How to Mine Ethereum – For Beginners [EASY]

On this video I clarify briefly what mining is and the way it works. I present step-by-step directions on how to get began mining. Every thing from becoming a member of a pool, to downloading the software program, to making a pockets.

That is tremendous simple and everybody is ready to do it if they’ve thr proper .

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– Obtain the mining software program
– Create an Ethereum pockets
– Arrange the batch file
– Run the miner
– Watch the cash pour in 🙂


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  1. Can I test these setting on my normal computers without card? so that I can confirm this will work? Or should I but the hardware first and apply the software settings.

  2. What if you have an Intel gpu?

  3. I 10/10 confirm there is a malware in the file, can provide evidence. Do not download this. Please like so someone doesnt get rooted.

  4. how to mine etherium on my intel cpu??

  5. i have 2 rx 480 8gb's and i get about 11 Mh/s is this bad? i though it was supposed to be about 25 per card not 11…my driver is 19.9.1

  6. ETH cloud miner earn eth pays lots get more with this referral code ID38527

  7. Hi, how i know my eth rigname ?


  9. it keeps telling me GPU error miner needs restart

  10. Very easy I got eth daily from Smithhack_tech on IG he’ll help you

  11. may you help me ?

    i know how control tuning + or – .. but i really not have idea use 6 or up ?

    because i got message ( gpu- are auto tuning – Hashrate may be low until they are ready

    so what i use max 600 or minimum

  12. The options are different for me

    it shows

    1.Download the miner:

    2.Extract archive to any folder

    3.Configure miner

    4.Execute nanominer.exe

  13. I made lots of profit from Ethereum with the help of Cyber_service_ on insta he's the best when it comes to Ethereum…thank me later

  14. bro,could you tell me how to fix CUDA error – cannot allocate big buffer for DAG. i have check all fixes on google and many youtube videos,but its still showing same issue,please anybody tell me how to fix it

  15. On the ethermine it says 0/0 active workers, how do I fix that? On the cmd its running perfectly

  16. Good afternoon, I am from Mozambique and I am new to this world of cryptocurrencies, and all mining companies want a certain investment to be able to make withdrawals, please help me to achieve, have a stable income, because my family and I are very poor, with this pandemic things got worse, please, who can help this and my email – lundakalunga@@t and this is my address btc 3QyqZBb1DpyfZ7gcPXwCVEyqQjSEvAseQY

  17. Guys the web has changed so what is the update

  18. setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0
    setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100

    EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal address.wname -epsw x

    The above seems to work for about a minute then it crashes. Never had an issue in CCMINER (mining xvg) on my old GTX970. I'm loving my 5700RT 8GB but not so much the headache.

  19. it doesn't reconize my GPU card

  20. the :1444 at the end of the address is called port number default https uses port 80

  21. Hey I think I used your video to try out mining ether. I did that for a short time using my rx480 gpu.

    I just remembered that and I was wondering if I could exchange it for money now. But I totally forgot how to access my wallet. I dont even know if I ever had something like that.

    I just found my old files with my mining information, but that its. Is it somehow possible to recover that?

  22. loftyheck_ on lG is a expert on eth

  23. Can I call u in Skype oil.ksa1 ?

  24. The sites different now. You dont have the option to copy and paste shit

  25. wait, so this specific thing is only for linux or is it for windows as well? I'm trying to do this but i'm a complete beginner. these comments are at least 1 or 2 years old. You have to know some basic coding as i see to start mining ethereum I also have a wallet. Got good processor AMD ryzen 5, but i'm low on RAM, i guess it doesn't matter, with 2 video cards 2 mine. I think this computer fits for it well. ETH is not as expensive as BTC lmao so you can do it

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