Living, Breathing, & Betting on Bitcoin | Outliers Ep. 2

Odds are that you just’ve been listening to an increasing number of about cryptocurrency as digital tokens like bitcoin and ethereum have grow to be worthwhile commodities. Converts (and buyers) say that cryptocurrencies constructed on blockchain expertise signify the way forward for cash, finance, and commerce. However skeptics say that digital currencies signify crowd-sourced pyramid schemes or are gasoline for an additional tech bubble.

We met with Olaf Carlson-Wee, who was the primary worker on the cryptocurrency dealer Coinbase, the place he famously took his whole wage in bitcoin. Now, Carlson-Wee runs a hedge fund that offers completely in crypto-assets. We talked with Carlson-Wee in San Francisco about cash, belief, and the way he made his mates wealthy.

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  2. Those that started from the beginning will get rich while those just now joining the scene will remain as peasants.

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  17. My boi olaff carlson wee is in on tezos…yall better jump in on this

  18. I just love how those guys who bought bitcoin under 30 USD thinks now they are visionaries or something , most of them just luckly bought bitcoin that's it, most of them spent all money on stupid things anyway

  19. well I’m from the future and the car charges it’s battery, doesn’t “get an oil change”

  20. she is soooo happy not because the story BUT because he is RICH