Bitcoin is going sky high – How do I get started? –

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    Earn bitcoin on this site family and be rich by this time next year.
    Hesitate and you will be a witness to those who got in. Peace

  2. You should partner up with Nipsey! That would be cool to hear y’all talk on investing

  3. I took some money from my 401k invested in bitcoin, lite coin and etherium I’ve more than doubled my investment in less than a month. Thanks for sharing we as a people need to keep educating ourselves and acting “take action” on the education we receive.

  4. teach! I'm in always been. black wall street

  5. you are very important to us black people, that passbook thing is the first . be mindful brother.

  6. This kind of messages always enlightens me. Has anyone else observed the increased conscious effort by the white establishment/Hollymedia to influence the minds and perceptions of black people with the recent obvious and egregious increase in commercials with a white male as the head of a black family or clearly in a romantic setting with a black woman? Interracial marriages between a black woman and a white male comprise of less than 4% of black marriages; this statistic has not varied up or down beyond a negligible amount in five decades, making it glaringly apparent that a “not so subtle” conspiracy to influence the black family is occurring. The following companies have commercials that implicate them as the most egregious coconspirators: Hershey, GMC/auto company, Tide Detergent, E Trade, Ross/Marshalls/Home Goods, Volkswagen, Red Cross, and Echo Dot/Alexia. These companies are complicit with their deliberate visual attacks on the black community by diminishing the frequency and importants of the image of a black man and women in a dating or family unit. Make these companies aware that you will not sit idle and allow this to continue. Boycott these companies and their products. If you see these commercials running during a show, stop watching a send an email to let them know why your will not watch the show. Spread the word and remain vigilant, because in war, the enemy will be relentless.

  7. I can't buy!! Coinbase keep having difficulties ??‍♂️

  8. I invested in securities from the age of 21, just incase I got ill. I got ill in 2000 and the income from that asset has helped me raise my family to date. Black people need to educate their children as soon as possible. Take calculated risk and hold on to your investment. I agree with teaching your family to invest in each other. This is prudent succession planning.

  9. Just tried to download the coinbase app and couldn't load my card because my bank isn't linked with the app. Now my question is is there another way I can get the app!? Thanks!

  10. we must learn untraditional ways of making money

  11. Dr. Watkins, I'm very interested in becoming a student. I've had the wrong mindset about money for far too long. To the discussion at hand. I'm interested a bit in investing in this "fad," like everyone else. However, I'm much more interested in how to mine cryptocurrency! Why be a consumer when you can be a producer!!! I've read little about the blockchain and I do understand it, especially from a data security standpoint – which is involved with my profession of network engineering and data security. Therefore, I'm looking at taking my skill at picking out the most efficient components to build a system that would allow me to mine in parallel – thus multiplying my profit margin with (hopefully) a marginal increase in cost.

    I just want to say that you've inspired me. I'm looking at my biz plan for my business again. Dr V has been a pure joy and an inspiration to listen to during the talk about Cryptos. Mr. Ben Yu has made me look at how stagnant I've been, allowing life to delay and stop me from achieving my dream for this company I'm supposed to create! Hopefully we'll get to chat about it (in person?) about what I intend to do with my company.

    Peace and blessings to you and yours…

  12. Its not hard or difficult.  But there is a circular type route to keep up with.  Email me.  I worked at lehmans and was a Systems Engineer.  Id like. to help you.

  13. Would you like to learn how to be successful with the Bitcoin business visit our site >

  14. Like the explanation of ''blockchains'', @1:05:39

  15. Sounds great doc! I swing/day-trade the Forex market but I will buy bitcoin and other cryptos to hold for long term.

  16. damn people wake the f**** up

  17. One thing I like about the crypto explosion is it is causing more people to learn about economics. But unfortunately bitcoin will wipe the floor with a lot of investors’ money. The winners will be the folks who were not greedy, flipped money and then used it for a capital investment that they were able to drive to success. That is the story I am looking forward to hearing: “I made a ton of money in bitcoin and started my business now I have the third largest __insert type of industry here___business in Pennsylvania.” That would be the winner in my humble opinion.

  18. I traded in some of my bitcoins to bit connect. If I add more to the loan that I already created in bitconnect will I get an earlier release of capital? Or do I start another loan, lets say 10,010 for a definite release of capital….. Just trying to live off the interest……

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