Rickards: ‘Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme’

Bitcoin has been in existence for all of eight years however a debate is raging within the investing group: Is the cryptocurrency really helpful past simply being a automobile for hypothesis? At its worst, does it assist facilitate extremely questionable and unlawful transactions and exercise?

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon not too long ago known as bitcoin a “fraud” that “received’t finish properly.” The cryptocurrency is up 800% prior to now 12 months. So bitcoin traders can have a good chuckle at Mr. Dimon’s expense, for now.

Vital questions and skepticism stay. Among the many cryptocurrency’s massive skeptics is forex guru and bestselling creator Jim Rickards. He sat down to debate this (and rather more) throughout a new “Actual Dialog” with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.

Rickards begins:

“This is the one matter the place I agree with Jamie Dimon. I have been a fairly harsh critic of Jamie Dimon. However when he says ‘it’s a fraud, it is a Ponzi'[ scheme]’– I agree utterly. I name it a Ponzi with nobody in cost. There isn’t any Madoff, but it surely’s working that manner.”

Whereas bitcoin has its fervent supporters, Rickards says the cryptocurrency invented in 2009 nonetheless has an excessive amount of to show, and is concerned in too many shady transactions to be taken severely. He cites issues like drug dealing, arms dealing, cash laundering and tax evasion, in addition to “worse issues that I do not wish to even point out, extra reprehensible than that.”

He goes on additional:

“Bitcoin has not been fight examined in a enterprise cycle. Now we have not had a recession or a monetary disaster since 2009. I’ve seen all these different asset lessons undergo many enterprise cycles. I understand how they’ll behave. Bitcoin has not been examined in that enviornment.”

Rickards and McCullough each say they’ve each been accused of being “technophobic” due to their distaste for bitcoin. Rickards says that couldn’t be farther from the reality.

“Quite a lot of my personal fairness investments are very forward-leaning in expertise. I embrace expertise. However I do know a lot about markets. Quite a lot of the tech groupies who love bitcoin know a lot about tech, however not a lot in regards to the markets.”

Till confirmed in any other case, Rickards says traders ought to keep away.

“For the market as a entire, for wealth managers, for folks making an attempt to protect wealth, for traders, this is no place to be,” Rickards says.

Watch the total clip above for extra.

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