Ethereum: Strong Buy During Bitcoin “Wars”

Ethereum is a robust different to Bitcoin throughout instances of instability surrounding the arduous forks we’ll be seeing in subsequent month. Even when these arduous forks go smoother than deliberate, Ethereum has not been at such ranges relative to Bitcoin since April / Could (when cryptocurrencies started their run-up within the first place).

Since it’s a “blue chip” cryptocurrency, it’s comparatively protected on draw back (word all cryptocurrencies are dangerous property and therefore draw back threat is at all times extra substantial than it’s for different asset lessons). I personally prefer it at any stage beneath $300, however you need to choose a stage you are comfy with and set a restrict order there. As at all times, when you aren’t comfy, you then should not make investments.

Disclaimer: This isn’t funding recommendation. That is strictly my very own opinion and you need to at all times do your personal due diligence and use your personal judgment for investments you make.

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  1. ETH is breaking down… why the HELL would you get in now? Technicals look terrible. It's been down, down, down… Oh, and guess what? It's still only used for ICOs aka child scams.

    Strong buy? Dude, you're pushing it. The trade is easy: buy BTC. Lots of people are going to continue to lose money in altcoins. Which side will you be on?

  2. PLEASE do a follow up once you exit this trade or reach your maturity date/target!!

  3. Any thoughts on Bnb being a buy as people join binance from bittrex with the account closures?

  4. I hold 252 long term bought in at avg of $22 up huge! that being said a lot of people are sending mixed signals some have ETH dropping to $130-$160 others to below $250.. My questions should I hold through this correction or swap out into BTC and try to catch ETH cheaper? Or swap into cash and sit on the sidelines to catch cheap ETH or… HOLD the 252 and wait the correction out? Thanks this is an open question I welcome and respect all responses

  5. Forgive the noob question, but I find reading and watching as much as possible, it's the more "obvious" stuff that gets universally ignored, lol. Is GDAX an exchange the same as Coinbase? Do wallets automatically work on both?

  6. if your plan is to hold for 3 months you might as well hold for 3 years

  7. Just scooped some ETH up because of it's huge network

  8. The day all that bunch of ICOs start to cash out / people start to get tired of ICO's ETH will drop hard. Even Vitalik says ETH is overvaluated.

  9. I LOVE it at it current price. I got about 30 @ 11$ luck me, made about 20k . I DO believe it will be a great investment for the future. It's got thousands of people working on it currently and lots of attention. Can't say enough about it I KNOW it will go up.

  10. hi there, I'd like to know your thought on EOS (if any), would you consider doing a review on it ?

  11. Love your videos. If BTC undergoes a major correction/crash do you expect it to drag ETH/BCH down even if they are undervalued now? I would be grateful if you can do a similar video on Bitcoin Cash. Thanks!

  12. Litecoin is better stable coin than etherieum. and right now it is about to plummet and stabilize around 100.

  13. Where do you store your Ethereum? Electrum! It doesn't support anything but BTC

  14. Apparently, everyone is selling all of the altcoins to fund their BTC purchases to the moon…….Alts taking a spanking as either new money or old money just jumps on the BTC steamship. This coming from a guy that's holding altcoins and not much BTC. Would you like to see BTC move downward? Just have me purchase some.

  15. Thanks for the advice. I've been putting limit buys on ETH below $300 consistently. Great to hear some reaffirmative advice! Always love your content, keep it up!


  17. Newbie here as in just started to look into this whole hype and it's crazy that you talk about bitconnect and all I see as advertising in between your video's of people that have or are using bitconnectfor a profit! I see the pyramid scheme and wouldn't recommend it anyone