What is AML BitCoin?

AML BitCoin – The monetary gateway to the bigger international monetary world. Totally compliant with AML/KYC in lots of international locations.

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  1. Sounds nothing more then another coin. You have bitcoin in your name too LUL

  2. That's a mouthful 🙄😐😒

  3. https://tokensale.amltoken.com/?ref=1a6555c7ec3fccdc01e76004

    It looks like someone deleted my comment. I bought some aml-bitcoin through coinbase. It took me a 3 day weekend of panic as my bank account was frozen and my $42 of investments was reduced to 30 non-coin tokens after several transaction fees on coinbase's side . I am just glad that customer service on all three sides returned some emails along the way. Of the three, only the bank returned my calls.


  4. Almost 700,000 but only 7 comments? Totally not a pajeet scam guys. Trust me.

  5. AML Bitcoin…."recognized as the preeminent digital currency in the world"??? 🤣😂🖕🖕. I don't think so honey. One of the biggest reasons why people have gotten into cryptos is so the government doesn't Jones up on their business. This is no safer than fiat currency, and will NEVER surpass Bitcoin as the preeminent currency of the world.

  6. There is no news about aml bitcoin apart from what they put out there very slow coin and does not seem anyone is really buying

  7. People are getting it. Rumor has it the FED is going to endorse this coin because it satisfies Patriot act requirements and self identification bio metrics. If that’s true, when the dollar crashes my design this be a big deal.

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