ETHEREUM NEWS! About To Jump [ETH Price Prediction] Ethereum Going From $280. To $3,000?

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Hello Pete Right here,

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  1. the true fact simple Erthereum vs bitcoin


  2. the most important fact you shourt know about Erthereum.

    year 2017
    top proffit digital money
    No 1 Erthereum proffit 60X
    no 2 ripple proffit 14 X
    no 3 bitcoin proffit 10 X only

    Bitcoin no 1 just rangking market capital only

    not no 1 profit return year 2017

    thy why buy Erthereum is more proffit 6X
    compare Bitcoin

    everybody look more proffit
    small capital
    fast time

    if you looking more proffit
    year 2018

    buy more Erthereum today

    hold to year 2020

    you will win a BIG Jsck pot

  3. Erthereum price csn touch
    USD 15,000 december 2018

    Freelence digital money analisis
    freelence quantity surveyor.


  5. You clearly do not have any idea how financial markets work! Don‘t trust this guy or you‘ll probably end up losing money.

  6. please some body kind hearted person mam/sir donate bitcoins for the help of orphan and dumb children on bitcoin address:
    33S6sCZsvgGkjYYE5fhBFsPethfMn4PiCx..It will be a great help for these childrens in organization. God will give more blessing to you .

  7. i stop watching at min 14… and never got to the point

  8. How do you have a 15k trade limit?

  9. LoL, BTC now at 10600…. However, Bitcoin and Etherium have a correlation. BTC goes up ETH also. BTC goes down…ETH also…check the last few days. ETH is a good investment. Not better than BTC however…

  10. complete wrong prediction, "my friend". You have been proven to be wrong, now stop acting like you can predict the future.

  11. Bit coin now is 12k 😑😑if u did invest u would double ur money

  12. so do you eat your words as it is about to hit 13,000?

  13. and then bitcoin jumped to 10,000, lol

  14. your predictions are spot on

  15. Lol and today bitcoin16,000$

  16. Good for you!! Me too! Good for me!!!!

  17. Coinbase fee are super hight , try to avoid using Coinbase

  18. Completely wrong analysis on Bitcoin…look at the rates today $19500…almost up 3 times the price you recommended not to buy at!! I agree no one can predict what would happen in future…but BC has made everyone surprised.

  19. and now it just doubled in price you did a good job

  20. thats why americans are talking about litecoin , just because is listed on the the funny coinbase.

  21. i don't know if you are a good economist but you are a good teacher.

  22. hey you are pretty near!

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  24. 15/02/2018 at $900 for Ethereum but it will be at $500 before it booms.

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