Daily: Bitcoin ($5700!) and Ethereum mega Rally, F2P withdraws segwit2x support

1:02 Market Recap – Bitcoin Breaks $5700, Ethereum $340
four:01 Blockchain.information Releases Full Bitcoin Money Support, Customers Obtain Cash
four:40 Pirate Bay is Mining Cryptocurrency Once more, No Choose Out
5:39 PBoC Digital Forex Director Requires Centralized State Cryptocurrency
6:16 F2Pool Withdraws Support Segwit2X support
6:16 Dialogue: Segwit2X

Coinbase publicizes on the spot BTC, ETH, and LTC purchases from US Financial institution Accounts

Pirate Bay is Mining Cryptocurrency Once more, No Choose Out

Korea’s Greatest Bitcoin Meetup Publicly Condemns SegWit2x

F2Pool Offers Doable Demise Blow to SegWit2x Fork, Withdraws Support

Blockchain.information Releases Full Bitcoin Money Support, Customers Obtain Cash

Bitcoin, Sprint Can Now Be Spent at 40 Million Shops Worldwide, Due to Wirex Debit Card

PBoC Digital Forex Director Requires Centralized State Cryptocurrency

Jeff Bandman Offers His Take On Blockchain Tech To SEC Investor Advisory Committee



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  2. Eth/btc pair man why guys see Eth/usdt value damn it………………i donot understand is it only me saying Eth/btc pair..and not the Eth/usdt..why why

  3. altcoins will win in the long run

  4. I sent you 600 satoshi's, you are welcome.

  5. NO2X. We have BCC if you want a bigger block size.

  6. What's the point of Segwit2x now anyway? It was meant to be a compromise so Jihan Wu, Roger Ver and Co. would not go their own way and split the chain. NYA was meant to prevent a new coin, it was meant to be a middle ground, but they created Bitcoin Cash nonetheless. Now that their shitcoin is tanking, they're crying wolf, and saying that Segwit2x was part of NYA. Fuck them! I'm staying with Bitcoin Core.

  7. are you saying that buyer are getting their bitcoin cash just now?

  8. I think its important that 2x fight for the BTC brand. Why should Core Marxists be allowed to keep the BTC name with their shady tactics. I will cheer when they are forked off the network!

  9. I am trying to buy my FIRST investment of Bitcoin, but when do I buy?? "They" say that you shouldn't buy when it is going up, but lately that seems to be all that Bitcoin is doing. I am very new to all of this, so I would appreciate ANY advice. Thanks

  10. But the alts are down man 🙁

  11. Don’t you own a ton of alts that just lost 20-50%?

  12. Miners are only in it for the $. They don't care about the tech and the people it will help. They should be happy to get coins/$. Anything a Miner wants am totally against

  13. what do you think about cyber miles ICO token sale

  14. I am on the no 2X bandwagon based on the parties who have been pushing for it.

  15. I just want people to actually start discussing Segwit2x instead of resorting to petty strategies like censoring forums, posting NO2X everywhere, making lists of "enemies of bitcoin", and giving Xapo 1 star reviews. These things are so childish and imbecile that it makes me sick. Actually start having a conversation about it without blocking anyone who disagrees and this hard fork will end up so much better.

  16. My girlfriend said you need a haircut

  17. Hey Boxmining, can you cover Spectre.ai ICO? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this project. Thank you!

  18. Trying to get as much ethereum as possible ???

  19. Politics, bandwagon stuff and principles aside, why the fuck would anyone be against 2x? There's more and more people and thereby transactions in BTC every single day with transactions per second being limited due to blocksize. What possible advantage would anyone have from BTC transactions getting slower and slower (respectively more expensive) over time? I don't think people would profit from their transactions being slower and/or more expensive. I also don't think BTC as a whole would profit as its tech is already inferior compared to some more modern currencies, now add slower and slower transactions and it'll be called an outdated dinosaur sooner or later. The only group profiting (short term) would be miners, wouldn't they?

    I'm anything but an expert when it comes to cryptocurrencies so please, if there's anyone against 2x who is not a miner, please share your thoughts with me. Just trying to understand this childish 'war'…

  20. Dude… I bought Mona when it was 40 cents! 9/10 of my coin picks have made money. Sia is the only one that failed.

  21. Could you talk about Cardano?

  22. JUST INSTALL uMatrix for Google Chrome. It can block everything. And by everything i mean everything.

  23. I think people don't actually care about the double block size. I mean, it's just a parameter in the code. It's doesn't give much value to the system. SegWit is an actually improvement from the inside.

    Why would you increase the block size now and do the hassle of update everybody now. Mem pool is becoming smaller and smaller due to increasing SegWit transactions. In a couple of months the biggest problems will be gone. By that time other solutions will pop up. Block size resizing is just a cheap solution right now that causes a hassle for a bunch of parties.

  24. While normies try to jump onto Bitcoin train real cryptonerds hodl Mona ?

  25. Everyone's a genius in a bull market. Be humble guys and we will see Bitcoin hit its true potential.

  26. Hey Michael, can you make a video talking about Jamie Dimon's latest comments on bitcoin at the IIF? Much appreciated 🙂

  27. No Segwit 2x
    new coins and new technology come out everyday, but BTC is the first crypto currency, the original! nothing can change it.
    should we believe anything that the centralized miners do for our decentralized coin? I don't think so!

  28. I going to sell my stratis . its not moving even little bit except of dropping.

  29. Hi Michael….can you please check out Cardano ADA and make a video? Thanks

  30. The tried and true trend: bitcoin booms, altcoins fade; bitcoin reaches new high and pauses, altcoins catch up and reach new highs as well.

  31. $5700! Whoa! Did Michael just say Bitconnect lol

  32. total cap is still below 180b while btc is at ath, makes me wonder… is it the same money from b4 1sep? or is it new money? from altcoins? if we dont bust through 180b total, fud might come back.

  33. Do a segment on the struggles of whoppercoin

  34. Please make a video warning new people about bitconnect

  35. just ask the visitor of your site if he is okay with you mining altcoin with his cpu instead give him a cookie like no ads on the site or discounts on your merch if you are a store…

  36. ♨️♨️♨️THANK YOU .. I truly believe ONIX will rise to the occasion. A DECENTRALIZED LOANS PLATFORM! Yes a $1 or 2 is in the equation. Very unique project. When will you announce? PM me.

  37. Make a poor man happy and donate some satoshis to my wallet. 1FJ9fPfYyQNDdPjNRbsTj1V776y6gZxUWR
    I'll send you some love for every sat.

  38. Perfect presentation and speaking skills!

  39. hey i wanne start big money in crypto what you suggest put in mining like genesis or just buy crypto and hold?

  40. The way I see it is this. Big blockers never wanted segwit right? So they forked Bcash. So there. They have their coin. Leave BTC alone now. Thank you.