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    Use code "cZfGba" and get 3% off every purchase on Genesis Mining!

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    Mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies DAILY with HashFlare!

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  2. thanks ! 1KFXn4WMpmFUgQvzVLX8PCtoiMSdtNwFX1

  3. Love the bitcoin giveaways, make me a winner!

  4. What do you think of Zcash?


  5. truly an inspiration! if you get to reading this post please message me. I know where you can invest and have hold's for only 12 days and make 12% reinvested daily! heres my bitcoin link

  6. Hi Nick. How many blocks would you think that Bitconnect has generated till date as a deleted article from Wiki stated coin generation will terminate once all 262,800 blocks are generated. Any thoughts on that side. 1NffpcuNVF53oV96DXbdF5MaaMyrEiuZEN

  7. I just can't wait for litecoin contracts to come back!

  8. Hi Nick.
    Thanks for the giveaways 1PfCS4cocSJJhwhM4892wvXURifcPJQSUD . Are you thinking for the future to do some CryptoNick-Charity Project like building a well in an African country. What are your thoughts about that?

  9. Can you mine Litecoins too? What do you think of it?

  10. Hi, why isn't it available to mine bitcoin or litecoin on the website?

  11. Thanks for the update nick! love your video's!

  12. 14XQKGKwvByScEXjR99obCzE8YJmbRNr5Q


  13. Hey Nick! I have a few questions for you, Do you in your honest opinion think BTC can hit 10,000$ by the end of this year and if so when do you think it'll plateau out and stay steady, and my other question is is there any wallets out there yet that give you a % for keeping your bitcoin in it; like a savings account? Thank you in advance bud 😀

  14. newbie here, how to I start with Genesis mining, I need help pls 🙁 3AFUkb7Zg8ftdbHiw1HEfnVVVhvsURm9Bb

  15. thanks bro ,keep good work


  16. Your videos are awesome bro..                          1DsTz8C2mzgbpisSyFfc5gurEqsbuTJS2U

  17. great video sir please help me I want to buy a contract of bitcoin

  18. hey sir I don't want your 0.01 btc I want to buy contract please help me

  19. Cool !

  20. keep it going 1MYRCkGHDNXSpAG89DurgQLQxcidgdkmo6

  21. Love the quick talking, lots of information, not long videos. Great 1Ho7tvmEVbnpT7my2hnp6PJkXPm2YP15gE

  22. Nice video, thanks m8

  23. Thank you for your work Nick!

  24. Thanks Nick! Can’t wait to try out genesis mining. 13MsaApqEyNWP2UpoJch3ztiPgD9Emym4b

  25. Hey, Nick! Great inspiring information! What do you think about the upcoming B2X? Which coin do you think will keep the BTC name, the one on the old or the new blockchain? Thank you.

  26. Can't wait to get your course 1BPFTBP37Zkt7obMTjZVJRmjzySR3ZjzT9

  27. Great video!

  28. 14BnbnVmZU3BqR4rv2LSEQMMJVQ1iMjJJv love ur vids fam, lets start the journey on getting rich BOIIII!!!

  29. epic video now subcribed 3KQVCfZ1Bj127WXrGCvcAP3kXBEmsvNYRz

  30. If i invest $100 for buying bitcoin contract what will be my daily profit?

  31. NIce One Nick., Peace……

  32. Thank you for giveaway!

  33. I don't have anything to mine with should I use my smartphone is it worth it or not. 1631NyFSWbG8tj2QSyGCeryEX4Ynbxqudz

  34. 1D853T4wXe8UHkvt278PHEpPbZSGUGMNX1 im new here but i like the insights you are giving ,keep up

  35. Dał być mi 4 BYC jeśli tak to tu jest mój adres BTC 1GyJFmXjb1a2YA3jw8Eef2G6x5Ae1SM7zJ jak coś subskrybuje twój kanał

  36. Thanks Nick

  37. Helps alot from Ur information..
    Thank you for sharing

  38. Liked, Subscribed and Turned Notification On!:

  39. Awesome video Nick. Very informative as always. Thanks!

  40. Love your videos!

  41. 33RcAPBNKYLfNi9A9EH2jVPiHic6JRactC

    Thank you for all updates

  42. love you bro ur just awsm..

  43. Thanks for all the info!

  44. You inspired me to buy a contract on genesis mining, keep up the good work !

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