I told you to buy Bitcoin

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four Months after my preliminary video of shopping for Bitcoins. If you occurred to observe my recommendation of shopping for a tiny quantity of lower than 10% of your portfolio, you would have made some 105% good points on bitcoin. It is fairly dangerous and it occurred to repay this time. It may go down to $1000 or perhaps it’d evaporate utterly. So take all this with a grain of salt. It looks like humorous cash.

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  1. There's a lot of factors driving the price of bitcoin up, you're talking about really low possibilities when you say it might go down by half or even more in a month or two, as far as most people are aware, it is a great idea to buy into bitcoin, in a month or two it will seem cheap now. You said people might think "oh look bitcoin went up so much, let's double down!" If enough people thought that, it would drive the price up since a ton of people would be buying in, buys cause a price increase. Oh yeah and yes, you're bragging too much in the video, plus, people have made WAYYY more than you did, you aren't investing enough in bitcoin.

  2. You can set it up as like a DRIP type investment as well. You can set it up to by $XXX.XX amount every week, two weeks, or month. This way you buy more when the price is low and less when the price is high.

  3. I didn't beat the bush on this one 🙁

  4. when your sending photos they have to be protected. like I said in the note since I don't know how to make videos I want you to have a couple of photos of me. if it was just the note I would have sent it first class but because there were photos and photos can get damaged we have to do things the safe way. do you have a photo album ? that's where you put pictures of people.

  5. I was aware of Bitcoin way back last decade but when I realized I can't buy BTC here in my country, I just forgot about it. I was binge watching on your channel and I watched that video of yours. Then my recommended feed started showing Youtube channels explaining BTC and mining. Here I am, 4 months later with 4 mining rigs and my initial investment has doubled. I have taught some of my friends and family on what I have learned over the past months and some have invested already and are quite knowledgable as well. I just realized after watching this video that your initial BTC video was the catalyst for my position in cryptocurrencies. Thanks!

  6. Just a heads up I did make an account under you and i will let you know when the $100 is in the account to confirm for your bonus. Edit: just got the bonus. Seems like only 20 to 40 mins after too. Thank you buddy

  7. Hi BeatTheBush. Please stop calling this speculation a "moonshot', as you appear to have no idea what a moonshot is, and are dragging that word through the mud.

    Here's Google's definition of a moonshot:

    "A project or proposal that:

    Addresses a huge problem
    Proposes a radical solution
    Uses breakthrough technology "

    In the terms of gambling in BTC, 'moonshot' is not an appropriate word to use. "Lottery" is a better word. There is no problem being addressed, no radical solution is being proposed, and while crypto is a new technology… the previous 2 parts are not there. Thus it's not a moonshot.

  8. Can you store your crypto currency in coinbase /GDAX? Is it safe to do that?

  9. Everybody is a genius when the market is up ?

  10. I just love your videos. I was actually gonna but another $4,700 CHANEL handbag after I just received a Gucci bag last month for our wedding anniversary. For some reason after watching a few of your videos tonight , I changed my mind lol. I couldn’t justify it lol. Thank you for all your videos.

  11. It's going to crash, make sure you sell them bitches soon.

  12. It's now just hovering $5,950 – $6,000. Only 2 weeks ago it was just over $4,500.

    Dude. Idea: Buy a Tesla and invest in a solar roof and Tesla battery plus sell back to the grid. Long term, that really will pay off.

  13. The finite nature of bitcoin makes it volatile. However, you can use that volatility to buy on dips because people will buy it eventually and the price will almost be guaranteed to shoot up. With a little patience, you can make some serious money, dont be a fool and buy at the top though.

  14. I was just talking to you about this.

    Believe me, trading Bitcoin is worth it.

    Trading and investing can be totally separate but trading can add to your investment.

  15. If your bitcoin is held over a period of time and the value of bitcoin goes to 1 million and you now want to cash out who is going to buy the bitcoin for 1 million. How will you collect 1 mill in cash? Thank you.

  16. Thanks for the information, but you didn't answer the question titling your video.?

  17. The smug in your face in the thumbnail is priceless.

  18. In the process of selling my business. I want to put 10% of that into BTC and hold.

  19. I too wonder why he sent his picture to him lol

  20. 1 BTC valued 1 million values the total BTC (21million) to a valuation of 21 trillion. Do you really think 21 trillion will flow into BTC? I'm bullish, but not that bullish.

  21. Bitcoin will go to $1million at some point.

  22. you sound like a traditional investor, what are you doing in this space! give me a break. if you really understand this tech, stop covering your ass like a typical financial planner. this is a once in a life opportunity.

  23. try "beating around the bush"

  24. you are giving me a headache

  25. Do u use another site to use the Bitcoin for making profit?

  26. I learned about bitcoin on the Keiser Report when it was about 8$,then it went to about 80$…now look 6027$

  27. heybeatthebush, whats the best bitcoin wallet to use (whats the one youre using)? thanks and love your content!

  28. Bitcoin is not supported in my country. Any advice on a getting a free US IP address/VPN blocker? I have no idea how to do this.

  29. Today it hit 7k. Keep it up my man!

  30. This man is a financial genius, complex topics broken down

  31. Lmao, this guy literally feels like a boy-genius for recommending to invest in Bitcoin

  32. lol I bought 40 ethereum at $10 and 1 bitcoin at about $800 and sold all my ethereum when it hit $20 and my bitcoin when it hit $900…boy I wish I was more patient!

  33. "According to Market Watch, Buffett thinks crypto currencies will end badly. “People get excited from big price movements, and Wall Street accommodates,” he said.

    “You can’t value Bitcoin because it’s not a value-producing asset,” he said, adding that there’s no telling how far Bitcoin’s price will go, while describing it as a “real bubble in that sort of thing”.

    Buffett has in the past professed to know very little about Bitcoin. “I’ll put it this way, of our $49 billion, we haven’t moved any of it to Bitcoin,” he said of his company, Berkshire Hathaway "

    I'm going to trust the man who has the reputation as one of the greatest investors of all time.

  34. "An estimated $280 million worth of the cryptocurrency ethereum is now locked up after a user accidentally deleted the code necessary to access the digital wallets hosted by the company Parity Technologies."

    Worth considering these things before touting crypto as an investment strategy. $280 million of Eth. Locked up and possibly gone for good.

  35. I have a few thousand to gamble. Therefore I'll buy some Bitcoin! You just earned a new Sub.

  36. Bitcoin has already blown up. What I want to know is are there any other potentially exciting investment opportunities out there right now that are in their infancy?

  37. Can you buy a percentage of Bitcoin and not the full price of $5 grand ?

  38. Was interested in bitcoin wrong time?

  39. If the globe going to accept the bit coin, the inventor will be the richest man in the earth and Mars. I don't remember his name. He's an Asian.

  40. Ethirium is not a currency. Vote for bitcoin.
    Will buy a portion next month.

  41. Hi Francis, congrats on hitting 100k mark. U deserve it and i really like your content. can u give me advise where you keep your digital currency? Do u invest in a hard wallet or keep it on a secured digital wallet?

  42. What diff between coinbase and bitconnect ?

  43. All bitcoins users!!! Here try this….

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