
    3:55:27 Verifying Casper
    4:16:41 Sikorka – Proof of Presence for Blockchain Applications
    4:30:28 Julia – IR for Ethereum Contracts
    4:48:42 Package Management for Smart Contracts
    5:04:43 Programming Incentives: An Intro to Cryptoeconomics
    5:56:29 Casper the Friendly GHOST: A correct-by-construction blockchain (and panel)
    6:58:59 Introducing the TrueBit Virtual Machine
    7:18:33 Plasma Overview and Transaction Data Availability
    7:36:54 ZoKrates – A Toolbox for zkSNARKs on Ethereum
    7:55:35 Designing Maximally Verifying Light Clients and Sharding

  21. I love Experty because it is an innovative tool for improving the area of expert advice based on a decentralized network blockchain.

  22. диз за sikorka которая никому нах не всралась

  23. Vitalik scratches me right where I itch

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